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'Current projects of some distinguished locals:' a late-year progress report

Back in June, I asked the people who were reading and posting on this blog to describe their current project(s). There was a great response, and the answers were posted on this blog at the end of a link that's over to your right: 'Current projects of some distinguished locals.' Well, I've been wanting to do an update and see where people are in relation to the projects they described back then. Are the projects finished, ongoing, dead, replaced with (an)other project(s), or what? If you don't remember what your project was, you can use the aforementioned link to see how you characterized it at that time. So, I'd like a progress report, please? For those of you weren't around back then, I'd like to ask you the same questions I asked those readers and commenters in June. The original post is below. It's talking to you. Read it and respond here, if you don't mind. Understand? Thanks a lot.

The original post:
'Mid-year progress report: 5 questions'

We discuss all sorts of crazy and serious matter on this blog, but there hasn't been a deliberate focus on what you people are thinking about and working on individually for a while. Some of you are artists, some of you aren't. It doesn't matter. I want to know what you're into and up to creatively right now. So here are some prying questions for you, meaning you who've posted here and you who've only read so far but might be tempted to join in under the right circumstances. 1. What is your main project at the current time? When I say project, I mean anything in-progress that's important to you. It can be an artistic endeavour -- writing, visual art, music, film, theater, journalistic, a thesis, etc. It can be something you're investigating -- an idea, philosophy, TV series, scientific info, a book or writer, a band, an esoteric practice, something practical, etc. It can be a love affair or a sexual obsession. It can be redecorating your bedroom. It can be anything preoccupying you and activating your imagination that you see as central and (potentially) productive in some key way. It could be something as seemingly prosaic as a diet or going to the gym or whatever just so long as it's a creative endeavour to which you're giving a significant degree of thought. If you're into more than one thing right now, name more than one. 2. Where do you think you are in this project -- at the beginning, the middle, or the end? What makes you believe you're at that point? 3. At this moment, do you consider the project a success, a failure, or something inbetween? Why? 4. Do you think this project is fairly characteristic of your established interests, behavior, and patterns in the past? Or does the project surprise you and seem to be something new or more new than not? 5. What would be the ideal result or conclusion of this project to your mind? What would be the most disastrous? Realistically, what do you think will come of and from this project in the long run?


p.s. I spaced until last night on the fact that I have to catch an early train to a small French town today where I'm doing a reading and book signing and some other stuff. That's why this post is appearing so bizarrely early by my standards, and why I can't interract with you today. I'll be away sans internet until tomorrow afternoon, so there won't be a new post on Wednesday, for which I apologize. But I'll be back again full time the day after. Coincidentally, this is probably a good post to leave up for a couple days as, hopefully, it'll give you guys plenty of time to report on your projects and/or progress. Do share. Okay, I'm going to miss my train if I don't zoom, so take care, and I'll see you on Thursday.


Blogger BrooklynSerpico said...

Pollard at Bowery Ballroom. Full review coming before sunset in Paris. I got a BIG swig off of Bob's tequila bottle!


P.S. LotB is getting published! Big congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:17 PM

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Blogger winter rates said...

Wow, i was surprised to see a new post and it is quite a welcome diversion as I am taking a breather from my present project at hand...Since I wasn't around on the blog for the original post I'll start from the beginning...

1) Currently I am involved in three artistic projects. in order of importance they are:
a. a novel of historical western/fantastical fiction involving an imaginary tribe of indians/white men in the pacific northwest, sasquatch, shanghais, finnish immigrant fishermen and immortality
b. a novel for national novel writing month
c. an album with The People's Tongue of 56 one-minute songs called "Sonny Bono's Favorites"

a. I believe I am in the middle. I have the majority of the story written but a huge amount of editting needs to take place.
b. I'm at 30,000 words and the goal is 50,000 in a month. I have 15 more days so I'm doing fine
c. I believe we're somewhere around 42 songs out of 56.

a. somewhere in between. i have a vision of a final project and i know it's attainable if i have patience, focus, and discipline. i applied for a writing grant based on the first 25 pages, it's an oregon literary arts thing. i find out in january. it will not deter me if i don't get it but it will definitely encourage me if i do.
b. somewhere in between. this is my third year doing the novel in a month thing so i know i can do that. i have no publication goals with this puppy but i wish the writing was better than it was, even given the kamikaze style.
c. success. me and partner have been kicking ass with this. sometimes i think i'm out of ideas but when i listen to what we've done so far it sounds like nothing i've heard by anyone before.

a. this one surprises me because i've been going for a literary fiction type thing, and if this one turns out as i hope it will be more like a psychedelic western
b. yeah this is what i expect which is why it's kind of disappointing
c. a little bit of both, this is our third album. we're getting better and better with each one but i want to reach a new plateau

a. ideal result would be publication.
disaterous would be denial from every agent i pitch it to. realistic would be self-publication and maybe 25 people reading it.
b. ideal would be finishing it and wishing to persue it further. disaterous would be not meeting the 50,000 words, for the first time, by November 30th.
realistic would be i finish it then never touch it again.
c. ideal would be putting it out on some insane japanese record label. disaterous would be having a falling out with my musical partner and never completing it.
realistic would be finishing it, self-releasing it and annoyoing 90% of the people who are exposed to it and the other 10% elated by the insane psychedelia of it all.

thanks for the opportunity to put my shit in focus. have a great trip dennis.


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Blogger ignacio said...

i wonder if dennis wants us to respond with progress reports via email to contact address so he can gather them all together?

12:55 AM  
Blogger David C said...

_WINTERRATES I have relatively minor eczema. I cut out dairy and also citrus juice for 3 months once and that certainly helped even after I went back gradually to both. So you don't necessarily need to live without cheese forever. Less helpfully, when I was in Vietnam I got rid of it entirely although it came back of course later. Basically avoid living anywhere damp if possible (ha!)

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Blogger math t said...

Dennis, i hope your reading, travel, etc, are fun and comfortable!

i really was doing jackshit and a half back in June, nice to have something to report this time-

1. i'm doing 100 drawings in November and posting them on my blog, pleasureiseasy.info, which, incidentally, i completely debugged for Internet Explorer last night, so now the whole website should be ok for all browsers, i _think_.

2. i'm in the middle, somewhere between about 42%-47% done, as i have 42 drawings from November finished+posted and about another 5 started.

3. a success

4. more 'new' than 'not', it's the first time i've done a visual art project in my adult life.

5. the _ideal_ result is that i become a great artist, duh. most disastrous... shit, i dunno, complacency? realistically in the long run, if i keep making visual art, these early designs will inevitably be reconfigured and recontextualized in pretty much everything i do. hopefully they hold the seeds for stuff like t-shirts, canvases, murals, in the future. i also hope that one day some of these early drawings will hang on the walls of people i haven't yet met. which certainly isn't to say those people would have to _buy_ the drawings themselves. i'm not against that but it's also not what i'm talking about.

love, math+

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Blogger math t said...

__ignacio, yeah i wondered too- i took 'Read it and respond here, if you don't mind' to mean 'here' as in the blog...

xo, math+

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Blogger NiceHex said...

I'm pretty much a lurker here but read most every day and I've said hi in the past being, as I am, a big fan of DC and wonderfully amazed and enlightened by the community that's grown up here.

I'm currently making a short film called 'My Horizon' and this is the first time I've spoken about it in any sort of a public place. I have a huge meeting today regarding it's progress and take it as auspicious that we've been invited to share our endeavors here today. It's about a boy who loses his brother, his journey through his grief and the night to come to terms with the effect upon his family and his life. I shot on a miniscule budget in a ridiculously short amount of time in London and Malibu CA. The film stars Brawley Nolte last seen as a child in 'Ransom', Nick Nolte, Sean B. Brosnan (Pierce's boy), Margot Stilley (9 Songs) and Kevin Eldon (UK comic actor who, incidentally, often works with Chris Morris).

I shot on Super 16mm and though I say so myself the film looks stunning due to sterling work by our super talented DP Jeff Guziak. It's epic in scope and ambition and unlike any other short film you're likely to see around.

I'm still in the middle of this film, it's in the can and I have a rough cut but I'm still trying to raise the money to complete it and go to print. Raising cash for a project like this is hard and I've danced around with several people who wanted to help but ultimately were unable to. Filmmaking is no different from any other creative pursuit in that it's about tenacity and endurance, put the hours in and one will succeed. Slowly though, things come together and I just got permission to use an amazing piece of music by the mighty Montreal collective 'Set Fire To Flames' and today I meet with a post house who are interested maybe in grading and conforming the film for me. So it's a success to get to this point but I'm hard on myself and will remain unsatisfied until I see the film on a screen with an audience. Having been involved with the movies for a while I know what an achievement it is to get something up on screen and I've already spent, quite literally, blood, sweat and tears to get this far.

My Horizon will be my first film as writer/ director and the fulfillment of a long term ambition. Perhaps more importantly it will be the first piece of art I have produced which is quite uncompromisingly my own. In the past I have collaborated and been in the background where I learned a lot but this time I'm in charge so it's a big step and it has a momentum that will see it complete. For a number of reasons it took me a while to figure out that to create took so much work, I figured people could just do it and consequently opted out of life with liquor and drugs. I'm clean for a while now and breaking those self destructive patterns of old.

Because I have these amazing actors and the film is quite unusual for a short I'll take it to festivals and it's likely to get on TV around the world too on channels like Sundance/ IFC/ Channel 4/ Canal + etc. The worst thing that could happen is that I get damned by faint praise, the best thing is just to finish it and get on with the next one. All I really want to do is to be able to get up in the morning and make movies something which I'll only achieve by doing just this.

I hope to have more progress to report shortly, wish me luck with my meetings this week and I will, if you'd like, send you some stills or something. There will eventually be a website etc once I get to a point where I'm ready to screen and everyone of the amazing readers and writers of the blog is invited.

I finished the script for this film after seeing Mike Watt play the ICA in London. At the end of his set he exhorted the audience to start a band, paint a picture, write a book..the idea had been kicking around for a while but I was so inspired by this sweating old tender punk rocker that I went home and finished up. Sort of how I see this blog - an inspiration to all of us which is why I'm honoured to join in.

5:07 AM  
Blogger antonio said...

ooh! YESS DENNIS hahaha i love it.
let's see
ooh! bserpico got pollard spit!!! lucky!

i'm busy being poetic up in DIS HAUS!

instead of describing a project, im just going to describe how i'm dressed today, and that should sufficiently give everyone an idea of how i am leading my life

first i have on reeboks, they've been painted yellow and i have drawn portraits of bart simpson all over them with sharpie markers
next i have on white tights, because i have hot legs
then i have on a floral sheet i found in a garbage can, it has massive pastel pink and yellow roses all over it it's all faded to a dim white pastel smudge, i've sewn it into a sort of sacky shirt and it is held closed by ribbons, a pink satin one, a white silk one, and a green gauze one. then i have on a tiny pin of a psychedelic eye, my friend made it for me. then i have a white satin cockage pinned to my shoulder, ontop of that i have a long gold/silver chain that reaches just below my waist, it holds a golden locket with a moonstone face, inside is a portrait of edie and andy, then i have a pink silk ribbon hanging around my neck of roughly the same length as my silver and gold chain, it holds a massive fake diamond i stole from my highschool theater dept. i am wearing a light beard and my hair natural. no underwear. in manbag, an avacado green bowling bag from the 70s with a red and yellow stripe in the center, holds my sketchbook and my book of poetry, a mirror with chinese birds on the back, and my school i.d. and my other i.d.s and pens.

ok that's it. that should perfectly describe what my current states of aristic endeavors are.

love everyone i gots to run

5:30 AM  
Blogger Tony O'Neill said...

