Saturday, July 29, 2006

p.s. Hey. So it's my last full day here in LA, and it's a see my mom and family one. This is the point in the trip where I'm forced to realize I'm not home, as much as it feels like being home, I'm just visiting my home. So I'm feeling really melancholy. And so it goes. ** David e. patton, It's startling to hear you received that kind of idiotic treatment in Boulder. But then, never having been there, Boulder essentially means Naropa to me. I don't know why I have this persistent image in my head of Colorado as a relaxed, enlightened place since the voting record there speaks to the contrary. I hope your upcoming trip is a good one, and great luck at your reading, not that you need the luck. Thanks a lot for sharing that. ** Dynomoose, Those 'life lessons' figurines are wacky. The crazy cat lady action figure I saw elsewhere was a lot less dignified, but that 'Discovery' one is funnier. I got your video, yikes. I'll try to find a place for it here, which shouldn't be too hard. Thanks, pal. ** Jack, I'm transparent tastes incarnate, and yours seem a lot more mysterious relatively, trust me. I just recalled you being a bit more into the hunky side of things than I am. But then I guess I could be saying that to almost anyone in the world, couldn't I? ** Christopher michael stamm, Hey, there. It's awesome to see you. Thanks for the vote on the heterosexual porn. I haven't read the new Houellebecq yet, but you've gotten me all excited. Yeah, where's joshua van moore, I wonder. I was just wondering where motor inn went myself. People seem to pop back in eventually. You doing okay? ** Atheist, Thanks for that. Interesting trivia about Klark: being on a strange investigation of straight porn of late, most of it Russian it turns out, I see that most of the familiar young Russian models also do an equal amount of straight porn, but not Klark, as far as I can tell. And let's face it, Klark is a model who seems like he'll work for any gay porn site that wants him. So I thought that was interesting. My favorite of those Russian boys is Vitya, if you know him. I keep hoping for, but I fear my addiction is a relatively lonely one. ** Tosh, Patrick Dennis ... that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. What a lovely book he wrote. So with your constant, daily star sightings there at Book Soup, what has been the most personally mindblowing star encounter for you? ** Antonio, The P.Runway guy that made my blood run cold was the really pre-Stonewall looking, queeny one with the blowdried blond hair and hatchet face who designed those really conservative formal things. I don't remember his name, but I think they should market a Halloween costume of him. I totally get your argument for Kid A and OK Computer. The personal attachment thing and the missionaries for the more interesting things thing. Like I said, I don't hate them. It's the worshippers' fumes I hate. I mean give me Radiohead over, uh, The Raconteurs or Wolfmother or I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness (or whatever the fuck their name is), etc. Animal Collective: I purr along with you. ** Joe mills, Can that be really true that 'Friends of Dorothy' refers to Dorothy Dean? Really? I'm having a hard time believing it, but, if so, wow. ** Rigby101, No, I must have missed your question somehow. That said, I don't know Havoc or his work at all. Pray tell. What's the deal? ** Porcelain skull, Roy Harper, how cool. Your spooky story gave me a David Lynch-style rush. ** Tigersare, Giant thumbs up and bright green light on the Dorothy Previn Day. That would be wild. You know, I don't her work hardly at all. Just faint traces of it. My friend the poet David Trinidad is or was way into her. So you'll be doing me the favor of filling me in if you do the Day. So yes, please, and thank you, man. ** David ehrenstein, You actually saw Frank O'Hara in the flesh? I'm totally in awe. For some reason, it's hard for me to imagine him in corporeal form. Yeah, is he not god? Yeah, he is. ** Laurabethnoble, Gosh, hi. Awesome to see you indeed. You doing okay? What's going on? ** Imnotstopping, So you actually had encounters with Dorothy Dean? I'm in awe again. Hey, you want to help me do a Tim Dlugos Day? I think there should be one, but I'm not sure in what form. Just a thought. ** Morgan, On balance, from what you've said, I think you need to go to Austin. Will you really be alone? No friends there or anything? What is the offer, if you don't mind sharing? It is sad to think you'd have to break up your band, because the band's really good. Is there any way you could do a kind of trial run? I mean go out there, give it six months, and see if you're happy and into it, and then either cut ties back home or come back? I'm trying to think of a way you could have your cake and eat it too, as it were. But look, what's the worst that could happen if you move to Austin? I mean you could just come back to Florida one day if need be, no? You say it's one of your dreams to go there. That's a pretty stong argument for going there. And moving there doesn't really seem dangerous on any level. You can always go elsewhere if it sucks. I think you want to go. Semi-believing in fate as I do, I think the offer could easily be fateful. I think you should go, don't you? ** Steve, Hey. I'm into Bill Jones' films for sure. He's also a friend, and a really great person. I haven't seen V.O., although I was just getting raved at about it from people who have two days ago. Very cool of you to being him up here. Thanks a lot. ** C., Man, I think that was most beautiful thing you've ever written here, which is saying a lot. It made my mind a whirl, or, in the words of the great Arthur Lee, 'it made my soul a sail.' ** 5stringaphasia, But did you see that Radiohead documentary 'Meeting People is Easy' (or something like that)? They just seem so, so not fun, unlike Pantera. ** Adjoun, You're going there for vacation or ...? You been to Istanbul before? I haven't, but those I know who have speak of it with glory in their voices. Cool for you. ** Vomitingghosts, Sorry the Joseph Cornell Day is taking an emotional toll, but then again, if it didn't, the Day would suck, you know? So I greatly appreciate your willingness to suffer. I wonder if Jamie Stewart reads this blog. It wouldn't shock me. Not that I think he does. But he might. Hey, Jamie, are you there? ** So make your guesses if you like, and avoid melancholy because I can't say I recommend it. Oh, and like I said, I'll put a post up tomorrow/Sunday unsually, but not on Monday unusually. Take care.


