Friday, July 28, 2006

p.s. First, major thanks to the all-knowing, all-seeing David Ehrenstein and his pal Bill for today's magnificence. Do devour and post your thoughts. Oh, before I forget, due to my traveling schedule, which gets me out of here on Sunday and back in Paris on Monday, I'm going to take this Monday off instead of the usual Sunday. So there'll be a post on Sunday, though probably not a wildly ambitious one. This has been my most unreportable LA trip, I think. There's really nothing much to share with you other than the visa-related stuff, but if by some miracle the tourist visa comes through, the next trip will a lot more worthy of anecdotes and pix galore, I think. But even expressing hope on that front fills me with anxiety, so I'll move on. ** Ronnie, Your captions gave that pic the soul I was hoping to suggest in quite a brilliant manner. So thank you, my collaborator. ** Maximum etc., I think you're right about her being the first 'naked' woman here, or on camera naked at least. I hope it doesn't cause a little riot here, but I think there might be more and better female nudity upcoming since I seem to be strangely more fascinated by strange heterosexual porn than strange gay porn these days. Still, I'll try to be strange and judicious about it. ** Adjoun, saa viccenzo, Sadly, that's a pic I've had floating around on my desktop for about a year, and I don't remember where I got it or what it's from. Sorry. ** C., I'm not a big Bel Ami fan, apart from their early stuff, but Josh Eliot, the peener sporting 'crying' model in that photo you liked is more than a bit of allright in my book. And I couldn't figure which picture it was that you didn't like. The guitar strumming one? ** An exploratory finger, That wicked pic is from a bizarre porn site called Retromature which concentrates on mom-son incest with the twist of historical settings and costumes. The weirdest thing is that in every picture from that site that I've seen, the models are always gazing confusedly off into space rather than each other, even when they're doing the hot and heavy, which I guess is the site's tip of the hat to historical paintings or something. ** Michael karo, Sorry about the boner quashing. Gosh, to me that wallpaper is the key. But then I'm all into melancholy in porn. If the models were lying on a bed in some West Hollywood apartment, I don't know that I would have grabbed and dragged that pic into your field of vision. Which is not to say your boner is unimportant to me. ** Nikolas, Well, white space porn must exist, but I can't think of an example off the top of my head. It's a good idea though. If I ever get to do my 'Citizen Kane' porn film, I'll implement your idea. Sorry I haven't written you back. Rough times here. Soon, my friend, and much appreciated. Wait, Scott Treleaven is moving into Centre International des Recollets? Well, that's cool, if so. You should definitely move in, but, before you start planning it, know that the place is not cheap at all. Yury and I pay 900 euro a month for a very small, dorm room like joint. That's one of the big reasons being over there needs to come to an end: I'm going very broke. But otherwise, yeah, join the party. ** David ehrenstein, My direct huge thanks to you for today. Betty Hutton in a hurricane: you nailed me. This trip is turning out to be the winding down business trip I suspected, so I'll be deprived of your presence just a little longer. I'm telling you, though, if Yury's and my dream of the impossible dream comes true, it'll be LA party time within a few weeks. ** The darwinist, Hi, welcome. I really appreciate that. Yeah, the UK is almost up there with the US on the fascist front. From what I understand, getting Yury a UK tourist visa would not a smidgen easier than getting a US one. Shocking to me, but then Tony Blair is just like shocking central, isn't he? Anyway, thank you. ** Jose, I feel like I know that feeling you describe very well, I think I get it quite a lot when I remember the alone times in my childhood. So, yeah, I'm totally with you. Doesn't anyone else here have that sensation? ** Bett, Hm, you know I'm kind of stumped as to what to ask SJ. My suggestion is to get some basic work related questions together to ask, thereby satisfying your employer, and in the actual interview, grab onto the things she says in her answers that more offbeat and interesting, and pursue them in the moment. I've done that. And the truth is, employers actually end up loving that shit as long as there's some kind of work context. So I guess my main advice is to pay close attention to her answers focusing particularly on the things in her answers that signal what she's longing to talk about, and then follow her unspoken lead. She'll love you for that, and it'll work like a charm interview-wise. Does that make sense? ** Robert-nyc, So how come you didn't take a pic of your kitsch collection for our home interiors Self-Portrait Day, young man? Maybe I'll have to do a kitsch collection day. ** James, It's good to see you. Oh, I'm sorry about the demeaning work you're having to do. Look, it's dust in the wind, you know? Annoying, time consuming dust in the wind, but