I wasnt around for the first one, so here are my answers:

1. What is your main project at the current time?

I have 2 big projects, both writing related. Apart from your typical publicity stuff for Digging the Vein my projects are: co-writing a heroin addicted NFL players memoirs (paid work), and finishing off my next novel (realistically, very unpaid ha ha). The one that is obsessing me at the moment is the memoir, because my family and I are broke and we really need the money and I really need the exposure that having a book like this on the market would bring. As of today I do not know if the book will happen. It is with a lot of publishers, and a lot are rejecting it because they don’t get it. My whole concept was to embrace this guy’s Caligula-like excess and write it in a really brutal, unrepentant way. That scares a lot of the bigger publishers right away. The book has had one offer which I really want the footballer to take, because I’d get paid and the book would come out on a major publisher, but he’s getting cold feet because he doesn’t think the advance is enough. So by tomorrow this project could be dead because he might bail and I am back to figuring out how not to go broke before Xmas. I have never talked in a public way about this because I’m afraid to jinx it, but I feel like I’m going crazy about this project to actually it feels good to type this.

2. Where do you think you are in this project -- at the beginning, the middle, or the end? What makes you believe you're at that point?

Ha, well I’m either at the very beginning or approaching the end rather sooner than I’d prefer. Which is quite an odd feeling. As far as my own novel, I am I’d say ¾ in. I resist checking the word count until I’m feeling like I cant go on, and I was pleased to be at the 40,000 word mark. I feel like no more than 55,000 is a good point for a first draft, so that gave me a boost.

3. At this moment, do you consider the project a success, a failure, or something in-between? Why?

The football book is easy. If it gets written, it will be a success. I love the stuff I have written already and think it could be a great book. As for my own book, that’s harder. I like it, and its more experimental and riskier than the last. But I find it hard to judge my own stuff until I have lived with the final version for a while. But the fact that I am writing from the position of my last book being published makes me feel like a little bit of a success I suppose.

4. Do you think this project is fairly characteristic of your established interests, behavior, and patterns in the past? Or does the project surprise you and seem to be something new or more new than not?

The NFL book is completely from the left field. I am not a sports guy, but I think that’s why the subject and his agent liked me. I feel like it will be completely insane for me to have my name on a book like this, considering my background, but I like the perversity of it.

5. What would be the ideal result or conclusion of this project to your mind? What would be the most disastrous? Realistically, what do you think will come of and from this project in the long run?

Ideal – a bigger offer comes in, we sign a contract, I get paid and we write the rest of the book. Disastrous, the player bails and I have distracted myself from my own writing for 4 months for no pay-off. As for my own book, if it could reach a wider audience than the first I’d be happy, but just to come out on a good publisher who do a nice job of printing and distributing it would put a big smile on my face. Wow. I feel better. Dennis, you ever thought of becoming a therapist?????

6:20 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

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Blogger math t said...

__btw i'm sorry if 'complacency' as my 'disaster' makes me look asshole-ish, but i seriously have nothing to lose by just drawing shit and posting it to the internet. there's nothing for anybody to 'reject' or anything, as with a publisher or pitch scenario or whatever. i mean, like, i could get hateful emails or something, but complacency is a lot worse than that, right? i just tried to think of something [anything] bad that could possibly come of my current project. it's a very very safe project.

xoxo, math+

7:05 AM  
Blogger Tosh said...

I am still working on three TamTam Books' projects:

1) Boris Vian's (Vernon Sullivan) The Dead All Have The Same Skin

2) Boris Vian's (Vernon Sullivan) To Hell With the Ugly

3) Gilles Verlant's mega biography on Serge Gainsbourg

The update on those projects: Text for the Vian books have been translated, needs a tad more editing and focusing on the graphics for the two books. Gainsbourg biography is being translated and it's around 600 pages. The ultimate book on Serge!

Working on my childhood memoirs. Finished a pre-draft - and right now rewriting as well as editing stuff out and in. My goal is to make this into a small detailed book around 100 to 150 pages.

Also to give my wife a plug, because I think she's a genius: Lun*na Menoh is going to have a retrospective of her art work and design at Track 16 Gallery this coming December. It will also have a catalogue as well as a live fashion show and performance by her band Jean Paul Yamamoto at the opening.

So yeah things are GOOD busy!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Maximum Etc said...

I don't remember what I wrote, exactly, the first time, but my big project has been The Apocalypse Reader, the short fiction anthology I'm editing-- excuse me, that I editED. The absolute final version was turned in on Friday and now I get to not think about it until the galleys show up. It's such an amazing feeling, (a) to have actually done something this big and (b) to get to be done with it.

The rest of this year is going to be about finishing this symposium I'm curating on Donald Barthelme, though it's getting close to being done also and I'm really excited about it.

My goal now is to get to the point where I'm able to refocus on my own work. The anthologies have been really fun to put together, and I can't wait for them to come out, but I want to get back to writing stories and poems; maybe try a novel. Someone else on here mentioned Nat'l Novel Writing Month-- that's awesome. I really wanted to do that this year but there just wasn't time. ... I am thinking of throwing my own private one in December.

Oh, I think back in June or whatever I said something about poems inspired by Bill Henson pictures. That idea didn't go much further than wherever it was at the time, but I guess I got like 3 poems out of it.

Oh yeah, and I want to buy a new chair. That's a major short-term goal. Mine broke, and the one I'm currently sitting on is borrowed from the coffee shop on the corner, but I told them they could have it back 2 days ago so now I have to keep ducking them when I walk past and I can't go in for coffee until I give them their chair back.

7:40 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Wow that sounds fabulous, Tosh!

I met Barthelme once back in the 70's. neat guy. Snow White is my favorite.

My project is of course my memoir, Raised By hand Puppets, whihc is both a piece of writign and an exploration of my DNA. These days I live more in my past than my present -- which may sound pathetic but most certainly is not f you've eevr seen Resnais' je t'aime Je t'aime

7:47 AM  
Blogger ignacio said...

1. My project is a novel THE GLORIOUS PALACE OF OUR ANCESTORS, by I. Fontana. Which might be described as a slacker crime novel. Very non-genre. The 31 year old hero works at a detective agency as another downward step on his descent through life, having once been a math major at Columbia (before dropping out). His job now lies somewhere between security guard and Friendly Finance rep. He is NOT a crimefighter… yet he becomes gradually seduced into something unplanned when a 23 year old goth girl from a rich family goes missing and the head of Atlas Research decides Zane (our hero) is the best operative to look into this milieu. It begins to seem like the girl may have signed an S&M slave contract, and then Zane comes upon the dead body of someone tortured to death in a crash pad. The next day he is taken off the case. Assigned to help firm up the alibi of some gypsies.

2. I am 98 to 99% done. I know this because the entire plot came to me in a dream like a very intense film which even gave me the last line.

3. It feels like something inbetween. I don’t trust myself to think it’s too good or too unique. It’s a success in that it’s a definite “thing,” it has a mood, but it may be too amoral for many out there. In its way it’s quite autobiographical which makes me uneasy.

4. This novel hopefully is an extension and intensification of what I have learned how to do, but there are elements – particularly in the treatment of sexuality – which are new, and sometimes actually have been truly painful to explore. I would go so far as to say that I may have discovered “the” truth about myself (or some truths) too late. Dennis, I actually intentionally used you as a model in some ways, along with Ian Curtis – in trying to purge the “show-biz” from my writing, and go deeper, much deeper, into the interior blackness which abides. (Though “abides” here is such a melodramatic Edgar Allan Poe type word I sound untrustworthy at once.)

5. The ideal result is of course that it’s published by a big house and that my editor doesn’t die so the book isn’t an orphan this time. The most disastrous outcome would be that my agent finds it repulsive but takes a long time to let me know and etcetera. Realistically… well, unfortunately I’ve never been capable of realistic assessments. I never know.

8:05 AM  
Blogger bett said...

I was wondering when this ominous question was coming around again.

1. I'm still working on my novel. It's supposed to deal with African Crossroads/American Blues stuff and evoke the flat modern suburban landscapes I'm so enamoured with. I've been working on it for a year and thought I had a draft this Summer but it was shit. See, you can't write IN the crossroads, so I got my ass out of the danger zone, stopped drinking, killed my idols and have just started sitting down in front of the computer in a more sensible state of mind.

2. Where do you think you are in this project?

I'm at the beginning but with two years of writing under my belt to support this beginning. Currently I'm sending excerpts to Black Clock and Tin House to get a fire under my ass.

3. At this moment, do you consider the project a success, a failure, or something inbetween?

I am in the dirt, bleeding, on my knees crying out to an unknown god...wasn't it in the book "Please Kill Me" where somebody said, "Punk rock is about failure?" Well, most of my work ends up about that so... Apparently I am incapable of giving up on this thing. Ultimately I really believe in it.

4. Do you think this project is fairly characteristic of your established interests, behavior, and patterns in the past? Or does the project surprise you and seem to be something new or more new than not?

I've never tackled my obsessions so head-on before. In the past I have never written well about my direct obsessions and have instead disguised them in some way. I sense this new phase will require a whole new approach, a viewing of my obsessions with complete detatchment but still exploring them with total openess, as if they were not mine at all.

5. What would be the ideal result or conclusion of this project to your mind? What would be the most disastrous? Realistically, what do you think will come of and from this project in the long run?

This is the book I NEED to write if I am to continue being a writer. My goal is a book that's over 250 pages long and is the best writing I can possibly do. My writing either completely sucks ass or is pretty great so there is no gray area here. The success/failure quotient is unsubtle.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Tony O'Neill said...

Wow, Tosh I was a big fan of "I Spit on Your grave" When are these transaltions due to hit the market??? I cant wait to get my grubby hands on copies....

8:27 AM  
Blogger Alice in Chains said...

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Blogger Alice in Chains said...

1. I think I’d consider my main project currently to be the novel that I’m working on, (with occasional detours into poetry and drawing). The story is difficult to summarise but it’s got to do with living in fantasies, rewriting your own existence, the search for affection, the language of violence, control, displacement and other stuff

2. I still regard myself to be at the beginning of the project, I’m past the scribbling of lots of notes and am somewhere within the making of a first draft, 40000 words or something.

3. I think it’s very hard to tell the level of success at this early stage, all I know is that I don’t want to give up on it yet, like I usually do, also I’m re-reading and I don’t hate what I’ve written so that can only be good.

4. The subject matter certainly lies within my area of interest, but then I couldn’t write about something I wasn’t engaged with on some level. When I come to write the second draft I’m planning on challenging my own notions of how I usually write and generally play around. I’ve recently been exploring the idea of Metafiction so that might be interesting for me to experiment with.

5. The ideal result is getting published, and also of course I’d like to think that my writing would be taken seriously/ respected by people who I respect.
In reality I’m not expecting too much to come of it, I’m aware of the difficulties in getting published. However even if it never gets published all writing is practice of sorts, the more writing I do the better I’ll get, I hope.
I think a worst case scenario would either be that I never finish it, which is not a huge deal, or if I found out what I’ve written is really mediocre.

8:35 AM  
Blogger maria mcgregor said...

Hi, i wasn't 'round for the first go at this, but here are my current projects and things:

I'm working on two zines, "Flesh World" and "Please Master", the first one on my own, and the second with a friend. The second's been a work in progress for a ridiculous amount of time, something like 9 months, for no good reasons at all and i'm rather stressed at having it hanging over my head. I'm having some troubles with the person i'm making it with which is frustrating too. The second i'm doing on my own and is much easier, i've resolved to try and finish them both by the end of the month. I'm thinking way too much though, which is holding me back from doing anything really good so far, and i hate that.

