Thursday, November 16, 2006

p.s. I don't know if you guys think in terms of the publishing houses you like or are interested in, but I'd love hear your tips and faves inside or outside the United States. I think the rise of indie publishers is going to save a lot of great artists. Well, it already has. Maybe this post is a good one to follow up the projects report day since a number of you are working rather extraordinary sounding writing projects, and a safety net is always nice. Now, need I even say the projects that people are working on are so fantastic and impressive across the board? Back me up here: there wasn't one project that wasn't exciting and in serious need of existing in the world. You people never cease to astonish and inspire me. Those of you I know, and those of you who keep arriving. Incredible. There's no way I can give each project or progress report any kind of worthy response in the situation that this p.s. format and my life's time frame can allow, so just know I'm blown away. What I will do is set up a new link/page where the the progress reports and new projects will be permanently on display in the next couple of days. Thank you, guys. If you posted something that asked for a response from me, I'll do my best, but I'll have to be brief all the way around because I need to scurry through the Monday comments and answer any direct queries there as well. I'll do another progress report and call for new projects by the new people in a few months. Yeah, I just don't what to say. The hugest respect and supportiveness from me that you can imagine. ** (Monday) Atheist, There is suddenly some hope that my brother might have come to a few of his senses and will sign the agreement on my mom's will. But I'll believe it when I see it. He's talking the talk of someone who's realized he's acting irrational at least. My mom is not doing well at all. Pancreatic cancer doesn't give its victims a pleasant ending in any way. So she's still mostly lucid but is in ever-increasing pain and on ever stronger pain killers, and, well, I'm sorry to pass on such a downer, but it's just not an easy thing for her and consequently for us. It's all about just trying to make her as comfortable as possible and not knowing how long things will continue. Sorry, but since you asked, that's the story. I appreciate your asking. ** Tony o'neill, Just let me know, re. the publishers. The very, very best of luck at your event in Holland, not that you need it, duh. ** Misanthrope, You're getting warmer on the Yury job guess, though not yet hot. Which is not to say you're not hot personally. I bet you are. ** Tosh, 'My Mind's Eye,' fuck yeah. The band I had in high school did a cover of that song in our live shows, sung by yours truly. There's a tape somewhere, but nobody is going to hear it. Nope. ** Jheorgge, I must say your studies are hugely disaapointing based on your report. 'The Full Monty?!" And if I'd been there to see the derision of 'L'Argent,' there would have been a school shooting for sure. Well, just be a great enemy, I guess. Oh, the Dave Lombardo non-appearance was a complete mind slip and fatal error. I don't know what I was thinking. He's likely the greatest rock drummer alive, for anti-Christ's sake. Forgive me, jhoerggey, for I knew not what I did. ** Nick, Well, howdy. Excellent to see you. ** 5stringaphasia, Yury said to tell you he thinks the Mother Russia monument is 'impressive,' and to add that he was raised in the newly post-Soviet Russia where everyone was pressured/taught to hate everything to do with Communism, so it's hard for him to have a clear opinion. ** Richard eichmann, You need to listen to 'Reign in Blood' asap. Oh, there's an email from you, yes, but I haven't opened it yet. Soon. ** Jose, Actually, 'Lain' is one of Yury's all time favorite animes, so nice call. ** Alice in chains, Even though most of my friends hate Atari Teenage Riot, I think because what's-his-name is supposedly is such an arrogant prick, I like 'em. Well, the older stuff. They're not still around, are they? ** Blake, Hey. The end of the month is looking like maybe I'll be here, maybe I'll have flown back to LA at a day's notice. I can't tell. Things are rough with my mom, and I can't make concrete plans. So I don't know. I'm really sorry. We'll figure something out because I really want to meet up and talk about your project. The timing just couldn't be worse. ** David ehrenstein, I've made a note to ask Catherine R-G your question the next time I see her. ** Alistairmc, Hey, man. It's so nice to see you. Great that your book's turned in. Norman Frisch sent me some strange link to some news story that a performance of yours got banned or ... ? I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, I hope it's all either notoreity under the bridge or fun for you if it isn't. Cool. I hope I'll get to see you and Tim soon. ** Vomitingghosts, Your piece was beautiful, yeah, kind of like 'The Beloveds' (a compliment to me not you), and thanks a lot. ** Winter rates, I have emails out to two eczema-haunted friend, and I'll let you know if they have any advice. ** Garrison, Oh, on 'The Queen,' I thought it was real good, don't get me wrong. But I guess I didn't fall in love with it, no. Not that I really think it had problems or anything. But I felt more than like for it. I think I was just so into her performance that I was mostly watching her work and not the film itself so much. ** (Tuesday-Wednesday) Brooklyn serpico, Dude, I'm so envious of you that I could get drunk, I mean about Pollard, duh, and about the wrecked stage diving boy too. Cool you dove. Cool you didn't die. I guess you probably heard that Pollard tore his calf muscle right after the NYC show and had to cancel the rest of his tour, so you got especially lucky. Anyway, feel my drool. ** Nicehex, Hey, I really appreciate you sharing your project. Christ, that's great. The film sounds amazing. If I'm in LA, and you ever have screenings, I'd love to see it, naturally. Anyway, just big congrats and a lot of anticipation from me. ** Antonio, Based on your project, I see a MacArthur Grant in your future. ** Tony o'neill, Congrats on selling the footballer book. What a curious project. And of course your fiction project sounds excellent. ** Math t, Complacency is definitely worse than anything. I can't think of a more horrible state. The new drawings rock. You're great with sex. ** Maria mcgregor, I'd love copies of your zines when they're finished, if you could spare them. I'll reimburse the postage if it helps. ** James, Hey, you're back, at least fort a second. As you can imagine, I love the name of your club, being that it is presumably named after one of my all-time favorite songs. Cool. ** Link raygun, It's not going to be anything like 'Lolita,' don't