nevertheless. You're such a talented, amazing guy, and a stupid job is just a temporary interruption, remember that. Anyway, with your brain, couldn't you get a more interesting job? That seems bizarre to me, though I've never had a real job, so what do I know? I'm really glad you like Milhauser. I think he's really special, one of the rare American fiction writers who's working in a really pure way. That's great. Really, I hope you can tough out this crappy work phase without losing your great spirit and originality. Don't let it overly get to you, okay? ** Xkoesj, So you've gotten the tattoo by now, yes? Does it hurt? Take a pic so we can see it. And you're another one with a job unsuitable for your greatness. Fuck it, you know? Are you still digging being in Sydney? I will write you soon. ** Dynomoose, What is a 'life lessons' figurine? ** 5stringaphasia, Dude, you're so kind. I'll stick to my guns as long as you do. ** Antonio, Well, I only bought two tapes from them 'cos the first two I bought were the broken ones. Oh fuck, I'm not going to remember that tape's name. Insane looking: oh, that's my LA speak for incredibly cute. His stage name is/was Edgar. Russian boy, maybe 20, did some work for Dolphin, did a not very good SEVP video. I never saw the tape, so I dont know if it was good, but it was the sequel to another video whose name also escapes at the moment, that was really good and really simple -- four Russian boys in a sauna having sex, that's it. But there was no music, and it was miked so you heard every breath and little crack of their knees and ankles and the squishing of saliva in their kisses, and they were very vocal during the sex, but not in an irritating fake way, just like every little thing from the slight movement of a finger to whatever else had an audio equivalent that they were incapable of suppressing. Anyway, that was my only TLAVideo experience. Yury would indeed be riveted by Project Runway were he able to see it, but he would be saying how ugly and stupid everything was at the same time, 'cos he's a no compromise kind of guy on the fashion front. Artstar: wow, have you seen any of it? Lastly, and I'll keep this brief, but I'm one of the Radiohead haters. Well, actually, I don't hate them. I hate the worshipping of them. It drives me crazy. Like is mainstream rock so lame that Radiohead's borrowed progressive stylistics and holier than thou attitude about their work and aggressive literacy really so special? And I know the answer is probably yes, but I think they're mucho mucho overrated. They're like a prog version of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. I know my opinion is the unpopular one, and it's terrible of me to fantasize giving pitchfork a virus in retaliation for their part in fostering the Radiohead is God phenomenon, but I don't care. Thom Yorke solo album: phooey! Am I crazy, antonio? You know I'm not. So what's the solution? ** Jack, God, what a prick, but my magic shop experiences tell me that the guys who work in those shops really are total snobs about that kind of stuff. You like Bel Ami, right? Josh Eliot is probably a little too fey for you, no? Yes? ** David c., I pray the temperature drops before your charity walk. I keep hearing it's supposed to lower this weekend over your way. It's inching cooler here, I think. But then I thought that yesterday at this time of the morning, and yet the boiling returned. ** Atheist, Hi and welcome. Well, here's my theory. Klark used to have the King Twink of Russia field to himself. His site got swamped with members. Then Ton came along and stole some of his thunder. And others followed Klark's lead like Ricky and the others. And with a zillion photo sets of Klark getting porked, he started to seem like an old shoe. And then Mike, the new Russian twink superstar came along, and Klark fell way back in the field. That said, I think Klark is fine. He's been doing a lot of guest appearances on Mike's site and others, and the photos would appear to be quite recent, although I do think the fact that Klark hasn't seemed to age a minute in five plus years of debauchery is a little strange. So, long story short, I think Klark is fine, but I think he's in the 'guest star/character actor' phase of his career. Does that help at all? ** Joe mills, I liked Superman Returns. I didn't think it was great or anything. I thought the ending was kind of belaboured. But as a summer blockbuster fan, I enjoyed it. I'm speaking as someone who has some discrimination about blockbusters. Although I think I might be quirky in my tastes too. I hate the Spiderman movies. I think they're totally empty, fake, mechanical crap. Yet I totally enjoyed Poseidon, which everyone else I know thinks is nuts. Anyway, I liked SR. I'm with you. ** Brian curtin, Yes, please contribute to my upcoming art crit day. I'd be honored. Just let me figure out how to do it, and watch this space. But yes, please. Oh, and belatedly, it was really nice of your boyfriend to post such kind words here earlier this week. Please thank him for me, or, if he's reading this, thank you. ** Lots to do today, not enough time to do it. Be well, and all praise to Dorothy and David and Bill.


