Monday, November 13, 2006

p.s. Hey. I hope your weekends were up to par. Mine mostly consisted of collateral damage from (and ill-received attempts at peacemaking re.) my family's ever-escalating war of words and deeds, so I'm kind of a mental and nervous wreck today. I think I'll just leave it at that and take a deep breath. Oh, I saw 'The Queen.' I thought it was good not great, but I thought Helen Mirren was great not good. ** Link raygrun, I did indeed check out your suggested link and it was mesmerizing. That kid's song has got to be played over the opening or closing credits of the 'Try' movie if one ever gets made. Wow, thanks for the tip. ** Swann811, Leora! What an amazing and wonderful surprise. Well, now that you've cracked the cyber-door, don't be shy. I think I've owed you an email for months, haven't I? I'm so discombobulated these days. But it's cool to see you and to hear your tale of Bowie. Thank you thank you and much love. ** Math t, Yeah, there is something appealing about that ... boy in the post Saturday. If nothing else, he's got the market cornered on strange glam/alien-looking gay porn models. I've never seen anyone quite like him before. I think he could use a different hairstyle though. My family's mostly Scottish with some Czech way back. I'm not sure what generation American I am. My family's been here a long time, fought in the Civil War and the whole shebang. ** Joe mills, Hm, maybe the stud is paralyzed. In all the shots I found from that session, he doesn't budge an inch. But maybe he's just in shock. I don't like Hilary Clinton because she's a two-faced, mega-careerist who kissed Bush's ass tenderly and publically over and over as recently as earlier this year, and that is completely inexcusable. But she won't be the Democratic Presidential candidate. No way. She's dreaming. ** Thomas, Hey. Thanks for the linx. I've actually got 'The Nomi Song' DVD sitting on my 'desk' right now, but it belongs to my friend and occasional blog community member chris, so I almost own it. Almost. ** Dandysweets, Yeah, Matt kind of is this blog's Bunnyboy, isn't he? Definitely a good thing. Get this: I saw Eno live when he was in Roxy Music on their American first tour playing at the Whisky A-Go-Go, a club that holds about 500 people. You talk about feeling lucky? Whoa, I do. ** Antonio, Bowie's cock, gross, I agree. Iggy's cock, now gross, but in the early 70s, way not gross. The Knife album was good. I ain't no ghey icon, motherfucka. Well, it's not for me say, I suppose. Thanks for including me in your pantheon, in any case. Just to be in the same breath (or ten) with Varg Vikernes is a dream come true. I don't know your serial killer relative, but I'll have a look, and it's cool in any case. Or weird me thinks so. ** Tosh, That is an excellent book of R-G interviews, and it is super super rare, so you're a lucky dog. I like the psychedelic Small Faces but not the r&b/soul Small Faces. They were a weirdly schizophrenic band, style-wise. But Steve Marriott's voice ... wow. When he sings it always sort of sounds like he's vomitting, in a good way, I mean. Plus he was teeniest weeniest little guy, which is cool too. I never saw the Small Faces, but I saw him live when he was in Humble Pie, who weren't so great. He had, like, two foot high platform shoes on, and he still looked like a biological anomaly. Great singer. ** Andrew Gallix, I wrote Vim. We're figuring out how to work it. Thanks. ** Misanthrope, (sound of buzzer) Nope, Yury's not a dish washer in a French bath house, but good guess. I don't know about back in the States, but over here at least, I feel like if I hear the name Borat one time I'm going to go deaf or something. It's like the birds are chirping 'Borat, Borat ...' That movie better be damned funny. Was it? ** Statictick, You're welcome. Deep bow. ** Vomitingghosts, Hm, 'Red Sails,' 'Ashes to Ashes,' 'Always Crashing in the Same Car' (or whatever it's called), 'Rebel Rebel,' 'John I'm Only Dancing,' 'TVC15,' 'Panic in Detroit,' 'Hang On to Yourself,' 'The Width of a Circle,' 'Changes.' I think that's ten. 'Harold and Maude' is my mom's favorite movie. ** Garrison, Separating the twins, yeah. I've done that too. That can really do the trick, though one might not survive or turn into a poem. Not so bad. Excellent news. ** Michael karo, 'New gentleman friend:' That sounds really hopeful and upbeat. Good for you. Hooray. ** Dickon edwards, Well, hey there. It's really good to see you in these woods again. I guess I'll have to read that anthology -- congrats, by way -- to learn the poop, but a trip with Shane MacGowan! That's both incredibly impressive and impossible to imagine and kind of scary sounding. I would be very happy to do something with Cam Archer, naturally. He's got my email address, so ... you never know. I dig the Scarlett/Lukas comparison except she's so ... voluptuous, big bodied and his body's a rail. A very, very nice rail, no doubt. Anyway, good to see you. Don't be a stranger. ** Atheist, Welcome back to full time. Cool. Yeah, if you have a serious problem with poo representation, you're going to have skip around in '120 Days of Sodom,' and you shouldn't even think about reading Samuel Delaney's 'Hogg,' which is full of it. ** 5stringaphasia, Dude, you impress me mightily everyday. That's no hill to climb. You're already up there looking down. ** David ehrenstein, I never dance, with the boys or otherwise -- unless bouncing up and down on one's heels when I watch bands play counts -- but if I did dance with the boys, hm, I might even pick the stars of today, Slayer. See, that's why I'm not a dancer. Oh, New Pornographers actually. Whenever I listen to them I dance all over our little apartment here, scaring Yury in the process. ** Mike, Hey, man. Yeah, awesome news about the Robbe-Grllet films. I don't know about English subtitles or not. Fingers crossed. I'll need to talk to Catherine Robbe-Grillet to get all the release info, but I will, and I'll pass along what I learn. But I think end of the year is pretty firm on the release date. Take care. ** Rigby101, I'll do that index finger flick as soon as Yury gets home from school. He doesn't drink alchohol and I drink so rarely that I practically don't. Yury's originally from a city in the south-ish part of Russia called Voronezh. ** Maria McGregor, Hello, welcome to here. A Charles Ray show in Oslo? Cool. He's a god in my book. Was it a survey show or something new or ... ? Thanks for joining in. I'll hope to see you here more. ** D., It is sadly true that short fiction collections are hard to get published. Even when you're semi-established, publishers usually seem to publish them as a favor to the writer to keep him or her happy. But there are always glaring exceptions, so don't feel doomy about it. It can happen. It should happen for you. Proceed apace, and who knows? I've got your back, for what that's worth. ** Robert-nyc, Hm, I know Christian too well to see his resemblance to the stud, but I think I get it. ** Sypha_69, I like the cover. It looks very pro, like you said, and catchy, yeah. Good one. Don't forget that when your novel's coming out I want to do a Day here to celebrate, hype, and preview it. So when the time's right, let's confer and figure out the best way to do that, okay? ** Okay, until tomorrow then. Heil Slayer, and have a good day.