worry. It's like me having worried that I'd just replicate Sade. It doesn't happen. Your film sounds quite amazing. The story, whoa, gets a deep bow from me. Let us/me know how it goes, okay? ** Doug wasted, Excellent to see you. Your novel sounds incredibly promising. I'd forgotten you write as well as make films. Thanks, man. ** Matt, I'd love to do a signing in Houston. I've never done a reading or anything in the Southor Southwest. My publishers always assume no one down there reads me or something. On Matt Day, great. Let's see ... well, pix, obviously. Things you really like: life stuff, music, books, people, whatever. I could do a short interview with you to include in your Day. That might be interesting. By phone or email, I guess. What do you think? That might be just the thing, if you agree. ** Bacteriaburger, Welcome. Thanks for passing on your project. I really like your ideas, and you know I'm into porn, so I'm definitely intrigued. Where could I read some? Is any of your work online? Thanks again. ** Jack, Oh, my God. ** Misanthrope, You really need to finish that novel, right? You know that, right? Don't worry about whether it's great or shit. That's for the world to know and for you to find out, as they say. ** D., No new novel in sight for me. I'm in a two year fiction bad patch. Ever since I finished the cycle, every time I write a novel, I lose my voice afterwards. It's just gone. Then I have to find it again. And sometimes it's hard. It's never been harder than recently. I could be done with novels, or one could start tomorrow. I'd like to write two more and stop. That's my ideal. But right now two more seems impossible. Otherwise, my projects are the theater piece 'Kindertotenlieder' and the radio play 'Jerk,' both in progress. New book of poems, but that's done. Little House on the Bowery. Maybe a book of short fiction. I think that's all. Thanks, man. ** Dickson edwards, You know I'm really getting to like Fosca a lot. I always did, but it keeps growing in my head and revealing new imprsssive aspects. Chuck Pallahniuk: Yeah, I like his work. I haven't read the last two. His prose is often really good, chewy, aware of what sentences can do. I like the first few the best for some reason. I'd like to see him really throw himself a loop in the next one. That would be good, I think. But yeah, I do, and I think his big success, in the States at least, is a real positive thing. The Shangri-Las are absolutely sublime. Shadow Morton was kind of a weird, unsung genius. I named one of my books -- 'He Cried' -- after their song. Big fan. ** Mark, You know I'm really into Marie Redonnet too. I wonder what her recent work is like. They haven't been translating her newer books into English, have they? ** Dandysweets, Very cool about your film projects. Weird, I just saw a preview for 'C.R.A.Z.Y' in a movie theater here a few days ago, and I thought, What's that? It looks way up my alley and sexy. ** Laney, Hey. I hear you about the problem of finding porn where young cute slender guys get fisted. It's not easy to find at all, though there are scenes here and there of varying quality and power. But anyway, you and ignacio have together inspired me to do either a fistfucking day or an assplay day here, so I'll try to hunt some stuff/info down that could be helpful. ** Young and stupid, School sucks that much? Because the schooling itself sucks or because you hate the time it's taking or ...? I hope you can find a way to make it work for you. ** Postitbreakup, Sure, you can send me those questions. And I'll even try incredibly hard to answer the questions/email right away. I'm trying out a new system to get myself to answer emails like I used to. We'll see. ** Christopher michael stamm, Singing in a band? I'll check it out. You got my email about writing the letters for the schools? ** Lux, Hey. Mm, about Slayer members' possible homophobia? I guess I'd expect that. They hate all kinds of shit, being nihilists and anti-sensual and so on. I guess I don't think about it when I listen to them. I listen to them for a hit of their particular genius, and to feel their particular hatred of the world, and if I'm part of what they hate, no surprise. It just doesn't bother me, but I haven't read these comments you're talking about. And about the humor at gays' expense in teen movies ... if I let that bother me, I'd be angry all the time, and that's no fun. It depends on the joke and context to me. If it's ugly, it's ugly. If it seems more about the characters' fear of unconventional sex, then I just see it as character flaw, and I don't care. Obviously, I wish everybody thought gays were just cool, no big deal, but teens are always going to go through huge anxiety and fear about sex at some stage, and gays of course will get some of that, being easy to joke about, and movies are going to reflect that. It depends on the context and the joke for me. I don't know that I can explain the impact of 'Thin Red Line.' I completely love Malick's work. In that case, I couldn't figure out how to write 'My Loose Thread,' and I was going crazy trying to figure out a way, and I saw 'TRL' and I knew, That's it. That film just told me how to write it. Not that 'MLT' copied 'TRL' at all. It just taught me. Not a great answer, sorry. On ATP, as I said above, my life is on hold right now with my mom's dying. It would be great to see you and it, though. We'll see. Thanks a lot, lux. ** Antler, Hey. Thanks for joining in. You sent me a version of your novel? Wow, I'm a blank, but then I get a ton of stuff. Anyway, whatever, it's great your novel's being published. I'd love to know more about how I could pick up a copy. It's funny you chose the screenmame antler. At first I thought you might be that poet Antler that Allen Ginsberg was so crazy about. So hey, and come back, and, again, congrats on your book being published. Don't be so down on it, though. If a couple of your heroes have given you blurbs, how bad can it be, right? ** Jax, First I'm so sorry about what happened with nick, and I'm so glad he's okay. Pass along my very best wishes to him please. My trip was nice. I went to a 2000 year old French city named Besancon. Very beautiful. I did a talk at the art school and a reading at the local university. Everybody was really friendly and great. Mm, you're pretty damned close on Yury's job. I'll be able to talk about it more after the weekend. Like I said, it's not some big mysterious whoop. He just doesn't want me to talk about it much until he's sure it's a secure situation. ** Okay, great. I'll be putting up the permanent new projects page over the weekend, so anyone hasn't piped in yet and wants to, please do. Thanks again, everybody. I should be back in my regular, more responsive state tomorrow. See you then.