Ideally, a lot of people will be interested in the zines when they're done and i'll get to send them around to a lot of people, i'm not charging anything for them. Disastrous would be if i never get them done and they're constantly hanging over my head. That and finishing them and thinking they're complete shit.

I'm doing a foundation course in art this year, and last year i finished what you'd call high school i think and didn't exactly pass, haha. I have to retake my maths exams and write and Extended Essay in Norwegian, i was really depressed at the time and the course and environment was absolutely horrible so i didn't care about anything, particularly school. If i don't get them done and pass i can't apply to art schools in England next year and will have to stay in Norway another year which i really don't want.

I love hearing everyone's projects, it's really inspiring!

9:22 AM  
Blogger james said...

project update: well, i managed to set up a new club night in manchester called 'dotdash', which has been really great cause when i posted originally i was worried that it would never get started after my friend who i did a night with before went back to london...

the second 'dot dash' is happening on thursday evening, and me and my friend who i'm doing it with are hoping that if it goes well enough we'll be able to move it to a weekend slot in the new year and put it on saturday evenings.

so at the moment i'm really nervous and excited, and hoping that the project is going to take off in a big way...

nice hex: your project sounds awesome!


9:50 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

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10:18 AM  
Blogger Link RayGun said...

This'll bore ya', but you asked!

A thirteen year old boy, Benjamin, is sexually involved with his father, since long before his parents divorced. Benjamin lives with his mom, who completely detests and ignores him. Ben has grown to think of this relationship with dad as a form of attention, of love. Benjamin is friends with a kid at school who very obviously is in love with him. Benjamin is very self-hating and confused concerning the matter, ignoring it all the way.

Benjamin's father invites Benjamin's friend for a 'sleep-over' one evening. Benjamin allows it, deeply self-hateful and wanting to punish this boy, who sorta represents to him all of his perversions. The evening disturbs him too greatly however and in the heat of the moment, he stomps his friend's windpipe, murdering him while his father fills him full of sperm.

The ensuing majority of the movie concerns father & son concieving to remove themselves from the ensuing investigation. They form a crude partnership which becomes even more sexually depraved and complex, Ben becoming rather devious in his understanding of the power his sexuality holds over dad. By the twisty turny conclusion, we rather find our sympathy uncomfortably located in all manners of deformed emotional locations. Morality, schmorality. I like the concept of Ben becoming a manipulative monster with his father weakly tossed about rag-doll style. I think I'll be able to do it without having it feel too much like a Lolita-ripoff. If it's possible. Do ya' think?

10:49 AM  
Blogger Link RayGun said...

(oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this would be a movie, a very unrated movie. I'm like, a filmmaker, and stuff)

10:53 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

- holy moly winter rates - you're a dynamo! *bows to you*
- and math, your drawings are definitely a huge success, no doubt about it.
- and nicehex it's so lovely to meet you! *shakes your hand* your film sounds truly fantastic - will you keep us posted on its progress?
- antonio you always, without fail, make me laugh so much it hurts
- tony o'neill, i'm so intrigued ... do tell us more!
- alice in chains, well the thing you're worried about - it being mediocre - is simply not an issue because it is a phenomenal piece of writing. and given that i've nearly read all that you've sent me i can say that with huge confidence!
- marie mcgregor, good luck with the zines and also the art school applications (email me if you need any advice about getting into British unis as i'm a lecturer here? my email address is atheism1@hotmail.co.uk)
- james, wish i lived in manchester, all the cool stuff happens there! good luck!
- brooklynserpico, big congrats for sure!! hey, i was wondering how you've been getting on, how are your projects going and stuff? (your blog's ace BTW)
- maximum etc huge congrats to you too!!
- link raygun - AWESOME!! DO IT!!!

11:38 AM  
Blogger winter rates said...

thx david c. maybe i'll give it a shot. it's actually clearing up recently and i believe it may be a stress thing. i spend so much energy stressing about not writing so when i do finally make some headway my whole immune system thanks me...
avoid living anywhere damp! hahaha... i'm in freakin' portland...

11:56 AM  
Blogger SYpHA_69 said...

Wow, I'm pleased to say that the project I wrote about the last time we did this (my book) has been completed. Ditto for the album I've been working on. I really have NO projects to work on at the moment. On one hand, that's kind of nice, but on the other hand, I don't know what to do with my time. These days, mostly playing video/computer games.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Doug_Wasted said...

1. I'm writing a novel that is as difficult as a novel can be, I think. It's a scorched-earth, never-write-another-book, I-don't-care gutting-up of how completely cut off from the world I quite often feel. My hope is that it will be a book so caustic that it, once dropped to the ground, it will burn its way to China. Lot of writers who are down take the introspective, autobiographical route, but I'm taking my anger out on my characters, pretty much killin g them all off in grand guignol madness, written in a style that attempts to fuse Albert Camus and Scandinavian folk tales. So ... yeah.

2. Middle. I'm assembling a rough first draft to sort of pass around to see how it plays for someone who's not me. It will need lots and lots and lots of editing and obsessively thinking about. I have a nightmarish vision of myself tinkering with it until the day I die.

3. Success! I mean, it's not done by a long shot, but I'm on the right track, I think. I have my ups and downs with it, but I can see it being completed and turning out great, since I trust myself much more to take my sweet time and not rush it or fuck it up.

4. It's the first project that's been born completely out of shit that's happened to me in the last five years. Earlier stuff has been personal, of course, but it's been also been driven by wanting to tell a story, wanting to make people laugh, worthless shit like that. This is totally from my own passions. It's all about my "interests", and compromises for no one.

5. The best possible result is of course that it works, that people understand it and get something from it, and see its worth, despite it kinda being anti-progress, anti-psychology, anti-society, certainly anti-God. I hate stories where things turn out ok. I even hate stories where things turn out semi-ok after being mostly about incredible suffering. Incredibly fucked up people, an abyss I've dangled my feet over in the past, deserve the respect of having someone understand that some messes you can only die your way out of. I always write whatever I'd like to read myself, and I'd always thought it'd be enormously liberating with a book that doesn't have a happy beginning, middle and end. I'm discovering writing about what I really feel, not all that crap I'm supposed to feel. All this must sound old to some of you, but Norway has really no tradition for transgressive literature. We're all too fucking nice. So the best possible, and still realistic, outcome is to do something about that. The worst possible outcome is the abscence of everything I've written.

2:52 PM  
Blogger David Saä Viccenzo said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:58 PM  
Blogger David Saä Viccenzo said...


My principal is (a) and (d) so I promise to finish all these sections (Part 2)...so in my personal life, I see me like a little boy (I begin to hate this efebo-Tadzio face!), and I want to make muscles, I am eating too a herbal skin purity system of drugs composed by Vitamine C (Ascorbic Acid) 1.000 mg, Acerola extrac 100mg,plantaarige oile (vegetable of Olive oil) 200mg, antiklontemmiddel (anti-caking agent) 23 mg, white tea 12 mg... and drinking only milk of soja and mineral water...for the time being I don´t have a boyfriend, but This year 2006 it has been the year of Love (mine), the year I have uncovered that it´s not necessary to be happy like a purpose speaking the lenguage of Hate and Pain, the finishing line, my real aim is the L O V E. I know we all can be more than happy.

(a) I am in the end stage in my essay for publication(2007) about
"Michael Jackson and other Lies of Postmodernisme: Identity and Spiritualisme vol.I."

(I´m giving the last the final touches to this Titanic project to January).

(b) I´m in the beginning of my NEW project of Piece of Teather´s University (Based upon "A Taste of Honey" of by British dramatist Shelagh Delaney), because I only have 7
professional actors but I´m writing the drama, my drama: "Un Mirlo Blanco" ("A blackbird in puruty" for performancing in April of 2007).

(c) I am in the Middle of Piece for Teather: "Carne de Charol" ("Meat of Patent Leather") Based upon Dennis Cooper and Yury world, so in this moments I feel it to corner.

(d) I am in the last stage, the end of "HAIKU", my first professional short-film. It´s recording now!!!

Am putting on the line. Because I have more feelings of the Intuition than all my life.

About (a) is the first time in my life that I see a very important organic matter as a result. It is an adult project. I admit. About (b,c & d) I need to centered my own pulse,I don´t allowed to feel collapse.

All things goes its own ways...I suspect life starts to keeping the faith on me.
D, it´s ok, I was summoned to filming to 31 persons... O Killed.
C, in this moments I feel panic of my lonlyness, why?.So I hope to publish in Murcia (April 2007)[Cross fingers?]
B, it´s the time to work over it!
A, I´m working hard to provide with wings and strength for last five months, this tesis has to be publish "realistically", it´s is pulse, it claiming!!!

David Saä V.Estornell

-White Oleander-

P.D: My gratitude to you all, my family.

4:03 PM  
Blogger David Saä Viccenzo said...

Congratulations to You all!!!

4:04 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Re Michael Jackson this should be of interest to you

4:30 PM  
Blogger Dynomoose said...

This probably doesn't count but I'm planning Persephone's first birthday party. More people are coming than my apartment has space, so it should be interesting.
I'm also about 3/4 done with a Voodoo doll I've been making. No, not one of those racist stereotype Voodoo dolls.

4:36 PM  
Blogger tigersare said...

i've felt too snowed under by life to post or even read much around here lately, but that doesn't mean i've made any progress on my Artistic Project.

casey who has been recording my album (some title ideas - 'adult contemporary faggot' or 'pink triangle') was away for about 2 months in the states, he's now back and i'm going to his place this weekend to start working on it again.

i think we're about 3/4 of the way there. there are about 20 or more people playing on it, including mick turner from the dirty 3, jens lekman, and people from australian bands like clare moore, ground components, crayon fields, art of fighting, architecture in helsinki etc. in fact i'm starting to worryt that it's not solo enough!

there's a chance the avalanches might be including a song from it on their upcoming Late Night Tales mix cd, but i'm not counting my chickens just yet!

i'm hoping it'll be done by the end of the year, but it might take longer. i started it mid last year...

love to all.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Dennis, you should totally do a signing in Houston. That would be amazing, I would like fuckin make a speical trip to where ever you were at just to get you to sign some of my shit, or something. LOL. Ah, fuck it really seems everyone is up for MY DAY. Okay, so um... I guess we can do it sooner then my birthday. I'll start tryin to get some pics and everything together. Like what kind of info do you/everyone want to know?


5:09 PM  
Blogger vomitingghosts said...

In June I was in the middle of writing a long series of poems addressed as letters to ghosts and I’ve finished those. But since August I’ve been teaching, and anyone who’s ever taught knows how difficult it is to put the kind of time and fire you want into your writing while you’re working. I mean, I write and read all day and when I get home I just want to watch TV. But I’ve been trying to figure out a place to write in the midst of everything I’m doing. (Reading is out of the question really. I’m lucky if I can read five pages before I fall asleep). So every winter (for the last four years now) I’ve been writing a short haiku-like poem every day for a month, and I’ve started that again this week. So that’s my current project. It’s to sort of lull myself into a wintry calm or something but also to focus on the smallest details. And it’s a challenge to find something surprising every day. Otherwise my attention is focused on continuing to become a good teacher. The teachers at my school are just so wonderful and generous, and they’re geniuses, too, in the magic genie kind of way. It’s impossible to live up to. Teaching is an art, I swear. And as much as I’d like to believe otherwise, I don’t think it’s where my true talent lies whatever that means. I’m just in a constant struggle with my life as everyone is, I guess.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Not_Paladin said...

WAY into exploring roots Marxism instead of just reading later stuff that interprets for me the early stuff. WAY into Norman Faiclough's "Language and Power."

There's a novel in here kicking around, but its being very quiet and secretive.