Blogger David C said...

Slayer? Hmm, maybe not my cup of warm tea - but don't those portraits look so posey?! Its about 3 years since I was last in Paris - I used to go at least once a year and for a couple of years was a real Parisophile and managed three times per year. So I'm very excited.
As well as seeing fireworks over the Thames and visiting my freinds and their new baby this weekend I finished Closer and liked it very much I did - except for the "David" chapter - maybe he just seemed unappealing and that shared name thing got to me. The whole re-reading thing has been really interesting, especially as it is informed not only by coming at it from a different place and time, and with different experiences, but also with knowledge of the later books and of course this blog. A highly recommended activity!
Anyway - hello to everyone and hope you all have a fantastic day - I'm off to brave the rain and start Xmas shopping (no, not organised these are for the presents I should have got before or in NZ and will now have to post at great expense!)

4:04 AM  
Blogger Not_Paladin said...

My best friend from junior high was "in the closet" about his death metal addiction for a long time. I stayed over at his house one time and we got to the end of Weird Al's latest album and he asks me "Do you want to hear something better?" and he put on Slayer. I don't go for the guys who do the cookie monster vocals (except Sepultura--have you heard them? If not check out , but Slayer? They're not bad at all. You may also want to check out the band Katatonia--their vocalist was a cookie monster vocals guy, but he had to have throat surgery and now sings in this otherworldly voice. Very nice. Link to a song of theirs (my favorite):

4:37 AM  
Blogger michael_karo said...

oh, that billboard is funny! i just saw a picture of the slayer logo carved in a fan's back...all crusty and scabby, it was on a website or in a magazine...i forget.

the gentleman friend woke me up the next morning with a phone call, inviting me to see that movie...the one that starts with a "b"... :) it was is what it is...

i find mr. cohen kinda sexy, but then i'm a sucker for hairy legs.

when the gentleman got here, i was chatting with dynomoose, so she got to see us on webcam...i think she approves!

after the movie we had chinese, then went across the street and i introduced him to a few of my co-workers. then we came back here, sat on the couch (nice and close!) watched a re-run of top chef...

got that awkward first kiss out of the way...*le sigh*

been rainin' like a muthafukka here.

i'm submitting 2 cd portfolios of pics to B&W magazine...they're having their annual contest, 5 photographers spotlighted in each issue (6 per year)...

umm, ok, that's all from here...have a great monday, DC.