Blogger atheist said...

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5:23 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

oh that's great news (that your brother is maybe beginning to see the light) - fingers crossed that he does indeed sign the agreement. but i'm just so sorry to hear about your mum, all the best to her and to you and your family

5:40 AM  
Blogger perspects said...

The band I had in high school did a cover of that song in our live shows, sung by yours truly. There's a tape somewhere, but nobody is going to hear it. Nope.

(rolls eyes)

Honestly, Dennis, if you want to put one over on us you seriously need to stop relying on the fishing-for-compliments tactics of the average adolescent female. I mean, give us SOME credit.

I'll play along though:

"OMG! OMG! I MUST hear that! PLEASE Dennis let us hear it! Don't deny us such a treat any longer!!"

So let's have it. Obviously you want us to hear it. Why else would you even bring up the tape in question?

(I do want to hear it, though)

On the topic of your post-novel writers block: Forgive me if this has already been asked, but do you feel that the blog, taking up as much time as it does, has contributed to your current stagnancy? I'm sure the Paris/LA back-and-forth isn't helping. Does the blog ever feel like a chore or obligation? Ever think of taking a vacation from it? (like a month or so)

In thinking about it, if I absolutely HAD to choose between a fresh blog post every day or a new Dennis Cooper novel, I'd take the novel.

6:41 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

perspects, can i put in my vote? for me it would be the blog. i know i've gone on & on & on about this before, but for me it's just the ultimate creative achievement, it just really represents everything that (for me) art should be about. but i also vote for the dennis vacation thing too - it's amazing that you post 6 days a week, dennis (and it's hugely, hugely appreciated by all of us), but everyone else has a holiday once in a while, could you not have one too maybe?

6:52 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Shadow Morton definitely deserves major props.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Tosh said...

I hate Sundays because there is no Dennis Blog! Come on Dennis, are you lazy or something???? And speaking about this blog adventure that Dennis has put us through - it is a really amazing work. The combination of Dennis' time put into this is beyond super duper - I am in awe. Really it's amazing living art forum. I don't know if it can last forever, but what a great cultural trip it is - and the people who participate in a daily manner I think are totally awesome as well. It's overwhelming!

