Thursday, November 16, 2006

My top ten American independent presses of 2007 (in no order) *

* I'm excluding Akashic Press and Void Books because I have working relationships with them, but they deserve to be here.

1. Dalkey Archive (Normal, Ill.)

Their thing:
Modern and post-modern literature

In the spotlight: Louis-Ferdinand Céline Conversations with Professor Y

"Here’s the truth, simply stated . . . bookstores are suffering from a serious crisis of falling sales.” So begins the imaginary interview that comprises this novel. Professor Y, the interviewing academic, asks questions that allow Céline, a character in his own book, the chance to rail against convention and defend his idiosyncratic methods. In the course of their outrageous interplay, Céline comes closer to defining and justifying his poetics than in any of his other novels. But this is more than just an interview. As the book moves forward, Professor Y reveals his real identity and the characters travel through the streets of Paris toward a bizarre climax that parodies the author, the critic, and, most of all, the establishment.

A few greatest hits:
Countless important books, but, to pick three, Ishmael Reed The Freelance Pallbearers, Robert Pinget The Inquisatory, Djuna Barnes Nightwood, ...


Blogger JW Veldhoen said...

Google should make you drink hemlock, and delete this obscenity.
Posting these publishers links only promotes the impression in lost souls that literature is an open outlet for expression, with plentiful markets for boundless, genre-bending experimentation... When the majority of practitioners are suicidal maniacs, searching for the right moment to shoot themselves in the heart, or to close an oven on their heads, and live in torment because their highly wrought, deeply personal, complex, and referential attempts at assimilating tradition and novelty, commonplace and invention, will fall on the deaf ears of a philistine, nearly non-existent "reading-public", or an insular coterie of self-protecting deviant sophisticates. And you promote it! You show no shame, sir, no modesty at all... Instead you promote hedonism and reading, instead of modesty and correctness.

I am originally from the prairies, a traveler who has visited many of the world's Sodoms; indeed, I am corrupted, a sometime sodomite myself, and a drop-out, and a sensualist, and a friend of fiends, homosexuals... I might fit into the last category of "deviant sophisticate", but luckily I am largely unknown, obscure by obscure elective affinities. My depressed and anti-social view shows no risk of infecting swarms of well-meaning teens, idly browsing giant book emporiums in places like Lincoln, Nebraska, or Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Some who will unwittingly pick-up and read sensitive novels like 'God, Jr', attractively produced to masquerade as feeling literature, and who will search your name on the Internet, only to find the disgusting, soul-rotting filth that you purvey... like so much sugar on rotting cavies. You ought to be more circumspect than to promote this terror! Move to a rainy, largely illiterate outpost of British provincialism, publish your own books to ridicule, financial ruin, and scorn. Do not create this impression that there is a world of liberty, free-thought, and friendship... when there is only the long-evening ahead.

2:51 PM  
Blogger atheist said...

OMG - is this is joke do you think? *laughs nervously*

1:32 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

erm ... i think perspects is probably joking too in his post - i think he might be british and if so it's just our sense of humour.

1:49 AM  

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