4:38 AM  
Blogger paradigm said...

somehow this blog entry seems appropriate. i just got back from checking out a squat that has been set up for the g20 protest here in melbourne and metal music especially sl;ayer seems the perfect soundtrack for a squat on the verge of a large (largish) scale protest (the g20 is in town here and a drunken me and a couple of friends/acquaintances have just been helping set up the kitchen in the squat).

i'm actually quite drunk at the moement so my logic is all OVER THE PLACE BUT joe mills i must say that the day on chris morris was amazing and math people loved your drawings at the housegig i held.

actually for anyone who wants n interesting evening i suggest holding a housegig at your place. mine started at 3 and finiahed at 11 with a guy called gabe playing a stero guitar through 5 (5 five five five five) amps. other then this one guy who drunk three quarters of a bottle of jim beam and threw up in my housemates bedroom the gig went really well. lots of noise. lots of hand clapping and hugging and also a lesson learnt. namely getting 8 bands to play in 6 hours is imposssible. 8 hours in 8 hours that's another thing and if anyone is interested in footage of a gig happening in a small suburb in melbourne australia and wants to give advice about uploading film onto a mac that'd be great. i'm going to eat something and saviour the sites in a more sober sight so that i can articul.ate and appreciate thew last few days better.

4:44 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

poor dennis. jesus. is there any hope re: your brother signing that agreement? it must be exhausting you so much, particularly as you're poorly. how is your mum doing, too?

5:14 AM  
Blogger porcelain skull said...

hey mr. cooper,

i got leora's book on you in the post this morning, so that a cool start to the week, and theres a HUGE interview with john waters!,

im damp with excitment,

bouncing for you in my rubber room,


5:36 AM  
Blogger adjoun said...

the art centre where I temp job witte de with had a performance of death metal songs played on the church-organ of the laurenskerk here in rotterdam.

set list
alsvartr - emporo
blood fire death - bathory
at the heart of winter - immortal
dusk and her embrace - cradle of filth

it did not work for me much though. whatever you play on a church organ sounds bombastic and calvinistic. (and death metal can be pretty bombastic itself so it did not make much differnce, but I don't know the songs they played in their orignals so...)

another set consisted of northern soul songs which worked ok-ish but there was another one with happ hardcore stuff from the 90s that worked best for me. it sounded like a cell-phone went off in heaven...

set list
shooting star - bang
midnight express - hopscotch
braveheart - joing of the clans
stay with me - sy& demo
heart of gold - force and styles


5:49 AM  
Blogger Tony O'Neill said...

Ha ha, well i've never liked Slayers music, but the "God listens - to Slayer" billboard was genius.

just spent the morning catching up on the weekends blog entires as well. I'm with Matt T on Morrissey's solo stuff - I love pretty much every album (well, I might need some convincing on "Kill Uncle" and "Maladjusted") but I think that Southpaw was a better album that his last 2, and not deserving of the critical savaging it recieved.

Dennis - that would be great, re: Desordres. I actually plan to send a copy of my book and some press clippings etc to Laurence Viallet upon my return from Europe on Monday. Thank you again!

Take it easy everybody. I am currently researching exotic intoxicants available in Holland. Incredibly it seems that ayahuasca is available. How if only good old opium was (I know, Im dreaming) i'd be a happy camper...

6:12 AM  
Blogger adjoun said...

no it was black metal not death metal they played in that stone-cold church, tell me the difference...sorry

6:20 AM  
Blogger Misanthrope said...


I did see that movie this weekend and thought it was fricking hilarious. There's nothing funnier than skewering bigots and religious fanatics and such and Cohen does a great job of it. There's one scene that was so fucking funny that a guy next to me fell on his knees in front of his seat laughing and my mom closed her eyes because she was afraid she was going to piss herself. I thought I was asthmatic for a moment as I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard.

Okay, the divine Yury's not a dishwasher . . . how about a pedicurist at an old age home? Oh, and does Yury know how big a star he is on this blog? If so, what does he think about it?