And 'hear hear' (or is it here here) for Dennis' comments on independent presses. May they keep the fight going!

7:04 AM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...


Hi, happy you had a nice trip. Yury, I hate communism too, all governments, ideas of government, everything government. Government is crime. Dennis, your boyfriend is tri-lingual? Favorite presses?
I like to read your books. I'm not very open to new literary experience right now. Literature has become a question, the possibility of an answer... few hear the question... I just want to say most of the writers. You're fucking jerk-offs and Dennis crushes your fucking nuts. Anyway LOL, ;) Much love

7:17 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Dennis- I wasn't sure if you were into Marie Redonnet as well. I mean, She seems like she's up your alley for sure. Anyway, yeah, I have everything published in English, which means everything except her newest 2 works. Do you know what the take on her in France is? Is she ultra respected or more just recognized as "important" but unread?

7:25 AM  
Blogger Tony O'Neill said...

Thanks for the encouragement Dennis-
I'm be away until tuesday, experiencing the delights of the hague and Amsterdam. And ahem - yes, doing the reading too.
Dennis I'm wishing you all the best with your family situation, and I hope you can have some kind of positive resolution soon.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Misanthrope said...


No, you inspire us. For someone with a fiction-block, you do a hell of a lot stuff. You're a busy man putting out a lot of good work - and all amid the struggles with your mom's declining health and Yury's crazy visa situation and all of us needy DC-bloggettes. My hat's off to you, my man.


PS Is Yury a masseuse for a traveling circus that hasn't left town in 10 years?

8:17 AM  
Blogger matthew said...

i just completed 'Period.' having forgotten the way your writing really fucks with me. when i am not reading one of your books i forget the power. just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. for the way you make me, and i'm sure others, feel safe enough to write the way they do.

8:24 AM  
Blogger t.pkendall said...

oh hey this is late but as an update on the projects thing here it goes:

Ok so everything's shifted quite a lot but the piece is much more clarified now. Its title is going to be 'a crack in a heart some light goes through' and its going to be divided into three distinct sections: 'I is dreaming', 'Refractions' and 'the body relocation programme'

In each of these sections different versions of the same characters will reformulate, evolve, disperse.
'I is dreaming' is located in a limbo or dream state. As such the writing while not being able to reproduce the sensation of the dream has to provide a structure, a movement that obeys certain laws. I.E There can be no interior to these characters yet due to the dream element they have to be loaded with sensation, obscure meanings and character. The characters have to be like memories without history. Also because its subject is the unconscious id quite like elements of the narrative to have a physiological affect...priorly i want certain pieces to feel performative so that the reader's breathing i.e time gets affected. In the dream the characters encounter a figure who make each dream/representation become self conscious, this figure becomes a prism thourgh which the dream explodes by becoming conscious of itself/asking what it is...waking up.

Refractions is located on the surface. Its comprised of circuitous emotive first person narratives that suggest an overall larger narrative. each character reaches a point of unravelling where they question the source of the voice that is speaking them. Each narrator suggests action that is backgrounded. It results in two of the characters being in a car crash which puts them into hospital/ unconscious/dead.

A body relocation is located on the outside. The characters in this piece are sculptures arranged in different installations. They retell both the first and second story. They recognize that their being made constitutes a start rather than an end or something.

phewww. I rushed that a bit and consequently I think it looks a bit shit or over the top or something that I don't want it to be. oh well. Anyway ive put the start of the I is dreaming section on my blog because im a bit unsure about it from the very off but I know it has to be done so anyone i would really like some criticism or pointers.

8:32 AM  
Blogger katsim said...

hey Dennis - it's been a while. CM and I just got back from a trip to Nashville. I loved it there! We managed to find some of your books (first time I've seen them in a shop) at a gay book shop which I wasn't so keen to visit but ended up loving. Also got some very useful relgious studies books there. Saw some great art in the Frist gallery too :)


1) one of my main projects at the moment is working out what to do on my return to the UK in order to make sure that I don't fall back into the same pattern that made me miserable. A big part of that is working out how to get together with my friend to work on music again. He has been sending me songs while I've been here and if anyone wants to listen to some bits and pieces then they can at

this is what I want to be involved in and recently he asked if I want to rent somewhere when I get back so we can work on it together.

2) I've always felt constantly in the middle. Even if I was there working on it it'd still be in the middle because there's never an end. You can always improve, write more, think of other ways to do things etc.