Very dark mid 90's industrial influenced music right now (I'm actually working to get a kid who is living the life of halfway through "The Sluts" out before it becomes the last quarter of that novel the past few months) so I want my music pretty dark): Bowie's "Outside" and Reznor's "Downward Spiral" spinning a lot in the MP3 player.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Bacteriaburger said...

I write porno stories. I've never commented on this blog before, but I enjoy it very much.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Bacteriaburger said...

The more I think about it, the more I want to ditch the self-conscious reticence of my last post and just go for broke. So here goes (and thanks for the opportunity, Dennis!):

1) My main interest is the allure and treachery of fantasy, dreams, and idealism. I'm primarily exploring this as it relates to sex. I write sexual fantasies (porno stories), and I'm reading a lot of erotic literature and consuming a lot of porn.

2) I think I'm at the beginning. Everything ties together for me, it's all one big idea (it's nostalgia and lost innocence and everything ending - all themes I want to explore more fully in my writing).

3) I'm pretty good at erotic fiction, and I'm getting better. I have a few more magazines I want to publish in, and someday I want to publish an anthology, maybe write an erotic novel. But sometimes I'm very tired of writing porn. I write other things but I don't feel like I'm "there" yet. It's all about expressing this undefinable feeling I've had since I was a kid.

4) Maybe I'm being too broad here and discussing my entire artistic life instead of the stories I'm working on right now... I want to write some erotic stories expressly based on my true-life experiences, and see where that gets me. Most of my erotic stories up until now have been very fantasy-based. I want to see if I can inject some fantasy into the reality, and make it hot for the reader.

5) I just want to get really good at what I do. The most disastrous thing I could imagine would be that I stop writing and regret it in my old age, but I don't see that happening. I don't know if erotic story writing will be a life-long thing for me, or if it will be a step toward greater, more self-fulfilling achievements. I think I will always write erotic stories, though; it's just too much fun.

7:06 PM  
Blogger jack said...

I tried in very hard to respond to your initial querry in June. I racked my brain. But now I think I'm finally prepared to answer.

1. What is your main project at the current time?


PHDQ is a game on my MOTROLOA RAZR phone I downloaded from CINGULAR MALL for $5.95. In the game, you help the world-famous heiress-turned celebrity PARIS HILTON collect different colored jewels by switching pieces to make matches of at least three of the same color.

As you clear out each level, PARIS HILTON HERSELF imparts words of wisdom like, "YOU'RE TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS, BABE." and "BRAINS AND GOOD LOOKS. THAT'S HOT!"

2. Where do you think you are in this project -- at the beginning, the middle, or the end?

I guess I'm at the end. The timer says I've played for over 39 hours, which seems kind of hard to believe. I've unlocked all levels and collected all the bonus trophies.

Together PARIS HILTON and I have traveled the world collecting jewels for her jewelry business and she seems really quite happy with how well I continue to do.

3. At this moment, do you consider the project a success, a failure, or something inbetween? Why?

Success, see answer #2.

4. Do you think this project is fairly characteristic of your established interests, behavior, and patterns in the past?

Interests, not so much. I can't say I care much about jewels or PARIS HILTON per se, but as for behavior? Shockingly and quite depressingly it is very much characteristic of my behavior patterns.

5. What would be the ideal result or conclusion of this project to your mind? What would be the most disastrous? Realistically, what do you think will come of and from this project in the long run?

I was hoping the programmers built some sort of secret magic thing into the game that unlocked after you played for a long time. Like the real Paris Hilton would call you up and say, "Thank you for playing my game for so long," or they gave you several thousand dollars, but it appears that's not going to happen. However, I remain hopeful.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Misanthrope said...

1. My main project is a novel that I began eight years ago and haven't touched in almost six years.

2. I've got 365 pages of a first draft and am not even halfway done. I know this because I know everything that's going to happen and when - the story's there, I just have to write it using a keyboard and computer.

3. This novel is a total failure.

4. The novel is characteristic of me and my behavior. I have completed one novel that was even worse than this one, one collection of short stories that was somewhere in-between and hundreds of poems I think aren't half-bad but that I can't access because I can't figure out how to convert them from an old Smith Corona PWP format to Word.

5. The ideal result is that it gets published and somebody likes it. The worst result is one of these: 1. somebody finds what's been done so far, tells everyone, and I'm made fun of for the rest of my existence; or 2. I die, someone finds it, reworks it just a bit, publishes it, and it becomes a literary masterpiece by someone else.


Don't rush your day. Do it when you want. I mean, it's YOUR day, for crying out loud - do it right. I think you should do it like a TeenBeat spread or something. You know, basic stats (height, weight, eye color, etc.), favorites (food, movies, books, etc.), your hopes, your dreams, and pictures of you. And we need to get a glimpse of Dare. Because if he's not good enough for you, then we're all marching down to Houston . . .

7:44 PM  
Blogger Misanthrope said...

And Dynomoose, of course it counts. It sounds like a lot more fun than most of us are having.

7:45 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

JACK. i take your answer to dennis' question as a proposal of marriage to ME. it's genius beyond genius. and basically i just dont even know what else.

i do.

btw i can only just imagine the divine fuzz of paris saying "YOURE TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS, BABE" hahaahhahahahahaahhaah yesssssss... plaazz-tek

7:56 PM  
Blogger E. D. said...

oooh Dennis, this is fun! I missed this last time.

Here goes:

1. (a)Main project: turning my short screenplay into a feature. It's called PALMS and is about a girl who has a miscarriage on the Cyclone at Coney Island. I almost made it as a short film last year, but things went horribly awry and I haven't had the time or money to do anything with it yet, but it's so important to me that I wanted to make it a feature. I wrote it when I started becoming obsessed with pregnancy and miscarriages, and that kind of merged with my love of Coney Island to form the crux of the story.

(b) other project: my short stories. Over a year ago I started my blog as a way to collect my short stories, or whatever I happen to end up writing. But I noticed that the bulk of what I ended up writing were short stories about my sexual experiences, real and imagined. I kind of like the way they mesh, and someday I'd like to work them into something bigger - ideally a collection of short stories.

2. (a)I'd say I'm in the middle of PALMS. I have a lot to go, but my vision is in place, and I think that's the most important part.

(b) My short stories: they're just in their infancy, really. I have a long way to go before they end up anywhere. Right now they're just things that pop out of my head and I type out and that's it.

3. At this moment, I'd say both projects are semi-failures, as they haven't achieved anything yet. But I try to be optimistic.

4. PALMS surprised me, because it was a lot different than what I'd done previously. I had been very into lush, surreal aesthetics and found myself wanting to do something imperfect - handheld, shot on 8mm maybe.

My short stories are really representative of my current obsessions, though. I didn't set out to write strictly about sex, but that's largely what happened.

5. Ideally, I would love to finish a full-length screenplay of PALMS and find financing for it and then shoot it. Sadly, I don't see that happening - I've come to the conclusion that if I want it to get made, I'm going to have to pony up the money myself, and that could take a while. But it's a really important project to me, so I'll wait.

With my short stories - well, ideally some mysterious and well-connected publisher would happen upon my blog and say "You're genius! Here's an advance." But I don't see that happening either. Heh. Realistically, I'm hoping if I do some major rewrites and send out my stuff like mad, maybe I can get a story published somewhere, in something, and that'll lead to bigger and better things.

Hhhmm. Well, that's about it. So glad you decided to do this again, Dennis.

And now what about you? What are you working on? I haven't heard you mention a new novel. Love to hear what you're up to.


8:02 PM  
Blogger Chilly Jay Chill said...

Great to see the projects from everyone who didn't post them before. All of them look exciting.

A brief update on the two projects I listed previously. The theater adapatation is coming slower than hoped, but progress has been made in the past few weeks and hopefully will kick into high gear. Rehearsals start in Feb and my next draft is due in mid-December. Ideas are coming but how they all fit together (or don't) or proving more difficult than imagined.

I've added several stories to the book project since the last post - including one piece that turned out especially well. But after that spurt, currently stuck, spinning wheels, trying to find a form for an idea that is resisting even being written.

8:18 PM  
Blogger michael_karo said...

my goodness, what a bunch of busy bees we have here!

this year has been all about photography for me. i made 5 trips to san francisco this year, and have spent countless hours selecting, editing, refining those pictures. my SF porfolio is looking pretty good i think. i can look at a picture i thought was done months ago, and suddenly i know just what it needs to be a little more perfect in my eye...a little darker, a bit of a tighter crop, etc...much like editing a piece of writing, i suppose.

i guess what i've been doing this year is fine-tuning my "esthetic"...which right now is black and white, at times blurry, sometimes quite dark.

this can best be seen in the other portfolio i've been working on, which consists of night shots taken here in my home town. i just set up a selection of those at my SAATCHI GALLERY...take a look if you have time.

of course, next year at this time i could be working on bright super-saturated color photos of little old ladies playing bingo, haha!

and the possibility of a new romantic situation in my life makes EVERYTHING look better! the man has a lovely nape...*click*!

over and out...


8:30 PM  
Blogger garrison said...


Unfortunately, the status of my current project is pretty much the same... although I am currently dividing my short-story-in-progress into TWO DIFFERENT stories. If this doesn't work, I suppose I'll just have to put it aside and try working on something new... maybe come back to it later, or incorporate some of the work into completely new projects.

I've been ridiculously writer's blocked this year, however... it hasn't exactly been the best year of my life, what with all the theft, vandalism, identity theft, and temporary unemployment.

Here's to 2007!

Oh, and DENNIS, RE: THE QUEEN... you only liked? I LOVED!

And I saw VOLVER last night and it was very sweet and wonderful to look at. Penelope Cruz (and the rest of the ensemble cast) were very, very good. One of my favorites of the year so far...

All right, I'm off...

take care,

8:49 PM  
Blogger ignacio said...

the projects sound good or at least very intersting. i feel like it would be cool to see big portions of them all.

jack -- i've missed so much paris hilton stuff out of inanition or inattention or whatever....i never saw her show, for instance.

but she was great in "house of wax." very sexy, chased, killed with a spike through her head.

the dream i had a few days ago in which i was trying to figure out this mystery word "aguippina" -- wow, if it was "agrippina" then everything starts to make sense.

julia agrippina was caligula's sister (and maybe fucked him), gave birth to nero (who had her killed)......earlier married claudius (after he'd had messalina put to death) and she poisoned claudius after a while.

perfect. the heroine of my novel is named julia (because of in "1984" ---- "do it to julia!"

everything fits.

paris hilton looks like pornstar nadia hilton who named herself after paris like cindy crawford named herself after cindy crawford of pepsi commercials and dru barrymore named herself after drew barrymore and so on.....not to leave out james deen (who says his cock is perfectly tapered for anal sex.


when i worked in ER one night i was fucking off listening to new order in my labcoat and some guy came in, i said "can i help you?" and i thought he said he'd been in a fistfight.

i said: "where do you hurt?"

"where do you think i hurt, if i've been fistfucked?"

i kept a straight face. we did a sigmoidoscopy, found nothing torn. he was concerned. nothing 10mg diazepam wdnt cure.

years later in new york in the wane of a party for the nyc premiere of the film "low" dir. lise raven we'd been in some club and then ended up in an all-nite ukrainean restaurant and some mouthy woman said she didn't understand fistfucking.

so i demonstrated, i'd been talking to this model named poenelope and i was inspired, i showed them how to tuck in that knuckle and "after you get past the 2nd sphincter, it's all velvet."

i had kind of an audience for this. i almost got a part in an independent film.

fisting girls is an entirely different story. there's a good german film called "f.i.s.t." which they redid in america but turned it into a cop movie w/sylvester stallone weirdly enough and i've never seen it but i'm not even sure it's a Hard R so the fisting must all be implied or offstage which is really bullshit if you steal the title of a well-known foreign film.

i'd pay decent money to see gina gershon fist paris hilton. squirming around. shit, nadia hilton would be ok.

i'm listening to chant for the spirits, hymn, healing ceremony, ethiopian praises, dervish chant.