6:57 AM  
Blogger Tosh said...

My wife is into Slayer. She just bought one of their cd's - not a super early one, nor their recent. Somewhere in the middle. Doesn't the drummer work with Fantomas the band - or some session work with John Zorn?

Back to my wife, I think she's turning into a death metal head. Most of our friends are into dance music, electro-crash, lounge, etc. So they are kind of shocked when they visit Lun*na in her studio that she's blasting Slayer. She also likes early Meticallia. So the house hold now consists of Slayer, early Small Faces, Joe Meek, Bowie, Meticallia (spelling is wrong!), Scott Walker with a dash of the early Kinks. In other words it's getting out of control!

Actaully Dennis I think I like the Mod R&B period of the Small Faces. As you may have heard Tower is going out of business and I bought a Small Faces 3 disk set. It's their first album and then the two later psychedelic pop stuff. I know everyone is crazy about Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake - but I like the early songs like "My Mind's Eye" (now that's an incredible piece of work), All or Nothing, and What'cha Gonna Do About It? And yeah is voice is amazing. I am too scared to buy a Humble Pie record! I think that's going overboard and a land of no return.

The Robbe-Grillett interview book is excellent. I found a copy at Moe's bookstore in Berkeley. A very lucky find!

7:02 AM  
Blogger Jheorgge said...

Heil Slayer indeed! May the devil bless you for this beautiful tribute Dennis. Thanks for asking re: school. It's rapidly turning disappointing, as the promise from the initial application interview of concentrating on innovation and a search for original voices seems to have soured into half-assed studies of The Full Monty (!) and Erin Brokovich (!!!???WTF!?). Which, of course, 95% of the class loves, leaving me and three others to skip classes, go to the pub and bitch about the course, wich is so NOT what I wanted to do. I really thought a post-grad would be full of people who were keen to create something new, rather than just wanting to learn formulas in order to make money. Also, I'm sure you'd be just as peeved as I was when our one good lecturer screened 'L'Argent' only to have most of the class make loud derogatory comments all the way through then spend the whole follow up discussion asking how anyone could like it. I've rarely been so (silently) angry. But, you know, I guess a course it what you make of it, so I'm just like, head down, and get my stuff written, and hopefully I'll come out the end of it with a better idea of how to get my stuff seen.
My best wishes are aimed at you anyways, stuff really sucks sometimes huh. x

Adjoun, that church organ piece happened here in Edinburgh as well. It's by Matt Stokes, whose art on rave culture I really like. There's a bit about it in my upcoming (eventually) Black Metal day. There is a very big difference between black and Death metal- sound, image, subject matter. I guess the easiest way to tell them apart is to play a song of each genre side by side, like Emperor + Death, or Darkthrone + Cannibal Corpse. Maybe you could do a wee investigation???

7:05 AM  
Blogger Jheorgge said...

Just read Misanthrope's comment there, have to jump into the bubbly pool of Borat love- there were moments in that film that had me laughing harder than I ever have in my life, the kind of laugh where you break yr normal chuckle pitch and launch into full blown squeaking hysteria. Most of my friends haven't seen it yet so I have to sit on some of the images (Running of the Jew esp.) until they do, and I can't hold on much longer...

Tosh- yeah, Dave Lombardo is Fantomas' drummer. He's been excluded from Dennis' line-up there, but he is the ultimate double kick-drum Slaying behemoth. Paul Bpstaph replaced him in Slayer for a couple records, then it was some dude from, I think, Testament (?), then Lombardo swooped back in to claim the throne (drum stool).

7:12 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

after all these years, i still find myself writing the Slayer logo on every desk i sit at.

i fully endorse Black Metal day. if i could suggest though, that we not only focus on the "name" black metal acts from the 80s and 90s, but also on some of the really awesome current bands like Blut Aus Nord, Anaal Nathrakh, Deathspell Omega, and so forth.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Andrew Gallix said...

Thanks a lot Dennis. Hope it works out.

7:58 AM  
Blogger gregoryedwin said...

ugh dennis. that sounds terrible. i hope you can somehow escape it for a moment or two. flee with yury to a sensory deprivation tank or something.

on the other hand SLAYER! they are an almighty power indeed. also they are like an 80s supervillain just when you think they are dead here they are again, more evil than ever.

hang in there, as you would say

tosh i love the music in your household!

things to tell atheist today
1) good luck
2) you'll get it done
3)make sure you don't cry onto your computer

michael karo! hooray! sounds nice.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Paul Curran said...

