Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scrapbook Three, p. 2: 'Old Fashioned,' part two

Stud: Thanks again, buddy. I know doing this job for me wasn't quite your thing. But to watch myself suck David Bowie's cock in 1972 ... shit, that's been my life's dream.
Photographer: True, I'd rather have spent the last few months whittling thirty-plus years of sag, droop, and wrinkles off the Thin White Duke himself, but he declined my request to pose with you, as you might remember. Still, restoring boys of the 70s is my specialty, and I think you'll agree that ... oh, I've forgotten the name of that young model who stood in for Bowie. What was your nickname for him again?
Stud: Don of the Dead.
Photographer: Don, that's right. Well, I think you'll agree that while Don wasn't the hottest street prostitute you've ever sucked off, he made for a very fine canvas.
Stud: I do look excited in this shot, don't I? Well, I think I'm ready. Show me my dream come true.
Photographer: Okay, but understand, what you'll see is not a perfect Bowie replicant. Technology has yet to catch up with my genius, I'm afraid. But I think you'll be more than satisfied.


Blogger Link RayGun said...

Mr. Cooper, you surely must check this out. As impressively open minded as it is, I could not listen and watch without thinking of 'Try', which put all kinds of radically different lyrics in mind, making the whole thing rather amusing. You'll see what I mean when you click it.

I figured you'd be interested as well as those of whom who come here and are apt to check out links...

If you're not up for clicking every suggested link a person posts here as a general rule, no problema, Habba Rabba nice day...

10:13 AM  
Blogger swann8LL said...

Dennis! Salut! It's Leora, finally making the leap from 19th to 21st century! As our Gallic friends might put it, comment va tout? I hope wonderfully well, and in vibrant Parisian couleurs, but this seems to be the case, so hurrah!
I love the David Bowie/Thin White Duke confabulations - brilliant. I was actually at his NYC Thin White Duke concert of '78, in the days when you could sneak in, underaged, with illicit - er (I guess we're allowed to mention "les substances" here if certain pics are allowed, eh) - first time mary jane - so this resonates beautifully.

love, bisous, petit-fours, coupes de champagne, and great cafe-au-lait at the corner brasserie to you and Yuri,

12:41 PM  
Blogger Jody C. Combs said...

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