3) well I guess in between because... see 5)

4) yes.. fairly characteristic of me.. I've wanted this for a long time and as is usual with me it's all about planning and (though hopefully not this time) not so much about the doing.

5) the ideal result, or success would be to be able to make a living from this. I know that's the same for him... just to be able to concentrate on music and not having to work regular 9-5 jobs. To be able to play the music to people, sell some albums, feel like I have produced the best I was capable of, to be part of something good.

That's just the latest thing and what I'm willing to share at the moment.

love to you

9:01 AM  
Blogger SYpHA_69 said...

Two more novels, huh? I remember awhile ago you said you didn't want to do more than 10. 10 seems like a good number. I think after 15 books or so, things start to blur. Come to think of it, most of the authors I like aren't very prolific, with the exception of William S. Burroughs and Grant Morrison (though he does comics so I'm not sure if that counts).

I like your comment about how you lose your voice after you finish each book and then you have to find it again. I can relate to that: I think I can now officially declare that I have writer's block. Don't get me wrong, there are a bunch of ideas that I could write, that might make good books, but I know I'd have to force 'em, and it wouldn't be any fun at all. What I'm trying to say is is that I can only write a book if it becomes an obsession for me, and if I don't feel 100% about it, it won't get done. There's also the question of what direction I should go in next. Do another book that's similiar in style to my previous one (ala Bret Easton Ellis) or do something totally different? I don't know. I guess I just won't think about it now and wait for the ideas to come. I should try something new in the meantime, however, otherwise I'm liable to go bonkers. Maybe poetry, I haven't done any of that since college. Or non-fiction... I've always wanted to write a book about how H.P. Lovecraft's books had a huge influence on modern day occultism in western society. Now might be the time to get back to work on that project now that the fiction well has dried up.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Eddie B said...

darn, i missed projects day but my head is like rubber and i don't have an update on my novel anyway. still it's inspiring to hear about everyone else's projects and know we all fight the same battles as artistic beings; the passion, the self-doubt, the revolving door of obsession and indifference. i've been experimenting with sketch comedy and seem to be drifting more and more towards humor in general, which is perhaps why my uber-serious novel feels draining. anyone looking for some comic relief can check out the britney and k-fed sketch on my site. MadTV, holla back!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Chris Stamm said...

Nice to see Koestenbaum's new one get some love. Came out to little fanfare (in my world, at least). For my money, the best title ever. Love that man.

Dennis, I did get your email. My bundle is on its way to Paris. Thanks my man.


10:11 AM  
Blogger BrooklynSerpico said...

Wow, I remember seeing Pollard pull off a high Plant-esque rocker kick during the encore. I hope our enthusiasm didn't cause him to over extend himself!

I woke up in the morning with this gash on my head and no clear recollection of when or how exactly it happened. Small unexplained flesh wounds are cool. Debilitating muscle or ligament tears are not.

10:53 AM  
Blogger antonio said...

well macarthur grants are melting in the park dennis. basically because im using all the future ones i will get to buy massive amounts of fake period jewels.

i just registered for classes dudes my schedule is::


can you guys believe that im taking feminist phil and women in art at the same time!! im not even that much of a feminist. it's sorta sad really.

umm anyways.. my classes Suuuck! basically because i waited too long and all the studio art classes i wanted were filled. sad..

im checking out Fence Books right now dennis, HOT SHIT.
ok i gotta go, this comp it supposed to be used exclusively for library purposes.. Siick.

12:40 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

jax, I hope Tom gets well soon. That's good advice re:smoking. I know so many people who stopped suddenly and became ill soon after.

I smoked for 5 years,starting October '92 aged 34. I managed to avoid it all those years and took one first puff and was hooked! Which is why I'll never take ANY drug EVER since I know my addictive tendencies. I stopped Sunday August 31st 1997 - the day Diana died. And that's why it was easier to stop that day than any of the other hundreds of days I tried. Having a significant unforgetable date is always a help with these things I find.

But of course you have to be ready too. Terence Stamp in one of his (really well-written - on a par with Dirk Bogarde's) autobiographies said he told his then spiritual helper that he was disgusted with himself for not being able to give up smoking despite trying every Monday morning for years. Said he was going to give up trying. His advisor said:

"But you see glasshoppa" (or words to that effect), "One of these Mondays you will be ready. And if you don't keep trying you'll never find that out."

Also don't ignore bad colds and flu. I had one which went to pneumonia which turned into fluid in the lung and I had to get the lung abcess burst in hospital - by a student ("I've been up for 48 hours straight"), with only a local anasthetic. ("Can you feel that?" "Yes!" Student continues cutting my back open...)