Slayer are the greatest. I've kind of lost track of a lot of metal, but when I was a kid in the early-mid 80s I sold my soul to the dark lords on numerous unsuccessful occasions. My brother and I used to do this small town radio show. Whenever my dad went on a trip down south or overseas we would put in orders for the latest, darkest metal, and he would come back with all these goodies: first editions of Metal Forces magazine, Metallica, Slayer, Venom, and even stuff we hadn't heard of like Vio-vod's War and Pain and Hellhammer's Apocalyptic Raids. The Chemical Warfare e.p. blew my mind permanently. Yes, Dave Lombardo is probably the greatest metal drummer of all time. I'm hanging out for Jheorgge's black metal day for re-education.

8:15 AM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...


Thank you so much. Heil Slayer! FUCKING SLAYER!!! "The world's cutest Slayer fan." SLAYER!!!
A band like no other. One of the evilest, hardest-working, real, talented, and genius bands ever!
GOD HATES US ALL!, ain't that the fucking truth! Thank-you Dennis for SLAYER DAY!!!

PS. Don't get stressed. You know how the tune goes. Looking forward to visiting you and Yury in California. Hi to Yury. Oh hey, a little question? What's Yury think of the Mother Russia statue? Take care


8:25 AM  
Blogger richard eichmann said...

Hi everyone - good day/bad day?
Someone gave me a copy of 'Reign in Blood' about 3 years ago but I've not yet listened to it. I'm thinking now maybe now I should.

Hi Dennis. Soz about your weekend, hope this week shapes up better for you. Thanks for asking about me, I did send an email to the address on your site but I don't know if it was forwarded to yourself. Everyone well? x

8:31 AM  
Blogger SYpHA_69 said...

I only have three Slayer albums but I love each one, which is odd as I usually don't like much rock/heavy metal stuff, unless it's done really well. The Slayer albums I have are "Reign in Blood", "South of Heaven", and "Season of the Abyss". I should check out their post 80's work one day.

9:22 AM  
Blogger jose said...

YES Slayer, that reminds me, I need to write some more Slayer poems for this cd thing I'm making.

But Dennis, you forgot to mention Dave Lombardo! He's a friggin machine.

I think Haunting the chapel is still my favourite Slayer release. The early version of aggressive perfector blows the later one away, in my book.

Hey Dennis, you should tell Yury to watch this anime called Serial Experiments Lain, if he hasn't already. It's about about people who want to live in this thing called the wired, which is like the internet, but way advanced. It's arthouse anime, a total creepshow, and almost incomprehensible. Check it out.

Part one

Part two

WARNING: these clips are from the english dub, which isn't great. Subtitles are always preferable.

9:43 AM  
Blogger maria mcgregor said...

hey dennis,

this is the exhibition:

it was a selection of all his works, up until today, so there were some brand new things as well. they also have an exhibition of things from the museums' collection which was great, with damien hirst's "mother and child divided" which was eery to see in real life, and andy warhol and cindy sherman and jeff koons and so on.

i'll probably stick around here a while!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Alice in Chains said...

Awesome day today (as if there ever was a day on this blog that wasn’t). Slayer are fucking gods! I’m really kicking myself for not buying their new album yet. I’m a lapsed metal fan, 5 years ago all I listened to was metal but now I’ve diversified in a million directions. The last three artists I bought were Atari Teenage Riot, Television and Beck - schizophrenic to say the least. I think it’s definitely time for a metal revival I’m gonna go put on some Slayer then maybe Burzum and Satyricon.

Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day, hope you’re okay but listening to Slayer really loud might relieve some stress for a little while at least.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Blake said...


I love that I am wearing my old slayer t-shirt while reading this entry. You always seem to be on the same page as me. Thank you for this post, its great!

How is the end of this month looking? If you're still free I'd like to meet up some time then...