Blogger SYpHA_69 said...

Well, my number guess is 17.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Christopher Michael Stamm said...


Hey Dennis, I'm doing well, yeah. I've decided to just post here from work, weird looks and possible punishments be damned. If I see that it's a porn-themed day I scroll past the cocks really quick in the hopes no one sees. It's like being a kid again.

I'm currently drowning in esoterica and outre science: Rudolf Steiner, Dean Radin, John Mack, Terrence McKenna--silly silly, I know I know. I'm reading about crop circles, even. I guess this is what happens when the day to day starts seeming really impoverished. I'm starting to realize that being a lifelong atheist has made me really susceptible to quasimystical street-corner cranks and avant garde scientific suggestions, strangely. Like the believer in me is ready to come out and play, and ready to buy anything. It's all in good fun, and I'm not joining Aum Shinrikyo anytime soon, but my head is certainly in some kind of thought-cloud lately.

Crossing my fingers for lucky number 82,


10:39 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Classicist that I am, I'm guessing 69.

Kay Thompason had a wonderful vocal arrangement for "Pick a Number From One to Ten."

10:40 AM  
Blogger jose said...


10:41 AM  
Blogger Callum said...


I'm so glad to see the return of the blog contest - obviously more in hope than expectation - but gives a little frisson to the daily visit :-)

10:45 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

"Friend of Dorthy" was traditionaly a Garland cintation. But for those REALLY "in the know" it meant Dorothy Dean.

There's a marvelous biography of Patrick Dennis called "Uncle Mame." As you might expect he led quite a wild and odd life. The details, however, are much wilder and odder than anyone might expect.

10:45 AM  
Blogger jack said...

My guess is 61.

PLEASE PICK 61!!!!!!!!!!!

10:45 AM  
Blogger garrison said...


(fingers crossed)

10:49 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:07 AM  
Blogger vomitingghosts said...

Yeah, Cornell. He's intense. That's all I can manage right now but...

Is 69 too predicatable? So I pick 68.

11:13 AM  
Blogger nyc dork said...

Typically I'm a reader and not a poster, but another contest sounds like a good reason to say hello.

I'll guess 44.

I have a signed version of "Period" from you. You asked my name, wrote it down, shrugged your shoulders, and then drew a skull and crossbones underneath it. I ran away scared.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...