9:56 PM  
Blogger maria mcgregor said...

atheist, thanks very much, i might take you up on that when the time comes!

tigersare, some brilliant people on your album!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Jheorgge said...

Christ, this must be the most inspirational community on the web, which now means in the world I suppose.

Like many others I never answered in June, so here are my projects that I am working on/towards as of mid-november.

1. I need to make the MA Screenwriters course I'm on work for me as much as possible. By the end of May next year, I ought to have two short scripts and one feature that are at a good enough stage that I would be both happy and confident to try to get them made, at the very least show to people whose opinion I trust and/or care for.

2. I need to save up a bit of money each week to buy a Nintendo Wii. This is very important for my sanity.

3. I need to get two of my music groups off the ground, beyond the hypothetical stage- one a two-piece metal band in the vein of Melvins, Karp, Harvey Milk; the other a free-noise/drone group. My highest hopes are for the previous band, not least because my friend who is the drummer is both very talented and well connected from previous bands.

4. I have to get myself out there more as a music journalist. When I started I did a couple features (only one published), and a stack of reviews, including a few leads. now I've sunk into doing downpagers for albums and gigs, when I really have the desire to get back into features and/or columns. this is just to do with not feeling very confident though.

5. I haven't made a film for over a year now, and the kind of stuff I do is cheap to make- so what's keeping me? Time I guess. But I have a series of visual ideas that I want to thread together for a possible video art piece so I'd like to get that underway in the next month or so.

6. By July next year I should be living in NYC. Or Paris. But definitely one of them.

7. Finally, I'd like to make myself realise that I'm thinking about too many projects, and I should just pick one or two and devote myself to it. Unfortunately, left to my own devices, I find it hard to concentrate on the one thing for very long. It's a good punchline.

12:58 AM  
Blogger Sorrow said...

1-Currently I'm try to finish a book of short stories. I'm working with genre (let's say horror-morbid) which is unusual, cause so far I published two novels that are more difficult to categorize, let's say. I have six complete stories so far, and working on about five more.
And I'm trying to start a novel: already have somewhat of a structure, and characters; should find the time to organize myself and just sit and write.

2-Stories: I am at the end of that, surely. And the novel now it's only a project, so I cant even say its the beggining.

3-Stories book will be a success in terms of finishing it at least. I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with the results; some of them seem somewhat rigid to me. But it's try, and tha's success to me.
Novel: As I said its project, hpefully successful. Novels are tricky creatures anyway.

4-Except for the genre shift, no, its not surprising. I always wanted to do this horror stories thing: I just didnt have the tools as a writer before. Let's say I evolved towards what I wanted.

5-The goal for the short stories is to publish, which I know can happen easily. The goal to novel is to start! I havent written a novel or tried to in 3 years now, so Im kind of scared, and it could be a disaster. But not realistically, no. Im always scared before starting a novel, and so far it turned out pretty good.

1:01 AM  
Blogger David C said...

My last project was a conference paper that was at the time my focus – exploring an archival selection of Caribbean photographs and examining these from a range of standpoints and theoretical stances - the photographs included 19th century portraits, early twentieth century photographs following earthquakes and landslides - what I called the "landscape of aftermath" - and latter 20th century documentary and tourism photographs. It was completed, presented and despite my feeling overwhelmed at the time and predicting that “at the end I'll think it somewhat inbetween on the success scale - put that down to my own lack of confidence and credibility and now I realise how revealing this question is” I have to say it went down a treat and people found it really interesting and engaging. So, I was really pleased!

I described the project as characteristic in being a contribution to an eclectic arrangement of work AND that it distracted me from the fictional writing I really want to be doing.

So, my new project is to actually do that fictional writing – there are two ideas at the moment that I’m accumulating material for – I think I’ve given up on a novel for November but hope that I can accumulate lots of words written down as a start. I think I’m undermined by my own lack of confidence that I can do anything worthwhile. One stream is to write down things I know about my father – he’s not well and well it’s a chronic terminal illness so hes in my thoughts a lot at the moment – so I want to document the stories I have from him – which maybe will end up as some kind of memoir/novel thing… The other stream is a series of erotic pirate stories that I’d hope to insert into another piece of work experimenting with cut-up methods but smoothed out cut-up – if that makes sense – it does to me. So – both at the beginning; can’t say whether success or failure yet – too early to say; charcteristic – if I end up with something that doesn’t get trashed en route – no; the ideal conclusion – I finish something; realistically just finishing something would be good and I don’t expect either project to amount to much but the completion is acheivement enough.

1:04 AM  
Blogger hedi said...

1) My main project right now is to get keep the whole publishing thing running smoothly with the spring list and fall list for Semiotexte. Attempting to find a balance for it (number of books published per year, making it financially viable...)

2) I'm in the middle, I think I'll know by june next year where it stands.

3) I am not sure about that. I think it would always be very fragile .

4) I am not particularly ambitious or creative, but I have always enjoyed as far as I can remember, being around cultural products, in a sort of fan or amateur way.

5) I get pleasure when things I like appear in the world. It would be great if it last, but if it fails there is always the possibility to channel stuff elsewhere, create new venues...

2:24 AM  
Blogger Mizu said...

My o my. Well, let's see:

--I continue to adjust to life in Switzerland. Doing pretty well on this point. My language is consistently improving, I've made some friends, etc.

--Married life continues to be good, good, good. My husband is my saving grace.

--I'm in the middle of my 3rd short story, which I thought I could never write. These little poem things keep coming up as asides. I don't know why, but I'm writing them down anyway.

--I've been battling horrible guilt overloads with regards to my mother and her situation. This is an ongoing labor that lately I've been failing at miserably. Not sure when or if I'll regain perspective.

--Am waiting to find out if I've been accepted into a CELTA course, which would allow me to potentially be certified as an international English teacher. I have a language school here interested in me, but they can't hire me without the proper cert. Interview was Monday, and I should hear the board's decision on the 24th.

Meanwhile, I have my private students. No young footballers this year, though... they all graduated!

(Hello, everyone.)

3:19 AM  
Blogger lost child said...

are you listening some of the Ocora recordings?
your post inspired me ..some how this mix
of fist fucking sfinter 2 grados and 10 milg diazepan
derviche chants
or so
i belive as some one said
hole love
is def def
the universal complete
eros domain
pleasure unit
hidden obscure
garden of deligths

3:57 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:43 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

wow - i've been drooling reading all your posts on this! this is truly going to be my favourite day ever! *tries to contain self*
ok, well my answers at this current moment (which have already been deleted once) are:
1) well, no shock here - my novel
2) god that's a toughie. i don't have a clue. i've written a first draft but i don't know how long it'll take me to rewrite it. i don't know, 25% there?
3) erk - that's a huge toughie too! well, on the one hand i'm just so super-ultra-proud of myself for writing something creative for the first time ever, so in that sense it's a success. but on the other hand it's caused me loads of anxiety and stress and also to behave like a lunatic *shudders*. so I guess it’s an inbetweener.
4) the whole experience has been totally new from start to finish and is just totally different from anything i’ve ever done/experienced/felt before
5) i was thinking about this the other day and had a kind of lightbulb moment which i posted and then deleted due to potential hair dorkus overtones. my ultimate fantasy? to one day get it published … so that … (can i bring myself to post this?) … dennis would be proud of me!! *coughs embarrassedly* that is a truly pathetic but honest answer. i don’t know why i want dennis to be proud of me, i guess we all have people that we kind of imprint on like ducklings and for some reason we just feel like that? i guess dennis even has them himself? but the stupid thing is that dennis is already proud of all of us, so i don’t know why that would make me want to get my novel published. so is it realistic (for me to get my novel published)? not really but i need a concrete goal to work towards as a means to somehow channel hair dorkus. so those are my (characteristically atheist) answers!
PS ooh, can i sneak in another?
1) my male sex trade project
2) about 0.1% done
3) well my colleague's an absolute superstar so it's virtually guaranteed to be a success
4) is academic-based so is familiar ground
5) ideal scenario? a book contract with Oxford or Cambridge University Press. likely scenario? a book contract with Palgrave or Taylor & Francis. disastrous scenario? my colleague & i fall out so that the whole thing becomes a nightmare

5:48 AM  
Blogger NiceHex said...

Thanks all for the kind words..

There really are some super creative people here.

Ignacio I want to read your book. Sounds wonderfully cinematic.

Does anyone here like the Burke novels by Andrew Vachs?

5:51 AM  
Blogger BrooklynSerpico said...

Monday was my fifth time seeing Robert Pollard (second time Pollard as "Pollard" and not GBV). We arrived at the venue at about 9pm just in time to catch one of the opening acts, "Starling Electric". My friend sees many shows at the Bowery Ballroom and she tells me that the second of two opening acts MUST be next because it is so early. I disagree, but I am not so sure until I see a stack of clean white hand towels and pint bottles of Poland Spring waters. "Oh, everyone gets that", she says. "Wait until the bottle of whiskey comes out," I respond. The joke gets a couple chuckles from another friend who was a Pollard virgin until the last show in the Spring. Seconds later a bus-tub full of Miller Lite and a full 750ML bottle of Ceurvo are set next to the drum kit. "Ha! I was wright -- except it was tequila and not whiskey!"

Officially the show was not sold out, but the true fans were right out front.

Pollard: "We only come to New York 3 or 4 times a year!"

A cute, scruffy fan (the only person drunker than Pollard before the first song began) starts dancing frantically. While the entire crowd wasn't as enthusiastic as those up front, he was not alone. He was grabbed for the first time by the bouncer but came back just a few songs later. Several guys then surrounded him catching him and tossing him back into the center each time he got out of control. He staged dived twice, and the second time he was "removed" for several more songs.

Pollard was playing songs from Normal Happiness and From a Compound Eye mostly, unlike the other Pollard tours where he played PLENTY of GBV. Generally the crowd was OK with it. They were true fans and not hung up on details like GBV v. BP. Just once did I hear someone yell out for GBV.

The second time dude took off from the stage I was there to keep him from getting stomped after the initial crash from the stage. By this time i was loving him, not just because he was drunk and cute and reckless, but because he cared more than anyone. Just before the end of the regular set he went up for the last time. The boys took him away. I followed. "He is with me!, I'll take charge. Let him back in." "Step inside or you will be tossed as well!" I wend around one last time but got the same answer. Pollard was about to go back on. The cute scruffy boy was tossed. There was nothing to be done. Except. . .

Pollard: "When you motor away. . . "

The crowd it responded with unbridled enthusiasm when Pollard started kicking out the GBV for the encore. The driving eighth note guitar riff that began the song was electric. Pollard offered his Tequila one last time to the audience. I reached up and grabbed it and took a huge swig. At that moment, as if possessed I hoisted myself up on the stage and took a dive. I don't remember jumping or how I did it or how long I stayed up, but seconds later I was back on my feet astonished at the things I'll do on brownliquor.

Pollard: "The Goldheard mountain top, Queen directory!"

Met the cute mosh boy again on the Z train back to Brooklyn. He had sobered up a bit and was ready to talk. I filled him in on the encore, but he knew as he was listening right outside. Uncle Bob sounded great. The band did too.

(Report on artistic progress later tonight).

7:08 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

1. What is your main project at the current time?

I'm working on the novel that I've been writing on and off over the past couple years. Over the ast year it's been basically tottally on.