Anybody had any doings with Alyson publishing ?

Yes jax I'll email Amanda at River City, can't do any harm since I've just about written it off. As to doing stuff for roughcuts -well once I get started on the Long Project (and I will!) I'm just ignoring everything else. But after well yes, be better for me than letters to the Radio Times.

Some of the bloggers here night be able to get A View from Outside Scotland things published.

Also have youze heard of this.
On The Lot

A reality show by Speilberg,prize one million dollars to make a film! I was thinking of it but you have to be the director not the writer. Why are writers so under valued in film ? You simply can't have a good/great film without a good/great script.

Anyway all you directors with short films should go in for this - so we get a decent winner of a reality tv show for once. And just think of all the votes you'll get from all the bloggers and lurkers here.

David Gest is on a reality show here - has to live in the jungle competing with celebs and other creepy crawlies (Just like Home surely?). He's been dissing Liza, along these lines:

"She was so fat she couldn't walk without a stick. Once I got her thin she became her old starry self and ditched me."

1:03 PM  
Blogger Bacteriaburger said...


Very cool that you personally respond to those who comment. I publish my porno stories on nifty and also on my website:

Hope you get a chance to check it out! (and that surely goes for anyone else reading this).

Also, I just want to say that I just discovered your work this year and it's blowing me away. "The Sluts" was the best read I've had in a while, I was laughing with delight at your talent and audacity. Thanks so much for the work!

1:52 PM  
Blogger math t said...

i wish i knew more about small presses. i adore Soft Skull and own a lot of their books.

__guys, well it's not like i really know Dennis and could say something like this for certain, but doesn't anybody else feel that the blog is obviously leading him _toward_ a novel or some other writing project? there's building going on here all the time. just as a reader, this space appears, to me, vastly helpful to Dennis, not impairing. chill...

love, math+

2:00 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

Art for sale. What goods we offer this world. Entertainment, richness, knowledge,... I understand my boyfriend has been commissioned to throw blood and rusty industrial refuse on the Christ-child for Christmas. Oh the joys of this life. I will have to make a vow to never rent another movie. Whatever will I read? I think I am set to read Acker, Blanchot, Sotos, and some select others very soon. I remember when I first read Acker, I almost fell down laughing with her in the aisle of the book store. As for Blanchot, happy I read Bataille when I did, anxious to give his work a few of my lonely hours. Sotos, presents an interesting possibility. One thing I love about Dennis' work, it's unforgivingly and succinctly honest, nothing of Dennis being a total pimp... Siratori, biology infused post-stream? Information-age artistry hm.

PS. Antonio_ LOL good-luck brother!
Math_ I think Dennis has well stiffened, scented, and tumored, the pages of literature and that he could easily continue to be Dennis, but let us remember this love, Yury. I have good feelings about the future of his work too.

2:13 PM  
Blogger lost child said...

is so special to hear you saying how much you are inspired and enjoiyng the blog projecters...
it is this interaction now between us all in very diferent ways and angles but they impregnated each others inner life for sure.
all my love to you in this times almost very passing ritual .
for your mum to go
for you to stay and give her honor...
i just really wish
we stay in touch with our loved ones for ever
why is that narcissistic?
i heard here once..
our heart contains the universe
the spirit is the universe
but we feel isolated
it is because we want to?
it is maybe all in us to perceive great stuff?
like this new age extrange tips
probably the reason i misstrusted..
like too much of a nihilistic or decadent
or punk or deconstructer ..
never Cinical..
just maybe existencialist?
that is how i am
and feel like i want to get the
picture but is not possible
how beautiful they are
if just i could pray like a poem
a song
maybe that is all abbout singing
prayers for all sorts
i would have like maybe
be more
specifical about my projects
but my brain do not give me space for
objective writing or comunicaton
love from berlin

2:24 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

mmmmmmmmm lost child berlin

p.s. LADYTRON is making me REALLY REALLY happy right now...
..mmm witching hourr..

5:02 PM  
Blogger Blake said...

I totally understand. No worries, I will wait untill you can meet up to book my ticket.

Today I had the great opportunity to view three videos filmed in the 80's, hopefully you remember them.
"Them" 1985
"Hole" 1989
"Knife/Rope/Tape" 1989

I was blown AWAY Dennis, to say the least. It was so special to get a glimpse of your days at P.S. 122.

Here's one of my favortite quotes from "Them":
"I met Kevin Criden at a hustler bar on the U.E.S. He went back in a cab with me to my hotel. He closed the curtains and sat on the bed, Then I said "What do you like to do?" He said "Oh, I dunno...I like to fuck about once a year" I said "Well...Lets play it by ear"


I took some photos with my camera phone of the films, if you're interest.