Blogger Dynomoose said...

I hope this URL isn't too long for blogger:
If it is go to: and search life lessons
These figurines started out as a joke on TLC commercials but there was a demand so they decided to produce them.

11:14 AM  
Blogger jack said...

Are my tastes that transparent? I wouldn't kick him out of bed, but yeah -- Josh Eliot doesn't get my heart racing like, say, a Tommy Hanson with his legs in the air

That said, the picture you posted of him yesterday has an appealing, drugged-out, Nan Goldin sheen to it.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Christopher Michael Stamm said...

Yes, more sick hetero porn please!

:) (haven't used an emoticon in years, jeez)

Anyone here read the new Houellebecq? I loved loved loved it. Acerbic and bleak as fuck, but gorgeous and unexpectedly tender, too. It pushed all of my apocalypse buttons.

I've been reading but not posting because of my hugely retarded laptop accident--whatever happened to Joshua Van Moore? Are you there dude?


11:31 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

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11:43 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

p.s. i meant nearly cry as in feel sad by the way - i'm not an evil unfeeling mo-fo!

11:47 AM  
Blogger Tosh said...

David, this is a great blog. Fascinating woman during a fascinating period of time in an once fascinating city - New York City. When I was reading you and Bil's comments - I thought of Patrick Dennis for some reason. I love Patrick Dennis!

Dennis, I too don't fully understand the Radiohead fan base. I can't figure out why the fans don't go towards Robert Wyatt or Scott Walker. It is obvious that Radiohead are fans of those two artists. So why don't their fans do some homework and check these guys out.

I think Thom Yorke has a voice that is easy on the ears. He sounds sad -and I like some of his records - including 'Creep.' But Radiohead is sort of an one-note experience for me. Scott on the other hand is taking me to many levels - and Wyatt is a master. Strange enough I have never seen Yorke where I work (at a bookstore) but I do see the other guys a lot when they're in L.A. Nice gentlemen.

12:04 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

DAVID EHERENTSTEIEEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you do it?
im a virgin to Dorothy Dean so this will be my portal..
your fablog is JUST as insanely thorough..
i bet you could list a bibliography from memory..

ooh ok CUTE.. i thought you meant his head was misshaped or something..
i say alot of stuff is "insane".. which means that it's AMAZING.. but i still manage to confuse people because i make the 'disgusted-insane-saying-face'
like.. thats insane.....!! downard grimace contemplation face*.... but really that means that i am incredibly in love with whatever is making me do that..

yeah.. some of those dudes on P.Runway are SO ridiculous.. like that one fat dude who won!? what was his name? anyways HE SUCKED!! and really needed to die IN FRONT OF MINE EYES
Artstar: i havent seen any of it.. but i met the cast of reality characters.. and i actually may be seen in an episode.. unfortunately.. i hope not.. because i havent seen the episode.. but they made me sign releases.. i had to help them pick out materials and things they needed for stuff.. because.. uhh that was my job at the time.. it seemed like any other reality television show actually
sorta sad.. i guess it could have been really edgy and umm something.. but WHERE IS IT!? you'd think jeffrey would have a better sense of distribution or something.. but i guess not.. as it hasnt been seen by ANYONE EVER..
anyways if anyone has seen artstar, i was wearing a red and black striped blazer.. probably some necklace and i had long black hair.. also im completely silent nomatter what anyone says or asks of me.. i just keep motioning people to different items and things.. i did that because i really just didnt want the cameras to focus on me if i said anything.. which sorta didnt work because everyone kept asking me fucking questions anyways.. bitches..