11:17 AM  
Blogger Laney said...

hi hi,

11:21 AM  
Blogger Skinny said...

23 please ! Thanks,


11:34 AM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

what a lovely idea! i'll go with 78
*crosses fingers*

as for james havoc i read his satanskin in the earlier 90's.. along with your books it re-energised my interest in words.. the initial question was have you done or are there recordings/audio novels of your books?
i have a treasured havoc LP and love to mix it into sets.. i was hoping you may have or plan to do some..

all the best to you and your mum
hope the food is better on the way back ;)

11:44 AM  
Blogger Doug_Wasted said...


12:14 PM  
Blogger Tosh said...

With respect to Dennis' request, I feel funny writing about the famous celebs that come to where I work. The fame thing is very weird and disturbing. But I will say that 99% of the well-known people are kind and polite to the sales people on the floor.

There is one (very famous) person who brings a whole army of personal with him. Usually five to six guys. What the star does is picks the book and the hired guy behind him takes the book to another person who in turn takes it to the front counter. The star never acknowledges the sales staff and I don't recall him talking to his army of assistants. His facial expression is more of a frown that says "stay away from me." Once he made his selection he goes to his car right away - while the assistant pays for the merchandise. And I have to add that the assistants or bodyguards are always professional and very nice with respect to saying 'thank you.' The star never even looks at the staff.

He comes in once a month and I find the whole procedure disturbing and sad.

I think Patrick Dennis is totally underrated. He's hysterical and really captures that Manhattan thing of the 50's.

Another really sophisticated writer from the past is Thorne Smith. I imagine David here knows him. Anyone else? His time period was the late 30's - and he died quite young. His novels are really funny - in fact he wrote the original Bewitched (the witch is actually quite evil in the novel) and two Topper books. So all of his novels deals with the supernatural who find themselves hanging out with the poor pathetic (and no fun) living people. They're basically screwball comedies - in the vain of Cary Grant, etc. I woudn't mind doing a Thorne Smith/Patrick Dennis blog day - but the time to do it -well, that's a problem. But anyway two writers to check up on that were very popular therefore subversive to the American culture of its time.

12:16 PM  
Blogger t.pkendall said...

I guess 46 C'mon. Just spent the nicest night/day of the summer so far....swimming in jeans at 7am, laying on the sand, drinking vodka, beer, cider and listening to belly with a couple of friends.



12:26 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Thorne Smith also wrote the sex change comedy "Turnabout" in which men and women exchange bodies and find out how the other half really lives. It's rarely shown, alas.

Hey Tosh -- is it Kevin Spacey?

12:48 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

Antonio - actually I think Warhol very much did exist - the persona that comes across from the diaries for one thing seems too consistent and human. Things like finding ex-lover Jed's sock in the washing after they split:'Have you any idea how depressing it is to find one sock?' And 'The Philosophy of...' - even if someone else wrote it, which seems likely. If it was Bob C or Brigid P or whoever - they were recording what Andy himself said or would say.

It's amazing how 'The Philosophy Of Andy Warhol' and Warhol's whole stance seems to become ever more relevent to every generation - it's the nihilism...
And the observation of and elevation of 'trivia' - like when he buys a big hunk of meat because he thinks he should eat meat then has toast and lime marmalade while talking on the phone then just spoons the marmalade straight into his gob - gives in and admits it was sugar he wanted all along!

And yes David E is surely right. Rather than destroying Edie,if she had stayed in his bubble and got off drugs they could have been phone and premier-attending pals for decades. Far more likely that Dylan was the culprit - that big macho world was too brutal for her. Once the sexual attraction fades there was nothing Edie had to offer them. But Andy and she could have gone on and on. Or maybe that's just a romantic fantasy on my part.

The other thing about Warhol is I think he said so little to so many people (maybe not to his real inner circle) that he became a lot of different things to different people - really he was a kind of Michael Jackson figure - so much written about him so many stories so many court cases - and yet does anyone really know if Jackson is gay straight paedophile, transvestite, asexual. Like Warhol, the more we know the more confusing the subject becomes.