I hope things get brighter for you.

Best wishes,


5:35 PM  
Blogger maria mcgregor said...

i'd love to send you copies! i'll let you know when i get them done, don't worry about the postage, i think i can manage.

6:19 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Terence Stamp

I remember Sasha Alyson -- who carried a little stuffed bunny around with him that was also named Sach Alyson.

Wonder where he is today.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

*Sits here fuckin stunned* Me? Talk to you? On the phone? Uh, ha. You have no idea how much that just fuckin blew my mind. Oh man. I'm not sure if you would like talkin to an 18 year old kid, who is either puking from nerves or puking from... no no I think that nerves abour covers it all. But holy shit man. Thats amazing. Lets maybe do the email first, and if there is something that I can't type out then we can do the phone call. Ha, man. I'm way stoked for it though. Can you tell?

Oh hey, when you say "projects" you mean like writing only? That wouldn't include my band as a project would it? I guess in MY DAY I'll tell you guys all about my wannabe famous shitty band. LOL. It's fun and time consuming tho.

7:19 PM  
Blogger winter rates said...

Hey Dennis...

Are you familar with The Sun City Girls?
I am thinking about maybe putting together an unsolicited guest curator day and they would be included among others...
they are also involved with Sublime Frequencies a label of insane field recordings of world music...last night I saw some films they made of moroccan street musicians and general weirdness in Sumatra, it was totally inspiring, though it did give me the travel bug and i am broke and need to concentrate on my writing, but i must go to Marakesh (sp?)...

thanks for the eczema follow up and the super helpful indie press day!

7:22 PM  
Blogger NiceHex said...

Thanks Dennis..

I'll certainly screen in LA at some point and, I hope, France so wherever you are you and everybody else is invited.

I wrote in my post that I had a meeting about the progress of my film and I'm delighted to say it went swimmingly. I'm getting the film graded and conformed by one of the best post production houses in London simply because they like the film. I've been totally struggling to complete it for several months and been stymied at every turn by lack of money so it's just great to be back on track again.

I can send you a still or two for the new link/ page - should I e-mail direct to you??

On another note one of my best friends just went through a similar illness with his mother and my heart goes out to you and yours..

It's a good thing you're doing here - Nicehex

11:35 PM  
Blogger Jheorgge said...

Ah Dennis, cheers, it feels good to have you on my side re: school sux. I just heard this morning that yesterday (which I didn't attend) there was a big meeting to gather everyone's opinions on the course, and now there's a big split between the whole class, and the few of us who are not digging it too much (I assume I was implicated in this in my absence). So today should be fun, yadayada.
Publishers day very much appreciated here as well man, some I know, some I don't, but all willl be checked out. This blog in the last half year has introduced me to the most remarkable writing, so more is always welcome!
Also, re: Lux' invite to ATP- you should so take him up on that, not least cause I'll be there!!! Actually,

Lux- funny you mentioned the Slayer Plan B article. I'm 'Plan B's George Taylor' that gets contradicted at the start of it, mistakenly I feel. We're also planning a huge noise jam at ATP, we should all hook up and make the BIGGEST NOISE IN THE WORLD. Were you at the Slint ATP with the pot-banging session? I got woken up by it and I literally thought that armageddon had come, I was fucking terrified!!!!

12:30 AM  
Blogger David C said...

Since I spent yesterday amonst other things looking at photographs of oral cancer (truly disgusting!) all I can say is cutting back is usually a waste of time as all that happens is that you make those fewer cigarettes really work to maintain those nicotine levels - its the same with "light" cigarettes.
As for you Mr Cooper - todays Indie Press contribution merely adds to my list of books to read/things to do/unfinished projects (more rude pictures that I don't feel compelled/inspired to follow up on please!) - for that reason (your overwhelming generosity) I'm not sure whether I love or hate you today but as I'm reading Frisk and have just finished "Wild" I'll veer towards the love.
Hope the family stuff is sorting itself out - best of luck for Yury in his new job - is he modelling for D&G?

12:51 AM  
Blogger hedi said...

Dennis, nice surprise to see that you liked Semiotexte, there is much I could say about it--and my relationship to publishing...

I haven't posted for a while, and I really missed it, it seems sometimes I can find the right tone, I am not a writer, much more of a reader. I was in New York, read Guyotat's Coma, saw David Lynch's Inland Empire... and read this incredible anonymous homosexual rant from "3 milliards de Perverts" an issue of Recherches magazine put out by Felix Guattari in the 70s, which has put me in a kind of panic mode:

Also I wanted to say about the progress report, it's very useful to voice it out loud and be accountable. The difficult part is to choose the main project, they are so many different lines running at the same time.