man, RADIOHEAD.. hmm.. im a really unforgiving person.. and to me.. it would take a miracle for radiohead to garner the amount of respect for them that i had 4 or 5 years ago..
although emotionally.. OK Computer and Kid A are really touchstones for me.. because.. radiohead has GREAT timing.. or HAD great timing.. and OK Computer and Kid A at the time really were forward and popular at the same time.. which is SO fucking impossible to do..
i mean.. OK.. maybe Ok Computer was really just SUPERmelancholy Pink Floyd.. and maybe Kid A was Faust and Can via Aphex Twin.. but really.. who could do that and debut #1 on Billboard?
i mean.. i see radioheads importance as divided into two categories like that. CATEGORY ONE: whatever emotional impact the music has on the listener and CATEGORY TWO: the fact that radiohead can maintain artistic integrity and still sell ALOT..
i think pitchfork makes the mistake of concentrating on Radiohead being progressive.. which admittedly they aren't.. in the way they MAKE music.. (but they are in the way that theyve made whatever experimental shit theyve borrowed into something catchy and commerical)..
does anyone get this? im like confusing myself.. anyways.. alot of my respect for Radiohead isnt in the way they make music.. although i do believe they borrow alot of stuff and use it even better than whomever theyre borrowing from..
but really my respect for Radiohead comes in emotional importance of the albums.. like.. OK COMPUTER.. picture ME::. strange lonely 7th grader in catholic school meeting OK COMPUTER.. it changed my life.. like in the largest way anyone can think.. it was MY Gypsy petes.. i was scared of it and so impacted by it.. No Surprises basically explained to me everything.. Karma Police.. ohmygod..
ORR me:: now realizing just how "QUEER" i was, 9th grader in the middle of NOWHERESVILLE.. not knowing what to do and afraid of Apocalypso 2000... ALONG COMES KID A.. ohmygod.. YET ANOTHER seachange,,
but NOT ONLY KID A... GEORGE ROMERO, DAVID CRONENBERG, AND DARIO ARGENTO in the SAME NIGHT.. that night basically formed who i am today..
I think it was Halloween night 2000.. i had just bought KID A, i had my first real boyfriend.. and we had two tickets to an allnight Halloween Movie Fest featuring
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD uncut, MARTIN, RABID, and SUSPIRIA... we had never even heard of most of those movies.. we just vaguely knew they were HORROR movies.. we listened to KID A and made out.. then listened to it again and thought about it.. at first i sort of disliked it how could radiohead abandon whatever it was they were doing??
and then.. about a month later.. it really dawned on me.. so i start researching and going crazy.. and subsequently discovered everything that MADE KID A .. KID A.. aphex twin. boards of canada.. can.. faust.. ted curson.. autechre. berlin era bowie..the smiths. musique concrete..
up until KID A.. the only albums i had were Sgt. Peppers. Abbey Road. and like OK Computer.. crazy huh? but i hadnt connected any dots.. i hadnt said to myself THIS IS SO STRANGE!? where did they get these ideas!?
and KID A was a catalyst for that.. FOR ME.. so maybe someone just needs to be like 12-16 for Radiohead to have MAXIMUM emotional and intellectual impact.. i cant really imagine alot of people i love right now without radiohead.. because.. i mean.. although i hate the WORD.. radiohead were really very .. ugh.. postmodern..
and they really did make it ok for people to make those types of musical melanges and still keep them emotive and good.. right?
the one thing about radiohead that pisses me off is that their lyrics can be everso melodramatic sometimes.. i mean.. cant thom yorke just be a little more subtle about his depressions?
i guess right now im mainly pissed with radiohead because.. theyre.. not pushing it anymore really.. in the face of people like Xiu Xiu and Animal Collective.. radiohead are seeming so fucking conservative.. i mean.. xiu xiu.. ohmygod.. jamie stewart makes me loose my mind EVERDAY.. and animal collective.. ive tried to find their roots.. but really i cant..
the closest i come to is brian wilson and aboriginal music.. but animal collective have taken those inspirations and have somehow made a massive jump over a canyon seperating THEM NOW and what their musical roots are.. and really there isnt anything IN THE CANYON.. where is animal collectives missing link? it isnt seventies prog new age muzak.. it isnt anything psychedelic that ive heard.. alot of people mention the incredible string band and of montreal and thuja and alot of other shit.. but really i cant hear it.. i can hear it sometimes.. but when AC makes POP theyre truly making something that i have NEVER heard before..
jamie stewart.. i dunno WHERE he comes from? can someone tell me? he's much more confessional and violent than morrissey... his music i think comes from.. videogames or something.. i cant find his roots either!! WHAT THE HELL!? all those flutes and beats and things.. did jamie stewart just have a dream that laid everything out??? did some muse come to him and say jjaaaammmmiiee.. DISCOO BEEEEEAAATTT... acid oooboe... use sommme fluuuutes toooo jaamiee...jjaaammmieeee.. lissteen and reeelisten to ooold sseggaa geeenesis gamees... add sooome wwhite nooise.. siing abbbooout youur raaape?.. someone once mentioned Bright Eyes to me.. it made sense but i later dismissed it.. am i missing a bunch of stuff here?
so yeah.. radiohead is good to me, because theyre the only nostalgia i can really give into.. ii dunno where the xiu xiu and AC assessment come in.. i think that just came from me thinking about musicians i consider important right now..
really i think xiu xiu is the main one for me right now.. because.. what he writes and does is SO new and uncategorizable.. and AC the same.. i want to also give an honorable mention to Ariel Pink.. because.. maybe Ariel may be the bridge between ironic postmodernity and the still fetal new modernity..
anyways... im getting way in over my head and have literally written a novella right here.. so yeah... JESUS