Oh and isn't there a great bio pic to be made of Dorothy Dean!

Tosh I'm so dying to know who the aloof star was. You should have a guessing competition like DC's - I don't know who all stays in LA but it must be one of them. I was going to say Schwartzeneger
- but can he read? And Jackson is God know where these days otherwise I would have said him.
Clint Eastwood ? Bruce Willis ?

I know you won't tell...

Ant One - can't wait to hear what you thought of Vomiting's Ghost Day...

12:49 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Three people have guessed 17 already!

Recently my dad developed a strange obsession with the number 17. Ever since it started, I notice the number more and more wherever I go. I think I'm becoming obsessed with it now.

I was going to choose 17 as my guess here, but sypha 69 beat me to the punch. I was thinking of Andy Warhol when I guessed 15.

And when did I post my guess?... 11:17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*plays spooky organ music*

12:53 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

i have a tendancy to see 23 everywhere
as for clocks i usually look at them at 4:04 23:23 8:08 etc.
there is also 13:37 but that is really geeky

1:07 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Not sure how long Edie would have lasted had she stayed with Andy. He always saw himself as a launching pad for people and really didn't expect her to stay. I say she was doomed from the beginning what with that awful family and her brothers committing suicide and all.

Andy wasn't at all like Michael Jackson. His lovers were well within the acceptable age range. As you've discovered from the Diaries and "The Philosphy of," Andy was exceedingly articulate. But he loved to pose as a naif. still things would seep out, generally in offhand remarks. Once he was talking with me about Antonioni's Red Desert, which had just opened. He was starting to make a rather complex point as to why he didn't care for it related to the history of abstract expressionism when he suddenly caught himself and shut down. More than anything else he hated to appear pretentious.

1:20 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

I didn't mean he was like Michael Jackson in that way!

Fascinating what you say about first hand experience of his articulateness and intelligence. That is so obvious from the books - but I can't think one bit of film with Andy saying anything more intelligent than

'Uh yes. Uh no. Uh yes.' (Laughs)

'Mashed potatoes and beans. My favourate.'

But everybody knew it was an act.
Didn't they ?

1:40 PM  
Blogger aaron said...


2:00 PM  
Blogger statictick said...

Number: 24.

Dennis: Check your email when you get a chance.

Mr. Stamm: Email me, please.

All: Peace.


2:06 PM  
Blogger Blake said...

i wonder what i could do to win all 4...


either way my guess is 85,
the year of my lovely birth.

hope all is well dennis, its insane as usual over here.


2:08 PM  
Blogger hedi said...

hello Dennis, I have been in Baja with Sylvere for a few days to escape the heatwave, it's lovely down here, a mix between a moroccan state beach in a crowded summer day and Malibu. You didn't saty very long and I hope you still managed to have some fun in LA outside of all the lawyers stuff...
I am claiming the number 24 for myself, if nobody elses mind, it's my lucky number.

Tosh, I say Michael Jackson, but i know he used to like shopping at Hennessy and Ingalls

2:15 PM  
Blogger c said...

naif \nah-EEF; ny-\, adjective:
1. Naive.

1. A naive or inexperienced person.

look it up i mean i looked it up wasn't sure i though naif was some kind of fairy like you know like an imp or something

2:18 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

where is Joe Dallesandro now? besides the warhol films i thought I Love You, I Don't was fantastic

2:30 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Rigby101, I see 23 everywhere too. That and 33 and 93.

When I visited London earlier this year I saw those numbers all over the place. My friend there lives in flat #17.

2:35 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...


2:39 PM  
Blogger Dynomoose said...

32. I'd make an actual commenty but I have a damp little-one squirming on my lap.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Christopher Michael Stamm said...