2. Where do you think you are in this project I'm 3/4's of the way through a very solid draft. not the final draft but a very good one

3. At this moment, do you consider the project a success, a failure, or something inbetween? Why?

Well, I forced myself to take a week off from writing it last week to give myself some perspective becuase sometimes I lose objectivity on what I've written because I'm so close to it. But yeah I still realy like it.

4. Do you think this project is fairly characteristic of your established interests, behavior, and patterns in the past? Or does the project surprise you and seem to be something new or more new than not?

I feel that I'm pouring everything I have into this book, so when I'm done I will be empty of fiction ideas for a while. I also feel that the process of writing this book for me has beenthe processof elarning how to write this book.

5. What would be the ideal result or conclusion of this project to your mind?

Well, to finish it, and hopefuly have it published. Or at least appreciated by folks I respect.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Dickon Edwards said...

Okay, I'll try hard to not be such a stranger from now on, Dennis. I'm continually impressed that you have such time and encouragement for your blog readers. There really is no other place on the Web like this.

Here's my project answers.

1. My main project is just trying to be productive and organised in order to get all the OTHER projects done: a third album with my band Fosca, lyrics for other people's projects I've promised, writing fiction, reading the fiction of others - and finishing all these things. I'll concentrate on the Fosca album for the sake of the questions. And because another DC blog person (dandysweets) asked about it. By the way, Dandysweets, Fosca will be playing again as soon as the album's done. We really want to tour abroad, too.

2. I'm at the middle with the album, really. Most of the songs are written. A few need their lyrics reworked to scratch. A few more are just scraps of melody needing lyrics. We've already released one finished song from the sessions, 'I've Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have'. It's out on a new compilation of 2006 'indiepop' called 'The Kids At The Club'.

3. Oh, it's a success as long as I get it finished. Whether anyone buys the thing has never bothered me. Though it's nice to get the royalties, obviously, even if they are mostly from Swedish radio, for some reason. This week the first two Fosca albums have appeared on iTunes for the first time. I wonder if that'll mean any change in things. We shall see.

4. A bit of both. Some of the songs are a few years old now, and reflect the way I was then rather than now. Other aspects of me remain unchanged. I think if I'm honest, I'm worried about repeating the past too much, and am striving for something fresh. Surprising myself is a good aim, I admit. I often think of that quote by Stevie Smith when asked by an admirer when she was going to write another novel. I'm paraphrasing, but she said "If you want more of the same, just re-read the last one !"

5. The ideal result would be an album that sounds the way it does in my head. After that, it'd be fantastic if it attracts a label with enough back-up resources to help us tour further than we've been before, eg to the US. The most disastrous would be it not coming out at all. Our last label has stopped putting out new stuff, you see. But that would only happen if it wasn't finished. After all, if all else fails, we can always release it online via PayPal. But that really is a worse case scenario. I want it to have proper CD artwork and be an object worth owning - something which the whole iTunes set up rather eschews. Realistically, I expect it will come out in some form. It's just a question of when and how rather than if.

I have a question for you too, Dennis. What do you think about the books of Chuck Palahniuk?

7:19 AM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

Maybe I should take up speed? I'm a slacker. No projects. Shoveling shit to what end, who cares? Oh well, writing fiction or otherwise writing to write fiction. Back to life? Ok current project, write more, read more and more openly and critically, have fun. That's it for me.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Dickon Edwards said...

David Ehrenstein mentioned:

>60's girl groups for me.

Indeed. The Cam Archer short, Bobbycrush (on YouTube, predictably) turned me onto three such gems:

- He's A Doll by The Honeys
- The One I Love by The Honeys
- Wounded by The Cookies

I'm also a massive fan of The Shangri-Las and 'Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy' by Lesley Gore. A song in which the protagonist wants to change sex in order to have the nerve to chat up a boy. 'Because a girl has to be polite'. Cue umpteen levels of gay and transgendered interpretation.

>The thing the special issue shows is that gay is not a destination but a point of departure.

Splendidly put.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I have 2 or 3 more projects that are kinda randomn but I feel compelled to talk about

1-Is reading all the work by Marie Redonnet I can get my hands on. I find her work amazing and mind blowing and I'm trying to figure out why and how.

Another is solving Zelda:Wind Waker. I wont be playing Twighlight princess at launch but I will be soon and I want to be done with Wind Waker first

Another- riding my bike almost everywhere and driving my car almost no where

2 these are all kinda of where they are. I'm almost done with Wind Waker. But I've had to resort to some online help to solve some puzzles

Redonnet- I don't even know. I guess I'll keep reading her work till I feel I have my mind wrapper around it and I've learned everything I can

3- Works in progress for all. We ahve a wind storm (57 miles per hour) this morning so I'm wimping out and driving to work, not riding. My wife has convinced me I'll be safer. I know I'll be drier. Other wise I ride almost everyday. I guess all three are on the road to success

4-I get into things and sometimes obsessed. These are all examples of that aspect of my brain.

5. I guess Feeling I've learned what I can from Redonnet, solving WW, and continuing to ride my bike. ALl fairly pedestrian

7:44 AM  
Blogger Paul Curran said...

Recently, I mentioned continuing the project from June pretty much as planned.

My goal of finding an agent in London to represent my novel the Drummer hasn't worked out so far, but I'm still trying and also starting to look at approaching publishers myself.

The current project I'm working on hasn't changed much from the June plans but is becoming more defined.

The four parts of the novel (segments of a brain) are divided across the global hemispheres.

Two sections in London, (a set of directions/instructions and a first person response to them), another now in a tower block in Tokyo (probably further south for consistency, but still a self-contained Japanese-built corporate structure), and one in a rundown Australian mining town.

I've completed, and I'm happy with, the rough overall plans and I'm working in detail on the first part.

This is about a cult-ready Australian guy who comes to London following a girlfriend who doesn't want him. He cuts off his arm after maybe killing a schoolgirl. He then loses his frozen arm at a party and pretends to be an underground bomb victim. He is mistaken for someone with alien-hand syndrome and body integrity identity disorder. He eventually meets a girl who wants to cut off her leg. He leaves her and gets hit by a car.

I should have finished filling out the details of this section in notes early next year. Then I'll convert the notes into the instructions I mentioned the other week. (The first part is 62 scenes. Each scene is divided into 5 sections. Each section is divided into 10 directions. Each direction is 10 words.)

For example, the first section opens with the main character having decided not to masturbate until his girlfriend returns because he wants to be faithful to her and at least bring her back in his dreams. But when that doesn't work he figures attempting oral sex on himself won't break the vow. So it will eventually look something like this:

a) Take off your clothes and hang them behind the door.

b) Turn down the hot tap and sit on the bath.

c) Balance a foot on each side while contemplating the pipes.

d) Hook your arms under your knees and close your eyes.

e) Lower your head, then clasp your hands behind your neck.

f) Think about her. Feel the blood flowing into your penis.

g) Open your eyes when the image is clear. Don't smile.

h) Stick out your tongue. Thrust your head towards your penis.

i) Don't stop. Try so hard you slip into the bath.

j) Fall unconscious after whacking your head on the superglue tiles.

I'll either leave the instructions like that or rewrite them into paragraphs. The next stage is to write a couple of first person responses to the instructions. This will eventually become one narrative of the person giving the instructions. It's based on the idea that language responds to bodily movements rather than initiating them.

The remaining two southern hemisphere parts mirror the structures and themes set out in the early directions/instructions, but will eventually be in third person with different locations and characters.

I've been reading about London and also continuing to research split-brain hemisphere theories, alien-hand syndrome, and body integrity identity disorder.

A subheading in one of the first articles I found was called Louse in the Left Field.

Early split-brain experiments revealed that patients couldn't name objects in the left hand but had no problem with the right hand. This was the same with printed words. For some reason the doctor held up the word Louse: the right brain was meant to be lazy and illiterate but creative.

This has also led me to look into lice and how they are used in studies of the formation of early humans around the word, spreading across species from fighting, sex, clothing, and cannibalism.

Other things I've been thinking about are all the people I've known who've nearly lost limbs. My best friend nearly blew off his leg with a chlorine bomb when we were kids. Another friend crushed his leg in a car accident. And my wife, who used to be a professional dancer, nearly got her left leg cut off by doctors after a jet-ski accident.

I think this project is successful so far, and I'm getting near the end of the beginning. I believe I'm at this point because I'm onto my second notebook and I'm more enthusiastic and more certain about how I want it to turn out. I'm thinking more about the processes and planning in more detail than I've ever done before. I find this is a good way to work because I usually only have a few hours at night and all day Saturday. But I'm starting a new job soon, where I'll be working on Saturdays but having a weekday off instead. This will be good because it's always quieter. I plan to walk around and take pictures of locations and spend a day with my arm strapped up.

When I've finished drafting the manuscript, I want it to be for a novel that would fit into a pocket to be read on a bus or train.

The ideal result would be to get published by a good publisher who's into what in doing.

The most disastrous thing to happen would be that I'm not satisfied with the writing.

Realistically, I want to improve my writing skills and create a body of work I'm proud of. If this one doesn't work out I'll stick it in the cold case file and start something else until I'm ready to come back to it.

I'm learning a lot from this project.

The positive feedback and encouragement to experiment that I've received from this blog have been invaluable.

8:26 AM  
Blogger dandysweets said...

It's been very inspiring reading everyone's response to this, so thank you very much.

This is my response:


I'm currently working on two featurefilm scripts, both of which I've neglected for months and both of which I now want done (1st draft and 4th draft respectively) before Christmas.

The 1st draft-script is at the beginning obviously, the 4th draft-script I hope is past halfway, but I guess i can't be sure before it's actually finished.

I'm feeling a bit frustrated about the 4th draft-script because I'm no longer sure I like it as much as when I began, as for the first draft script I'm more excited about it and I think as soon as I'm done with the 4th draft I'll focus exclusively on the second draft of the 1st-draft script.

I'm not sure. But I do know that a lot of this year has been a low for me, for different reasons, and one of the consequences of that is that I haven't been able to focus as much on my writing as I'd like and that can be depressing.

Ideally, the scripts would be turned into films that would put me in a position where I only had to concern myself with writing fiction and not concern myself with other jobs. The worst thing? Not finishing the scripts or not being satisfied with that end result.

Oh, and Dickon, hope your album works out alright and that I will get to see you live one day, either here in Denmark or if/when I return to live in London.

9:23 AM  
Blogger jack said...


I do, too.

Yaay! I'm getting married!!!!

9:31 AM  
Blogger dandysweets said...

...and also,

This film has probably been mentioned before as it's from last year but just in case there is someone who hasn't heard of it, I highly recommend the canadian film C.R.A.Z.Y. which I saw yesterday. A truly wonderful film :)

9:49 AM  
Blogger gregoryedwin said...

holy crow! it's nice to see some people. like james!

ok. so my project was this book/novel that i am writing and i'm just kind of trying to keep my head in it and have a first draft by spring. it's gotten some nice feedback from people around me both here and in my landbased life, so that, at least, makes me feel like i'm not wasting my time on a project that is going nowhere. i feel like i have half of it done. right now i feel a bit lost with it, like i don't know where it is going but i hope that will rememdy itself.

kudos to everyone.

hello to dennis and yury.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Laney said...

hi. i've only posted twice but i read the blog practically everyday and i had posted about my project in june.

well my project was basically writing a story and which hopefully would've lead to more writing. But since college started and i got sidetracked from that and now dealing w/ college and all it's endless amounts of papers, have taken up most of my time. school really bites :[. I don't know whether i'll ever get back to my writing. I'm starting to question my own abilities and whether i still really want to do it.