All my best,


11:37 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

david c, oh i loved the 'david' chapter. but i'm definitely going to have to re-read 'closer' ... am just finishing off 'exquisite corpse', i've really loved it (except that's made me retch a bit too & there wasn't even any poo in it!) the only thing i haven't 'got' is why the 2 serial killers would be attracted to each other? i mean, except for the fact that they're serial killers, i guess.
PS dennis, i've been so fascinated with all the stuff you've been posting about 'the sluts'. i'm hoping and praying that one day you'll post the deleted brian stuff - that would be amazing! *clasps hands in hope*
PPS alice in chains - ooh, have just seen my inbox, thank you! that's going to be such a lovely treat for me to read this weekend. but what am i going to do when i've got to the end of chapter 8?? you're going to HAVE to write more stuff so i can read it! *beams*
PPPS stage one of novel re-write: insertion of capital letters, commas and full-stops. god it's satisfying! in fact am kind of reading bits of it while i'm doing that and so far i'm actually quite liking it, it's even quite funny in places! *beams* in fact i'd go so far as to say i actually feel quite proud of it! well, it definitely needs a lot of work but still, i'm dead proud that i wrote something creative, i've never done that before in my whole life! *pats self on back*

11:40 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

ooh - and thanks gregoryE! i did indeed get it all done, all 257 emails, the presentation, everything, all in one day! so am all proud with myself for that too!
*pats self on back again*

11:44 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

My fave Robbe-Grillet films are Glissements Progressif du Plisir and L'Eden at Apres. He took the latter and re-edited it into a different film called N a Pris les Des, which I believe was shown on television. Ask the Robbe-Grillet's if they're going to put that one on on video too Dennis.

11:50 AM  
Blogger adjoun said...


beaturiful strange anime lain

11:54 AM  
Blogger richard eichmann said...

atheist: I read Exquisite Corpse not too long ago, and yeah I asked myself the very same question. Its hard to imagine a serial killer entering into a serious relationship. I thought it was interesting though that all the characters had AIDS, I'm not sure what the thinking was behind that.

12:07 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

I read a few websites now and then.
I was a few days ago reading something or other about and by Chuck Palahniuk. He was saying about how writers must compete for readers from the pool of mass-media saturated consciousness. He said more or less, that he thought using "verbs on top of verbs" was the way to keep the attention of and entertain many of today's readers.

If my memory serves me well. Slayer plays throughout many or most of the pages of Try. The meter of the book and it's action is analogous to Slayer! Try is the Slayer of Dennis Cooper books?

It took me sometime to realize Dennis' extensive experience with and knowledge of pop-culture, as oberserver, artist, and writer/journalist, especially his expert treatment of the "alternative" music revolution. Dennis, I remember when SPIN first-appeared on the shelves. It was fucking hot, an essential and indisposable part of the right then, and the flagship for the many lesser press that was soon to come. The aesthetics, the fashion, the exposure, it was dead fucking on. Rolling Stone?

The Slayer sound, they were heavily influenced by punk. It's amazing that they work with the material they have to work with so fucking godamn perfectly. Here's an old favorite:

Skeletons of Society

Minutes seem like days
Since fire ruled the sky
The rich became the beggars
And the fools became the wise
Memories linger in my brain
Of burning from the acid rain
A pain I never have won

Nothing here remains
No future and no past
No one could foresee
The end that came so fast
Hear the prophet make his guess
That paradise lies to the west
So join his quest for the sun

Shades of death are all I see
Fragments of what used to be

The world slowly decays
Destruction fills my eyes
Harboring the image
Of a spiraling demise
Burning winds release they fury
Simulating judge and jury
Drifting flurries of pain

Deafening silence reigns
As twilight fills the sky
Eventual supremacy
Daylight waits to die
Darkness always calls my name
A pawn in this recurring game
Humanity going insane

Shades of death are all I see
Fragments of what used to be

Minutes seem like days
Corrosion fills the sky
Morbid dreams of anarchy
Brought judgement in disguise
Memories linger in my brain
Life with nothing more to gain
Perpetual madness remains

Shades of death are all I see
Skeletons of society
Fragments of what used to be
Skeletons of society


1:54 PM  
Blogger CycyLolo said...

Hey Dennis, we have seen a wonderful movie last week end. It's SHORTBUS by John Cameron Mitchell. You should love it !

2:06 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

I didn't know you had Scottish blood in you Dennis. Maybe you me and Groundskeeper Willie share a common weird ancestor, who sat with the children around the fire in caveman kilt, scaring them with his stories.

Paradigm, thanks to you and others for words on Chris Morris Day. At least DC and I know all the hassle was worth it. Can't wait for Jeff's Son of Morris Day.

Michael Karo - that was a great version of Man Who Sold the World. Very different,like when he went coke-mad round about David Live and re-arranged every song he'd ever written. That was a great album, (Man Who-), this track

After All is especially haunting. Don't know what the cartoon is all about!