maybe if some people helped me elaborate.. when i get to talking like this.. i just SPEW... i would have done better to make an outline..

12:11 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

You're thinking of Patrick Dennis because in many ways Dorothy was the BoHo Auntie Mame, tosh.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Mizu said...

David Ehrenstein, thank you for the Dorothy Dean day... this is wonderful stufff and I devoured it happily. There's more info on her here than I think I've ever seen combined from other sources.

But then again, I enjoy all of your posts quite a lot, especially the song lyrics!

12:44 PM  
Blogger bett said...


Ah yes, the art of listening. What a concept. You provided the missing link. Thank you. And David and Antonio, I hope to slip in some of your questions as well.


1:17 PM  
Blogger bett said...

Oh and David, I loved your Dorothy Dean post. I read the Hilton Als essay a long time ago and your stories really fill out the picture.

1:27 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Merci mizu! (and bett too.)

1:48 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

Loved your D D Day David!

I only recently found out that 'Friends of Dorothy' referred to Ms Dean rather than Dorothy in Wizard of Oz as I had always believed. So this was great all-new stuff for me, who thought he knew most of the Warholettes.

She 'was, without question, New York's most incurable diseuse.'
Love it.

You turned down The Plum! You could have been in Walk on the Wildside!

2:09 PM  
Blogger rigby101 said...

thankyou david that was extremely interesting.. i haven't followed up on any of it yet but it would be funny if it was all made up// antonio?

as for kid A i was realy pleased they did it.. i wasn't a fan of bends etc.. but KA turned a lot of grunge kids onto concrete and general experimental.. i think they could probably be sued for some of the stuff they nicked but whatever.. they did something none of me or my friends could do.. open millions of peoples eyes/ears

dennis - did my question about havoc annoy you.. i was just wondering.. i don't know if you've had disagreements or something

2:43 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

"Doo,doo-doo,doo-doo-doo, doo, doo."

2:46 PM  
Blogger porcelain skull said...

hey dennis,

im catsitting again,

i guess all i meant was that dont feel troubled about not having to be so prolific within this space, but i guess this works as an exercise, flexing that incredible zidane like muscle within your skull,


i went to see roy harper last night, he was awesome,


jose and the childred animals,

i remember hanging out with my friends,years ago, at the the edge of the housing estate, on the corner, there was a large hedge grow, and one night the bush just rumbled out a long evil low groan, it went on for seconds, we all got freaked, i mean it seriously upset us , we left, seperately,

it sounded like a low old grunt, but very drawled behind the leaves, its was pitch dark, just cigarette light,

but we all heard it and saw the bush grumble and shake,

so we reckoned,

the devil was there,

so, still, anytime i go home, years after, and walk towards that corner i think of IT within the bushe's,

and i kinda shrink,

don't know if that helps, jose,

but, yeah, that feeling is still there, always,


3:30 PM  
Blogger tigersare said...

dear david ehrenstein, the wonderfulness of your dorothy dean day has inspired me to write your lengthy full surname for the first time ever in thanks for such a riveting tale. i lap that kind of stuff up - spin me a story of any group of glamorous artfags and their dogged fruit flies from the 50s to the 80s and i'm captivated!
is it just me or is the world a lot less glamorous and daring than it used to be?
as for radiohead...yaaaawn. i actually actively dislike them, i think they are pompous and inflated. then again, i like 'creep'! tosh you are so right, if all radiohead did was shuttle listeners on to more worthy artists like wyatt or walker, they'd then at least serve some purpose. but no...
as for me, i won a copy of "for as many as will" by shirley and dolly collins on ebay and it just turned up yesterday. i'm listening to it now, and it's amazing late 70s medieval folk played on synthesizers. especially 'gilderoy', a song about the death of a hot young man that i have covered live a few times. shirley collins is an absolute living treasure!!
dennis, have you ever listened to dory previn? i've recently become totally obsessed with her and would like some day to compose a DP blog day, if you're amenable.