For you 23 freaks out there:

3:00 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

I don't really know much of Radiohead. Just the popular songs and the general sound and time relativities. I have not seen the video. I doubt I will ever hear them much ever again. It's a hard life being a rock-star LOL. I am about at reading lips. Obsessed with silence and literature. Very, "the Heavy Metal Kid". If it ain't Phil, it just ain't nothin'..., is basically the thread. Anyway, c'est la vie. Awesome competition, you're so fun. Hope you enjoyed L.A. Safe and pleasant travels. Many thanks, come on 37

3:11 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...


3:28 PM  
Blogger Tosh said...

No, so far no one has guess the true identity of the star.

I feel kind of weird talking about this on the blog. I think a bookseller is sort of a lawyer/client relationship. The thing is when you read an interview with him, one would think he's approacable if seen on the street. But the fact is that he seems to be surrounded by security at all times. Maybe he got serious death threats? I don't know. I can sort of respect where he's coming from - but I wouldn't want to live my life that way.

Kevin Spacey seems to be an ok type of guy. Michael Jackson??? Many many years ago I was at an used bookstore on Ventura Blvd. (I am sure it's not there anymore) and I was on my knees looking at the film book section. When I turned my head to the right, I saw the most beautiful shoes. When I slowly looked up it was Michael Jackson. It seems that he went to this store a lot - because he talked to the woman on the front counter and used her first name - and she did the same with him. This was 'Off the Wall' time period. It's not like that anymore!

3:36 PM  
Blogger BrooklynSerpico said...


I'll post it here too.

Loved Dorothy dean day David.

Haven't commented lately, but been in a bit of a funk.

3:41 PM  
Blogger porcelain skull said...


killer luca's ''billy'' has passed into the ether,

: (

so, tomorrow, we, those of us who have gardens,

should step lightly and whisper the name billy over the grass, in thanks,

and write his name on paper and finger it beneath the earth,



3:46 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

cms - i'd forgotten about tha mayan thing.. here in london we'll just have finished paying for the 2012 olympics.. wonder if it'll be worth it?

4:01 PM  
Blogger Dynomoose said...

tonight, I will light a candle in remembrance of Billy.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Christopher Michael Stamm said...

I'm not sure about that date in the disinfo article. I just finished a book about 2012 and the date given there is December 21, 2012. I am going to throw the best fucking apocalypse party regardless. If shit doesn't hit the fan on the 21st I'll just keep the party going 'til the 23rd. And the Olympics are always worth it.

4:16 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Everybody who knew Andy knew his dumbness was an act. Performance Art avant la lettre as it were.

The person you should really steer clear of, tosh is Mel Gibson!

4:49 PM  
Blogger xkoesj said...


hey dennis, how's it going?

4:59 PM  
Blogger pete said...

i never comment here, though i read often. can't resist this.


5:35 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

i still say andy didnt exist! it wouldnt be the first time something like this has happened.. as we all well know... infact it probably would have been easier.. because the intronet didnt exist..

andy wherefore art thou? is pat hackett rosemary woods?

there was just a storm and the sun is setting, guess how amazing it looks..

man, there aasre so many numbers alreaydh!! so i doubt i have a chance of winning anything.. hmm.. and also i couldnt remember all the numbers that have already been chosen.. DENNIS YOU NEED TO MODIFY THIS NUMBER PROGRAM!!!!

david you need to make the Dorothy Dean wikipedia article! because it doesnt exist!! ormaybe it does and im just REEALLY bad at navigating google..?? anyways DO THAT!

ChrisMStamm- man, totally.. right now im like reading all this random shit about rosicrucianism.. and its so weird.. and like old alchemical stuff.. because rosicrucianism really interests me in that it doesnt really have set practices, its more like a spiritual ideal attained via any means necessary.. it just so happens to be tied into alot of old alchemy stuff and egyptian stuff.. but its pretty much been molded into whatever anyone wants it to be through the ages.. like the OTO added a ton of crazy egyptian stuff and the masons added all their weird shit.. and its really just random.. like DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT BITCHES!!

hmmmm.. anyways.. yep.

5:54 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

mel gibson gives me the fear.. he's just a lunatic with power

here's an aesthetic question - 199 or 200

6:30 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

whoops jeff - is the 93 current?