Somebody said Johnnie Marr was rubbish after The Smiths. Well he was part of this lovely thing:

Electronic - Dissapointed

How could Electronic fail, being made up of members of The Smiths, New Order and Pet Shop Boys.
Beautiful vocal and lyrics from Neil Tennant.

2:51 PM  
Blogger AlistairMc said...

Hi Dennis, Alistair here in LA. I loved the slayer day. One of my all time favorite sex memories is back when Seasons of the Abyss came out (one of my all time fave album titles) having sex with this evil painter while expendable youth was playing "rivalry and retribution/ death the only solution" . sigh. i hope you are doing ok, especially reagrding your mother. i finally sent in my book to my publishers. my brain is beginning to come back, slowly, Alistair

5:39 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Preview of coming attractions

5:45 PM  
Blogger E. D. said...

Oh Dennis. Thanks for the support - it means a lot to me. I'm determined to do something with my writing - even if it takes forever.

I'm not too into Slayer, though I have to say Tori Amos' cover of Raining Blood is absolutely brilliant (I know that's total sacrilege to real Slayer fans, but whatever).

Her take on the song is really interesting. This is what she said about it in SPIN:

“I was reading about what was going on in Afghanistan – the way women were being oppressed, the destruction of religious statues. And when I heard that song [RAINING BLOOD], I just imagined a huge, juicy vagina coming out of the sky, raining blood over all those racist, misogynist fuckers.”

God, I love that woman.

How are things?


5:57 PM  
Blogger vomitingghosts said...

Is it just me or do today's comments seem meatier than usual for some reason. Maybe Slayer brings the best or worst out in people... So in the spirit of blood spilling: I'd thought about saving this short thing I wrote sort of about my initiation into metal for Black Metal Day but since it's obviously Slayer Day (and what I wrote is mostly about Slayer) I thought I might as well post it. It's sort of in the spirits of Dennis's "Beloveds" but not that much:

What is past is not dead;
it is not even past.
We cut ourselves off from it;
we pretend to be strangers.
– Christa Wolf

I first read this poem on my friend Rachel’s myspace page in April, and was struck then and am still struck by how neatly it wraps up our relationship and ties it with a bow. It’s a long story and not very interesting but unbeknownst to her and, at the time, myself, she triggered my deep and still burgeoning fascination with metal. For as long as we knew each other (several years in college), she was always trying to get me to fall in love (or at least enthusiastically listen to) bands like Black Sabbath, White Zombie, Pantera, etc. She’d call me in the middle of the night and we’d play music over the phone. I remember one night she played me some Slayer and I just laughed because... uh, Slayer is funny? But no matter what she said I wasn’t convinced that White Zombie, Slayer or whoever was more than just kitsch, and that those kinds of bands possessed… something else that the guitars and the furious speed only hinted at… even though she readily admitted metal has always worn that sly sort of smirk under all the Satanic shit. But I didn’t get it. It was just one of the many things I couldn’t figure out.

All throughout high school I was a loner and ever since my life has felt stunted, like I was abducted by a UFO at sixteen and haven’t yet been returned to earth, even though what it feels like is I’ve never gone anywhere except further into myself. Rachel was outwardly the opposite. She had incredible friends, a life rooted in music, a purpose. Though as we got to know each other more, I discovered she was as inward, insecure, and harbored as many secrets as me. Her contradictoriness coupled her stunning looks is what undeniably attracted me to her. I remember my exact thought the first time I saw her. It was on the first day of college and I saw her with her boyfriend walking out of her dorm obviously uncomfortable with the whole moving thing, and I thought: there’s someone I wish I was friends with. But at that time I was still extraordinarily shy though eventually I broke through it and literally dropped a hint I was interested in getting to know her. I had tickets to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Orpheum in Boston, but the friend planning on accompanying me with was unable to make it, so she suggested I invite Rachel instead. But since I couldn’t stir up the courage to ask herl in person, I came up with a plan where after I made sure she was in the library, I would drop a note from the floor above, asking her out. Of course she caught me in the act, and I had to toss her the note, watch awkwardly as she read it, and listen as she basically turned me down with some lame excuse. Somehow after that we became really close for a year.