I'm attempting to discover more dyke and/or transboys porn as i've recently discovered a little of it through a school project. I've always thought that the typical male fantasy of lesbian sex was all there really was, but that changed after i discovered bits and pieces of real dyke porn and it was like fucking hot:]! I never really found the typical looking female in most of porn attractive but i am attracted to women, mostly androgynous more towards boyish women and dyke porn has sastify that so far. i've also become sexually obsessed w/ the transgendered individual (genderqueer, mtf, ftm, intersex etc.). anyways there isn't alot of dyke porn but i haven't seen all of it so theres more to discover. i've also become sexually obsessed w/ extreme assplay in gay porn, like fisting and all that stuff. i usually watch a variety of things, although i've always been an ass type of gal :], but lately the extreme assplay vids are the only vids that i can watch w/o getting bored. I can't even stand watching anything less. the problem is that 90 percent of the vids i encounter of these things are filled w/ either the typical muscle jock or an old ugly middle aged guy, neither of which i find attractive since i only like the skinny girlish boy or whatever comes close. however i tolerate the ugliness of these models since i really have no choice and the really hot sexual activies of the vids make up for it in my opinion.

lastly theres this really pretty boy sitting next to me in the next computer at this moment and i really want to take him as a project right now :]

10:52 AM  
Blogger Young and Stupid said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Young and Stupid said...

I've been attending school since September. It's gotten increasingly harder, but I'm conscientous of my defense system, my tendencies in the face of difficulties, tension, stress, pain, ect. So I'm trying to hold on. I get myself into plenty of situations that make that goal as infinitely unlikely as possible, but still, I haven't quit.
I'm feeling the strain, the misery, in every bone and nerve ending in my body-I'm pushing myself to the absolute limit in a completely new, strangely human like way. I don't know exactly what or how to do it, but I mimic other humans, and try to make it work.
Some solitary walks in the forest, a cold nighttime breeze, a wonderfully intense and brutal live show by Whitehouse...these things that take place, they sustain the little life left, inflate my heart again, give me that much energy to continue on this path. I say to myself, "Is this what you want?" Yes it's what I want. So I have to keep going, even though the end is nowhere in sight. It might not even be there....

11:00 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Ginsberg RULES!

12:45 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Ultimate 60's Girl Group: The Shangri-Las.

Above all I LOVE "The Shoop Shoop Song."

Bill just pulled "The Supremes Sing Rogers and Hart" out of a giant pile of records.

A nice try, but they can't quite hack it.

12:49 PM  
Blogger statictick said...

1. The main projects: a) Film - "Userlands" trailer; b) Words - assembling what I hope is the presentable edit of my novel, "Act," finally incorporating the visual elements that accompany the text; c) More Words - working with Dynomoose on a compilation of my shorter pieces, fiction and non-fiction; d) Sexual and emotional obsession - Weavie, twenty years in the balance (Thanksgiving being the anniversary); e) I mentioned a musical project I was hoping to resurrect.

2. a) Almost finished. Developing and editing techniques will tell. Four shoots left. I guess I should say "middle-done," but it feels a lot further than that. b) Definitely almost finished. When the trailer is done, this is next up, and it feels in place,,,,a couple more tweaks on the cover, and the final layout..... Shit, guess that's middle-done, too. c) Early stages. d) There cannot be a beginning or end of this sort of sexual/emotional thing for me. He's the end. e) Waver. Waiver.

3. a) I think the trailer is a success because it employs nifty film techniques and animation. The sections that are complete look pretty cool. It remains to be seen what's revealed when editing, but it feels decent. b) "Act" feels good, too. I've gotten good responses from those who've read parts of it, and the art work is great. I took my time, as did my collaborators, so it feels mature. c) The compilation is in between. I shudder at some of my early writings, but there might be enough good stuff to warrant this being a good deal. d) The relationship is always in constant flux. I guess 20 years together makes it a success; though there are tons of issues. Love's love. e) The music is on pause, except for some mess-abooooot practice sessions.

4.) a) The trailer is new for me, because, while it incorporates ideas I've always been interested in, I usually don't work this closely with film (let alone allowing myself in front of the camera). b) The novel is characterized by things that follow through most of my writing, but it's smoother, and operates with a voice it took years for me to distill. c) The compilation has very few newer things in it, so it doesn't feel new; though considering doing such a thing does. d) The relationship is constantly renewing itself. Ruts and fights feel old, everything else, including sex (amazingly enough, after two decades) feels new. e) The stagnation of the music project is old news. I don't want to name the names of those who don't match my "gung ho" for it.

5) a) Ideally, the trailer will be fun and interesting to see, and will help advertise "Userlands," and will also help DFC and everyone else involved with some exposure. Or, everyone could hate it. I vote for the former; I have no choice but to. b) The novel will hopefully be read by at least a portion of the intended audience, and enjoyed, and will lead to further opportunities. Or, it'll tank. I know it'll be a time getting it published, but the DIY option stays open. I worked too hard to put it in a drawer. c) Same goes for the compilation. d) Ideally, Weavie and I grow old together, and die during simultaneous orgasm when he's 90 and I'm 77. Worst - one of us goes way before our time. Likely - I don't know, and that's one think I love about it/him. e) At best, the band gets its shit together and practices, starts playing out again, and makes a meager living from bar gigs and DIY CDs. At worst, it stays on pause. Most likely, I replace a couple of people when the film and writing projects are completed, and start over.

That's the longest, most self-indulgent thing I've ever posted here. I could have listed several more "projects," but I guess most of those are future plans instead of current actions. Good questions - they fine tuned the realistic perception I try to keep about these things.

Cheers, all.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Tony O'Neill said...

The opposite of a curse - what is that? Whatever it is i think this blog might have one.

We just sold the book I was talking about. It''s going to St Martins Press. I can officially breath easy. Now I just have to finish writing the thing.

2:16 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

I'm surprised I didn't contribute to the current projects thing last time since I was in the middle of the short film, Edie's POV,which has since been screened at the Edinburgh Festival to Great aclaim (Sid and Doris Great).

So I suppose one current project is to see that do something. It didn't get nominated for any Scottish BAFTAS (and the guy who won 'best new screenplay',as if to rub it in, did a sort of version of that run around the stage mad with joy thing that that guy did at the Oscars a few years ago).

Anyway the producer says it has a year of festival life so hopefully it will get shown a few places round the world and maybe on TV on some obscure digital channel at 4am. And it would be nice to see it in Glasgow stone cold sober as opposed to blind drunk in Edinburgh (or should that be paralytically drunk jax? - on second thoughts, don't tell me!)

Other than that I'm waiting to see if I have a chance at jax's soap opera - not very hopefully. I've got a few short stories, one about a weird 'family' that lives in the basement of a library, which maybe I'll put in as an idea for a radio play or sent to the BBC as a 30 minuter to get TV work.

As may be evident I'm not wildly enthusiastic about any of this. I enjoyed learning all about film/TV as part of the process of getting 'Edie' made. But I hated,as jax has recently mentioned, the number of people who the script has to go through draft after draft to please - for my little ten minuter there was the script editor/director/producer/ececutive producer and her boss.And that's not counting the panel it had to go through to get started in the first place.

And then you hand it over and hear no more until it's finished. For some reason writers don't have the same input into the director's and producer's work as they do into the writer's.

Also I want to do something longer this time. Either a film screenplay or novel. Probably I'll try the screenplay first since I have a finished product sooner.And while that's doing the rounds I'll 'novelise' it. I suppose the fact I see a screenplay as sort of a first draft shows where my true passions lie.

I don't really work well at several things at once like most of the bloggers seem to do. I like to get totally into one thing. So I've a feeling it won't be until I've got these minor TV things out the way one way or another that I'll be going fullsteam ahead on the Long Project.

Got a few Big Ideas for the novel/screenplay which I've been making notes on for ages. Whether this will become one big project or several smaller ones I'll only know after I've sat down and started finely tuning the whole thing.It will be a matter of weeks before I'm past the note-makeing and fully into it - January 1st at the latest!

There may even be enough stories, published and unpublished, for a collection. Unfortunately, like someobody else here, a lot are on word processor.

I also have a couple of unpublished novels, one of which I might try to sell again. The one I won't bother with is a SciFi thing about this cult which convinces people to give up their Earthly life to plug into a virtual reality life - for the strange purposes of the head of the cult called The One. This was done way before The Matrix was a bleeping green dot in the neural pathways of its creator - but it would probably just look like a rip-off now.

The other one is Earthbound and still maybe viable. The fact that one mainstream publisher said "I find this very depressing" is a good sign. Again it's on word processor, though at least I have a hard copy.

On another matter: it really annoys me that we get all your best TV stuff over here - Lost/6 Feet Under/Niptuck/24 for a few series on terrestrial TV then they're whisked off up into Rupert Murdoch's SKY like the victims of the Martian tripods,never to be seen again. I mean we're blitzed with hard-sell publicity on these progs, dutifully get hooked, then we're forced to go cold turkey without a by your leave. Anyway, when I heard that Lost was the latest to be swallowed up by the Murdoch Monster, I said all this in a letter to The Radio Times (the Brit upmarket version of TV Guide) - and they made it their star letter this week and gave me a £70 prize - a digital radio.

So maybe that's my current project - writing money making letters for TV listings magazines. Hell,it's a living...

2:41 PM  
Blogger don w said...

Good idea, this update. It’s more than appropriate since I just arrived in northeastern Wyoming for an artist residency. It’s freezing! It’s beautiful!

My ‘project,’ as I described last June, was to finish a book of short stories thematically linked by landscape, specifically the desert. The collection took more than a few years, but I finished around September. Essentially, I wrote eighteen short stories. Then I chose the strongest ten for the collection. Three-quarters of them are published or forthcoming in national literary journals.

Now that I’m in Wyoming, I’ll be using this time to begin a new novel.

Thanks for asking, Dennis.


3:53 PM  
Blogger postitbreakup said...

dennis, could i email you some questions about my loose thread? it's not for an assignment or anything, so if you don't have time, totally cool. just wondering about you and thinking about that book.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Chris Stamm said...

My June answer:

Besides the all-consuming wedding planning, which will finally be over come July 1, I am two-plus years into a terrible struggle with constant panic attacks, of which the most intense have opened up a weird mystical place in me that I did not know existed, which in turn I am figuring out how to articulate in my fiction.


Well, I got married. One project complete, and successfully at that.

As for the panic, it's a lot better! It's still there, only now it's more like an extra sensory organ: I perceive things with it that I wouldn't otherwise. So I suppose that project is being successfully negotiated. It will never be completed, though. And as for the fiction, and articulating panic in it, I actually don't know if that's even such an explicit concern now. Like I said, it's just there. So in the same way my vision and hearing play a role in how I write, so to does the panic.

I think my projects are going well then! I'm glad you reminded me of this Dennis. I feel so good now.

I've undertaken a new project since June. I'm singing in a band. I'm really happy with what we're doing.

Check it out here:


4:23 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Would that your wedding afforted half the coverage of La Cruise's barf-inducing spectacular!

5:07 PM  
Blogger lost child said...

at the moment
at berlin
experimental and challenging
very unknown circumstances and turns
for me
still have to just make it to sanity!
not to lose the plot.
the plot the sense
the hope
the cable
the plug
from the outher space the gosth is pulling me
is calling me
and i am
so so confused now
still similar that in june
pieces and fragments
when all this will make sense?
i want to do the film the album
the paintings the books the world of deriving in to what ever is there and happen for me...
the worst would be not to move fwrd from now..
the best would be touring and show in USA!!
the worst i would not find spiritual peace about my dead friend
the best i would find inspiration and nice relations..
in my life with sense and love

5:11 PM  
Blogger Lux said...