6:32 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Well the Dorthy aritlce is from Bill's book -- whcib I'm trying to sell on ebay. So go there and buy, Antonio. Early Plastic is full of fab stuff: Nico, Donayle Luna, Janis Joplin, Tim Hardin, Barbara Parkins helping Bill during a bad acid trip. You name it!

6:51 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Here's Bill in the 60's (Hubba-Hubba!)

And here's a more recent pic

6:54 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

haha DAVID! i would like to keep him!
early plastic is NOW ON THE LIST!

7:24 PM  
Blogger tigersare said...

I want a signed copy of Little Caesar #1 so bad you wouldn't believe!!!!
dennis, i'll get to work on the dory previn day. i'm have to track down her autobiogrpahy first so it might take a little while...

8:51 PM  
Blogger Killer Luka said...

AW alex rose and dynomoose,
thatsh sho shweet.

i still have 2 baby Billies, grains of sand that they are. i hope they live.

thanks you guys.

numb number: 1

8:56 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Rigby, 93 is the number I noticed the most when I was in London. I also listened to Current 93 a lot while I was there.

I notice 23 more often than 93 or 17.

I feel so flakey writing about this stuff.

There's a weird essay by "Krafty 23" at Myspace about 23:

9:23 PM  
Blogger Will said...

I'll say 53 -- it's a lovely and neglected prime number, the most isolated in the first century of integers (it's six steps away from its kindred on both sides.) It doesn't hurt that it's sort of in the middle. I've always remembered 1953 as the year when the Korean War came to an uneasy halt, when Stalin did the world a favor and died, and most especially when the nature of DNA was first made known -- but it doesn't hurt that it's the year that our well-esteemed author was born in. May the luckiest fan win!

9:31 PM  
Blogger Glenda said...

# 42, please.

Killer Luka, I'm so sorry to hear about Billy.

David E., I loved your blog day on Dorothy Dean. What a fascinating woman!


9:37 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

jeff - an american friend of mine when here
insisted on playing lucifer over london and then
before we could go out..
she was beautifully mad

and i hope will wins just for the way he explained 53

9:54 PM  
Blogger Morgan said...

hey there dennis. well it looks like my attractive offer for austin isn't so attractive afterall. what happened was an ex-boss of mine who is a really nice guy offered to have me rent out a room, since he's moving there. but to put a long story short, it's not a very stable situation since he doesn't know what he's going to do for work or where he's going to live. i figure i'll stick it out a few years here, with my band and all and then see what happens. i feel better now at least.

10:25 PM  
Blogger paradigm said...

hey dennis,

been meaning to post for a while but my brains struggling to remember the codes ah well stress and new jobs will do that

anyway just wanted to say that i'm still looking to compose and write the christos tsolkias day and was wondering how to send it along to you

also just wanted to ask: have you ever seen the docu 'lessons of anatomy' by gunter von hagen the docu is gunter performing autospies of corpses live on tv last week he opened up the chest of the body and filled up the lungs with fake blood, during the first week he removed all the skin of the body and then squeezed the bicep muscles moving the flesh covered skeleton fingers up and down

the docu's caused quite the fuss here in australia mainly for the joy that gunter gets from disssecting the bodies and i must admit there are scenes that i found quite squimish but then i'm something of weak one for bodily penetration and disection

just thought i'd also add to the list of well wishers by saying good luck with the tourist visa application

okay i relaise now that 53 has been said so i go for 51, k?

1:11 AM  
Blogger Jax said...

Wow David E, yeah...Mel Gibson - scary man, I am sure. How could someone who looked so amazing in 'Mad Max' turn out to be such a total nut-job?!

Dennis, hope yesterday went well for you and glad to hear your mum is doing better. I know it's tough that you got to leave LA, but finger crossed it won't be for long, eh? Then it'll be you and Yury, pal.

I'm sort of too angry and upset about Lebanon to post much right now, I'm afraid...

Oh, that doc about Zidane? It's premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival, so gonna try and get tickets. Will report back:)

Take care guy

1:35 AM  
Blogger dave said...

16, thanks Dennis.