Then last winter I seriously fell for her but she didn’t feel the same, and things became increasingly strained and awkward until eventually she began hanging up on me when I called and later when school ended, moved without telling me where to. I haven’t heard from her since. Now Slayer’s not that funny. “As soon as life has left your corpse / I’ll make you part of me / No emotion / Death is all I see / Modulistic terror / A vast sadistic feast / The only way out of here / Piece by piece.” Slayer was the first band I started playing ritually, and soon after Pantera and Converge, and now SunnO))), Boris, etc. Regular metal still bores me though. A few months before our friendship fell into a black hole, I was at her apartment thumbing through her CDs (even though she hated anyone, no matter how close, looking through her stuff) while we were talking about music. And I clearly remember what would be her last attempt to get me to, if not cross over to the dark side, then to at least exhibit some musical empathy and hear where she was coming from. Slayer’s Reign in Blood was on and she was telling me to listen beyond the lyrics--which I apparently distrusted because of their almost cartoonish ridiculousness--and to basically let the guitars burrow into the mulch that attaches my face to my skull. That’s where the emotion is that you’re looking for and not finding, she said. So she leant me some more CDs that night, including Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. The guitar solos (and only the guitar solos) skipped because she had listened to them so much.

I’m sure it’s like this for everyone, but after Rachel flattened me—or I sort of flattened myself by falling into a situation that could never work for complicated reasons—the love I had, as well the resentment towards myself, needed a place to go, needed a frame and a rhythm. I needed to feel something so badly that I was drawn to piercingly loud music. “It’s… a matter of knowing how to give vent to one’s rage,” writes Georges Bataille, and metal was not exactly a vent for my rage, but for the kind of internal violence I was feeling. And still, metal and all its subgenres, and all its images—its demons and blood geysers, twisted goat horns and foggy forests, black robes and haunted graveyards—feels like the perfect expression of all the darkness and complexity of internal conflict. Sometimes I think Slayer knows about the tortures of love better than any poet: “Branded in pain / Marked criminally insane / Locked away and kept restrained / Disappropriation, but what have I done / I have only just begun / To take your fucking lives...” I hope someday soon we’ll talk again, move beyond whatever mess is between us, and somehow rediscover each other and what it was that made our friendship a gift (for me at least) for however short a time.

6:14 PM  
Blogger vomitingghosts said...

Turns out she called me a week ago saying she regretted not getting back to me sooner after I wrote her a few months ago. I haven't called her back yet and don't know what I'm thinking.

6:15 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

Just a thought, but the everything that metal comes off as being, it speaks a dark truth, that death is real, and pain and suffering are real, realer than real, that things are not what they seem, songs of it is, worse than anything and nothing, evil and pain, Paul Bowles is evil like metal, Dennis and Burroughs are evil like metal, subtle and breaking truths of finiteness, weakness, the hymns of brutality, power, insanity, and incessant, undying need, lust for Being, for more, for LIFE, BLOOD, pleasure, for truth, it's very Nietzchian, the only true philosophy, LUST, POWER, GREED, DOPE, FOREVER...

PS. If nothing else, Metal-chics are hot!!! ;)

6:41 PM  
Blogger winter rates said...


I think if you're going to keep this blog in a time capsule you may want to swap out the drummer bios with Lombardo who as far as I know is back in the band.

That Klaus Nommi "punchline" from the other day cracked me up. I have this video mix of a punch of weird musical shit and there is a video of his on there...unbelievably disturbing when thoroughly baked just cause he's so over the top.

if you hear from any of yr friends about what they did, foodwise, to help with their eczema please let me know.

listening to fripp/eno no pussyfooting, it's perfect music to write to, though i am having one of those zero confidence days with what i'm fact i may just consult the old oblique strategy program i have somewhere on this computer and see WWED...what would eno do?


7:39 PM  
Blogger BrooklynSerpico said...

Pollard at Bowery Ballroom. Full review coming before sunset in Paris. I got a BIG swig off of Bob's tequila bottle!


P.S. LotB is getting published! Big congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:17 PM  
Blogger garrison said...


Unfortunately, the status of my current project is pretty much the same... although I am currently dividing my short-story-in-progress into TWO DIFFERENT stories. If this doesn't work, I suppose I'll just have to put it aside and try working on something new... maybe come back to it later, or incorporate some of the work into completely new projects.

I've been ridiculously writer's blocked this year, however... it hasn't exactly been the best year of my life, what with all the theft, vandalism, identity theft, and temporary unemployment.

Here's to 2007!

Oh, and DENNIS, RE: THE QUEEN... you only liked? I LOVED!

And I saw VOLVER last night and it was very sweet and wonderful to look at. Penelope Cruz (and the rest of the ensemble cast) were very, very good. One of my favorites of the year so far...

All right, I'm off...

take care,

8:46 PM  

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