Coop being meaning to ask you stuff for aaagggesssss...OK here goes:
OK quickly kudos on Slayer day. Great slayer article + review of slayer in Plan B mag last monthy .there is a great Sunn + Boris interview with O'Malley being grilled on his thoughts/beliefs on including a white supremacist band add on a fanzine back in the day...he got really fuckin pissed and defensive and later apologised toward the end of the interview.

I've read really horrible shitty things about slayers (namely kerry kings)views on gay relations throughout the years does that upset/bother you when listening to the band or whatever?...it does me.

OK kinda answering ur how u been question here is some words: Hi coop I’ve been OK working in HMV for a month or so saving cash for another film...been reading but not interacting on ur blog. And doing the usual reading+ warchin movies listening to CDS and going to shows.

Been watching alota cheesy/easy access teen films of recent. Does the endless stream of homophobic 'its funny cause he's been hit on by a dude' ever bother you piss you off in us teen/gross out/American pie/national lampoon style comedy? Ive been watching allot of that shit both through laziness and channel hoping and the amount of fuckin dick jokes at the expense of homosexuality is outrageous...its fuckin horrible.

Re-reading My Loose Thread. The section where u described hearing Jim unbutton his fly as...erm I forget as a star is fucking incredible. I always remember a sentence or passage from a book of yours which totally blows my mind and that’s def the one.

Can you explain why Mallick/Thin Red Line blew you away so much?

And Finally RE: ATP
ATP is 7-10 of dec. you can come for a 'supper discount fav author ever price!' holiday discount includes pick up from airport n back n whatever room n board round luxs night b4 and whatever and were both vegetarian. Its Aisha's birthday on the sunday - still working on getting a noise jam fest going on outisde our room I want a prurient vs. wolf eyes face off.

Hope ur OK

5:12 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Hedi, would Semiotext(e) be at all interested in THIS ?

6:24 PM  
Blogger ignacio said...

david e -- this is great stuff. i'm going to start hanging out in your archives.

6:38 PM  
Blogger antler said...

hi everybody. i have been hanging around here (lurking sounds so dirty) for a few months. actually, this blog is, well, kind of a lifeline. or, well, hm. other metaphors come to mind. what i wish to say is really: thank you all for being so great. i learn a lot here.

1. today i floated around my neighborhood (bushwick brooklyn) admiring stank yellow patent leather heels and smelling churros. i piled up a stack of used paperbacks to buy off the slackers who sell them near cooper union. i saw this twisted marriage of figaro movie by alain resnais, les regles du jeu. whence this idleness. my first book went to the printer today. after six months of semi-starvation, fiveish years of writing it, and many other terrible things. it's not that good but i don't give a fuck anymore. i just want the money. (well, the ms. won this great poetry prize but i won't get the cashmoney for another ten days or so, and then all my suffering can really become a commodity, and i will buy black asspants and groom myself, i can't wait.) i sent an earlier and crappier version of the ms. to dennis, and it sucks slightly less now that i've cut tons of it out. so what's my current project. like i said, ghetto fabulousness. oblivion. language seems like so much flotsam, like fish shit, like one big error. why get into it anymore. maybe i'm thru writing.

actually, last week i started a novel. it's called THE NEW LIFE. and, hah, it's just at the beginning.

two years ago i shot a film of my grandmother's flesh and body and face. i had been looking at a lot of velazquez. i was thinking that portraiture is the highest most difficult art in the whole wide world: to really see somebody, what the fuck. when i am not occupied with trying to become gorgeous (an occupation that could be likened to gregor samsa trying to, uh, put on lipstick), i will be editing this lacerating footage into something like a film, or perhaps "video art".

2. ok, the book is pretty much done. (but when does writing end. argh) two of my heroes have written blurbs for it, the cover is done, it will be released in less than a month, and then the ballbreakers can have their way with me, uh, i mean, it. the epigram is SUCKING IS DANGEROUS. THE DANGER OF SUCKING (GERTRUDE STEIN). the project of ghetto fabulousness is a lifelong commitment, something like baudelairean dandyism but poor-girl style.

3. i do not consider this project a success. writing is a way to be in a specific kind of pain that is of total importance to me. however, where the product of writing is concerned, i.e. THE BOOK, i cannot say. i succeeded in suffering and in doing writing. the writing carried me someplace, like, it was a journey, i went somewhere. it did all this shit to my body. and it made people do things to my body, make love to it etc, there is something about writing, i don't know, i don't know. so yes, where the doing is concerned it was a success because it happened, it carried me through time. however, the book, the thing, that piece of shit? the faintest most pathetic residue of aliveness. i don't care about it. i just want the five grand.

4. yes, the project is very characteristic of my interests. history, genitals, the self-righteousness of the supposedly healthy, how crotches are made of hate and disease. etc. literature.

5. ideal result: i meet one or two people who become bosom friends thanks to this silly object. i realized the other day that some of my favorite writers admitted (brazenly) that they wrote in the hope of finding (and meeting) a kindred spirit or two. montaigne. celan. i am not one to aim any higher than the masters. one or two new friends would be a transcendent, a life-giving, an overwhelming success.

it would be a disaster if the thing was an indifferent piece of trash. i feel like it's horrible, which is ok, but if it was just whatever, i'd have a nervous breakdown. the book is a huge failure because it's not what i wanted it to be, and i can't go calmly to my grave having written it, because it doesn't begin to scratch the surface. maybe it's not indifference i fear. maybe my biggest fear is other people hating it as much as i hate it. yeah, that would be a disaster. wow, am i a hypocrite?

it's so great to meet all of you. "meet". well, i have been following your progress and enthusiasms with admiration for months.

9:06 PM  
Blogger math t said...

whee, as of now, i'm exactly 50% finished with my project.

love, math+

9:37 PM  
Blogger tigersare said...

hey maria mcgregor, i really like the photos on your blog! i'd love to see your zines when they're done.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Jax said...

Hey - how was the reading and stuff, dennis? Did it go okay?

Joe, I saw your letter! Very sharp and funny - AND now ya can listen to the world service on your new digi-radio:)

I've been out of the loop all week guys, sorry, my bf had a massive asthma attack Thursday night and had to be rushed to hospital - bloody drama queen:) He's fine now, home and recouperating, and I've been doing my Nurse Jax bit all week, supervising meds, bedbaths, rectal temperature-takings etc etc (okay, I made up the last two)

The asthma attack was triggered by a chest infection, which we all thought was just a cold that wouldn't go away:(

Okay, anyway - projects: the two script-projects have moved on. The new draft of the diamond-heisting old ladies one is with my director/ producer, just waiting for his notes. This project goes into turnaround from its previous funders in two weeks time (I got money to develop it, but in return they got the rights to it for a year) so if we're both happy with this draft, he tries to flog it to someone as son as the rights return to me.

The Locksmith has been through two drafts already, is now back to the drawing board and being reconcieved (as you know) in prose first, new working title 'The Concierge'.

One thing I am finding with scripts as opposed to working in prose / fiction, is that with scripts I could edit for ever - anyone else find this? With novels / fiction, it seems to be easier to call a halt, for some reason: with scripts - maybe cos of the visual / aural component? - there';s just so many ways one can express something, the choice just kills me. Well, I love it actaully, but it does mean stuff goes fucking on and on:)

Wonder if you find this with the radio play of 'Jerk'?

Anyway, the 2nd project is accordingly back at the start...

Joe, did Amanda get back to you? Did you email her? if not, do you maybe want to? Just to get your name back into her mind?

Today I got this 'Meet the Scientists' lunch thing, organsied by the BBC, trying to get more science / engineering ideas into TV drama. four writers, four scientists, too much good food, we'll all be asleep by 2!

Oh, btw? Yuri's job? It's not with an atelier, is it?:) And on that subject, I;d love Antonio to do a 'Couture' Day...go on, Ant: you know you wanna:) OR..maybe an Ant / Yuri couture day colab?

11:48 PM  
Blogger Tosh said...

The two Vian/Sullivan books hopefully will come out Spring 2007.

I had a rather great famous person moment this afternoon.

I just had lunch on the Sunset Strip and I noticed at the Tower Records parking lot there was a live cow, David Lynch sitting on a chair, and a man playing an electric piano. There wasn't a large crowd around him. He had a huge banner of Laura Dern behind him - so he was promoting his latest film - but without the attention of the press, etc. a few people who passed by started taking photographs of him or with him.

I went inside Tower Records and bought my favorite album of the year - Scott Walker's "The Drift" and went out to the parking lot to give this album to David Lynch. He said thanks and asked my name. I told him my name is Tosh - and he said "Tosh thank you." At that point I walked on. A very nice man.

12:11 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

- antler, that is just truly awesome, congratulations to the power of one million!!! one day you'll be able to read it and feel proud, truly. i absolutely loathe and detest my book about globalisation but my colleague gave me this great piece of advice, which was not to read it for 10 years! he said only then will i be able to look at it with any sort of objectivity. so my advice would be: (a) don't read your book for 10 years(!) and (b) ENJOY THIS MOMENT!!! you've not only had your book published but won a prize for it - that's PHENOMENAL!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
p.s. tony o'neill - just seen your post too - CONGRATULATIONS, STAR!!

12:35 AM  
Blogger maria mcgregor said...

tigersare, thanks! the first zine will be mostly drawings and collages, but i'll let you know when they get done and i could probably send you a copy if you like!

1:38 AM  
Blogger Jax said...

Meant to say this earlier: adjoun? Just watched the ‘Crossing the Bridge’ dvd – really enjoyed it, wonderful shots of Istanbul and a real insight into the city’s music scene. My favs were the wee rapper (you knew it would be though, yeah?) and the 86 year old lady who sang the song about being a drunk:) So thanks again for mentioning it and I totally recommend this film for anyone who thinks they know Turkish music or wants to maybe discover it.

Also meant to say this: for anyone who’s thinking of giving up smoking? When I was at the hospital with my bf, two different nurses told us that it’s far healthier to cut down rather than stop completely. I know this flies in the face of accepted medical opinion, but it seems when you smoke, it kills off these wee hairs in your lungs which attract infection. The human body being an amazing thing, however, when you stop smoking these wee hairs grow back. Tom smoked for…gawd, 25 years? Not one asthma attack (he was asthmatic as a kid) and excellent general health. He gives up for two years, and he gets hit with chest infections every winter and the worst asthma attack he’s ever experienced.

Food for thought maybe? For myself, I’m gonna try to cut down once more.

Oh, also? Jheorgge? Sorry to hear the screen-writing course isn’t all you hoped it would be:( Have you considered talking to Mark about this? He might be able to help. Failing this, as you say, just make the year work for you whatever way you can, network like crazy, prepare yourself for entering the world of work and take full advantage of your current ‘student’ status.

You know about ‘Roughcuts’, I take it? They’re always looking for people to write articles / columns for them, and although it doesn’t pay money it can be a great way of raising your profile within the industry. I did this for two years and yeah, I have to say it did feed through into employment, albeit obliquely and very longterm.

This goes for you too, Joe, btw:)

Lastly, can I just congratulate everyone on their respective projects. It can be a bloody long, long road to wherever you’re going, whatever your chosen creativity. But hey, maybe it IS better to travel than arrive:)

3:24 AM  
Blogger Land of the Bat said...

My new project is a another novel, called EXTERIORS, about a lost, ragtag group of Earth Liberation Front members, all searching for meaning, themselves, what to care about, what to do. I love this novel, because I like the idea that people can't only be one thing, but I've given it up once already, so I hope I don't have to give up on it again. I'd like to sell it by the end of 2007.

8:21 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

David Lynch

11:00 AM  

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