4:47 AM  
Blogger adjoun said...

oooh come on, its number 3 of course, what are all guessing at? of course it's 3! isn't it dennis?

4:50 AM  
Blogger james said...

I guess 66.

5:35 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Well Hollywood is the land of a Thousand Nut Jobs. But Mel Gibson clearly has a place apart. Here he is, a big star for over two decades and one of the most successful filmmakers of all time yet he's one of the most nasty moiserable sons of bitches to ever draw breath.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

My Guess: 48...I thank you...

So, finally moved into my new house this morning, such an overwhelming relief, and a relatively easy endeavour too...

Uncle Dennis, my copy of 'Triptych' just arrived, I'm so looking forward to immersing myself in it - having been totally impoverished for months, the anticipation of buying books post-poverty has been mounting I've got some Pinget arriving soon golden thanks for the continued education...

Yes, so nice to see Mr Robert Wyatt referenced here recently, perhaps someone should do a Robert Wyatt day, hmmm? Rock Bottom is such an enduring and astonishingly singular work. Plus, he's a lovely, sweet, humane, compassionate old geezer, and a great manipulator of phrases...he seems to have evolved a thoroughly idiosyncratic - and hermetically Wyatt-esque - musical grammar, so to read of him referenced next to Scott Walker is very appropriate indeed.

Ok, I'm so exhausted...Tom K, that seaside debauch sounds idyllic, and just what you've needed, long may it reign..remain in the sea, man... I'll mail you soon.

Oh, Dennis, yeh, Jamie Stewart is totally up for being interviewed for my zine, which is obviously pretty great. I'll get some questions to you soon too if that's cool?


7:36 AM  
Blogger Tosh said...

Is Mel Gibson a nasty character or just eccentric? He's one of the very few who I haven't seen yet at my job. He strikes me as someone who came from a very strange family situation (is his father a lunatic?), but I loved his performance in 'Payday.' Is that the name of the film? It is based on one of the Richard Stark caper novels. The same story as John Boorman's Point Blank (a greater film of course)

I know he's very conservative and has an issue with homosexuality that seems to be nutty. Did you interview him David?

8:38 AM  
Blogger CAUTIVOS said...

Dear Dennis, time after time... i don't read more book in July but i can see more Tv. bluf. I'm too upset. I only can doing minimal existentialism way. I feel that i need write my own experience day by day pass to pass. I wolud like fell now than a Roquetin biography writer, but isen't this thing. I try to be entretainimg while i 'm integrating definitly in the simply way of life.
P.S. Do you like six feet under or the Sopranos? Hugs

9:42 AM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

Oh, re: The 23 Enigma... I realised the other day that John Balance died on my 23rd birthday, thus ending Coil's 23 year career. But it wasn't my fault, ok?!

Wow, I might do a day on the number 23. Whaddya reckon Meestah Cooper?


10:28 AM  
Blogger richard said...

12:06 PM  
Blogger richard said...

12:07 PM  
Blogger richard said...

tigersare - a friend in ottawa, canada is selling old books of mine, stored for 30 years in an old chicken coop on a farm, but quite well preserved. she has previn's 'midnight baby' and i think the sequel 'bog trotter' available. email me at if you'd like to contact her directly to get them; i'll tell her to sell them for the shipping cost only (though canada to australia might be somewhat steep by air. when i was going through late-teen early-20s funks, listening to her LPs over and over again always made me feel better - she was so much more depressed! i still have four or five of her records...but no turntable...

by the way, the prize to lust after in the current contest is 'discontents' - the 'userland' of its era.
stan leventhal, a great friend long passed, and michele karlsberg, still a great friend, published some superb books after they founded Amethyst Press; it foundered not long after they sold it to a fellow who could con the stripes off a zebra but had no concept of what a good book was; that's why the collection was never re-printed.

12:16 PM  
Blogger richard said...

oops - sorry for the repeats; i thought the word verification was bouncing my postings.

12:17 PM  
Blogger michael_karo said...

i'll post it here too...33

12:24 PM  
Blogger molfe said...


You don't know me.

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