1:01 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

math, god that makes me feel guilty about nicking stuff from this blog for my 'novel' - dennis, i'm really sorry about that, it was me being thoughtless as per usual. i guess at the time i didn't think i was going to try to do anything with it but now i'm going to rewrite i guess i ought to take all of that out? i really hope it didn't offend you in any way that i did that - i'm really sorry if i did, i'm a doofus as you know! but i do eventually learn these things if people speak very slowly to me!

1:20 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

PS ha ha ha oh my poor boyfriend! not only is he stressing about having a little tummy (thus making him resemble 'a pregnant stick insect') but last night i was ruffling his hair and we discovered a massive WHISKER growing out of his ear! ha ha ha!!!

1:37 AM  
Blogger Jax said...

Besancon? Wow..I had to go look it up on my map:) Glad they treated ya right, pal.

Um, just to clear up any confusion, Tom's my bf / partner / whatever of 26 years: nick is my, um...muse, for want of a better word, of five years.

Strangely enough, we met through a shared love of your work, Dennis.

Okay, small publishers: I had great hopes for both Serpents Tale and Canongate here - and also Rebel Inc, but they all disappointed me.

Right now, in Scotland, we have quite a few small, thriving presses: Polygon (Joe's old publisher), Luath (they do ultra scottish stuff, but they also publish Des Dillon), Black and White Publishing and Hodder Headline even have a designated Scottish editor. None of them really specialise in either extreme or experimental fiction, however.

I know they're not still going, but Celia Tan’s Circlet Press published a lot of my early short fiction and were the first people to pay me for my work. Do you know their stuff, Dennis? It’s sorta very PC sci-fi porn (they started off as a vampire porn publisher), but Celia did anthologise one of my porn short stories that even my UK porn publisher refused to touch cos it eroticized murder.

Are Star Books still going? Black Books?

Any of the (porn) writers out there considered magazines? I did quite well out of Brush Creek Media's 'Bunkhouse' for a while, and they pay (or did) about $100 per 2-3,000 word story. And the long running ‘Gay Scotland’ free mag published my first ever short story!

Joe, never had any dealings with Alyson, sorry – they publish ‘Drummer’ magazine too, right?

Oh, btw? My ‘Meet the Scientists’ lunch went very well: met a very cool lady Astro-physicist, who’s building a telescope to look at black holes…I was agog!

For any UK writers, there’s an organization (and money!) in place to push science / engineering as a subject for drama, be it TV, radio or film, just google ‘PAWS’ for more info. For non-UK people, to whom this may all seem strange, as part of the BBC’s charter (they are government funded), it has an obligation to educate as well as entertain, and stuff like STDS are really on the increase amongst kids here – like, reported cases of syphilis have increased something like 3,000% in the last five years, and that Chlamydia thing that makes you infertile is running riot, and apparently a whole slew of Scottish teenage girls are in denial about their periods – so they’re very keen to get this sort of subject tackled in drama, cos yet again it’s something no-one talks about. And YET again, drama commissioners go ‘Ew…periods, VD, nasty, we don’t wanna see THIS on screen’. And so ignorance once more prevails

Okay, back to work for me: trying to get a treatment for a radio play together, for Monday. You guys have a good weekend, eh?

2:17 AM  
Blogger Paul Curran said...

Thanks for all this info, Dennis and everyone.

2:31 AM  
Blogger simon said...

hi dennis.. i am now back in paris. could you email me regarding that music interview i told you about? thanks in advance and see you around maybe.

2:44 AM  
Blogger dandysweets said...


yeah, definitely, go see C.R.A.Z.Y.

Just drove my sister to IKEA in the pouring rain - I hate driving when it rains. Another reason to move to Los Angeles!
Again this year I'm participating in the Green Card Lottery, who knows, maybe by this time next year (it takes a year for the processing etc) I'll be one of the lucky ones. I wish for you that Yury could apply this way but only certain countries are eligible for application and I don't think Russia is one of them, besides I'm sure you've already checked all your options. But it's worth giving it a go for anyone who wants to move to America and whose country is eligible. You don't lose anything by applying though of course the chance of getting your green card that way is not that great. Deadline is in early December and the details should be found on the American Embassy website. Don't ever pay to apply for a green card lottery. Any website that requires you to pay just to apply is most likely fraudulent. Then of course, later, if one is chosen and pass the interview then you'll have to pay some kind of processing fee...

3:28 AM  

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