5:03 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

"is it just me or is the world a lot less glamorous and daring than it used to be?"

The world is a lot less glamorous and daring than it used to be.

Bill says he misses what he called the "Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring Era" of gay life. That's when (as he puts it) "You'd get off the bus at the Port Authority Terminal in New York and someone would press a copy of Nightwood into your hand."

Freedom's just another word for HOT MAN-ON-MAN ACTION, as Frank O'Hara well knew when he wrote --

"Ave Maria

Mothers of America
let your kids go to the movies
get them out of the house so they won't
know what you're up to
it's true that fresh air is good for the body
but what about the soul
that grows in darkness, embossed by
silvery images
and when you grow old as grow old you
they won't hate you
they won't criticize you they won't know
they'll be in some glamorous
they first saw on a Saturday afternoon or
playing hookey
they may even be grateful to you
for their first sexual experience
which only cost you a quarter
and didn't upset the peaceful
they will know where candy bars come
and gratuitous bags of popcorn
as gratuitous as leaving the movie before
it's over
with a pleasant stranger whose apartment
is in the Heaven on
Earth Bldg
near the Williamsburg Bridge
oh mothers you will have made
the little
so happy because if nobody does pick
them up in the movies
they won't know the difference
and if somebody does it'll be
sheer gravy
and they'll have been truly entertained
either way
instead of hanging around the yard
or up in their room hating you
prematurely since you won't have done
anything horribly mean
except keeping them from life's darker joys
it's unforgivable the latter
so don't blame me if you won't take this
and the family breaks up
and your children grow old and blind in
front of a TV set
movies you wouldn't let them see when
they were young"

I'm haunted by Frank O'Hara because I JUST missed him. He died in 1966. I knew "of" him previous to that in that he was throughout my High School years a Living Legend -- the last word in cool. I use to see him rushing by at MOMA on the way to and from his office, but was in no position to even so much as DREAM of approaching him. His poems, however were (and are) so casual and conversational that it's as if I knew him anyway.

He missed Stonewall by three years. Doubt if he ever went there, but there's a great poem called "At the Old Place" which is about the gay dance speakeasy that used to be behind the Cherry Lane theater.

5:22 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Here's an invaluable link

5:23 PM  
Blogger laurabethnoble said...

dear dennis,

this is me checking up, and making sure all is well.
i missed the child picture self portrait day! oh well.

laura beth

5:24 PM  
Blogger imnotstopping said...

The world is a lot less glamorous and daring than it used to be.

It sure seems like that.

Thanks for the DD day, David E.
Man she was a nightmare, but one you would never want to have missed. Deep down there was a person, you knew it, but she kind of treated herself like her own mean dog.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Morgan said...

hey dennis. didn't get the chance to post yesterday. i'm very glad to hear your mother is doing well.

today was really crazy and i wanted to tell you a little about it. a while ago i told you that i was going to end up here in florida doing community college and i was a little unhappy about it. i really, really valued your advice and encouragment. well today, i got this really attractive offer to move to austin, texas which is like my dreamplace right? well i have a very, very short amount of time to confirm whether or not i'm going. of course i really want to go, but i have been feeling conflicted and depressed about it all day. it is a big decision, and i'm afraid it will be to difficult to handle myself alone out there, juggling college, jobs, and the important creative stuff. also, my mother is not totally into the idea. i haven't even told my dad yet. i really think it might be a very important, worthwhile step, but finding this all out today has really stressed me out. it's like an explosion. also, i would have to break up my band which would be tough. if i decline the offer though, i know i will feel even worse knowing i missed out.

sorry to lay all that on you. i'll seeyou tomorrow.

oh i have some new poems up too.

take care man.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Is anyone here into William Jones' films? I just saw V.O. tonight. It's a found-footage assembly taken from '70s and early '80s gay porn but with sound (and subtitles) added from films by the likes of Renoir and Buñuel, as well as more obscure choices like Manoel de Oliveira and Werner Schroeter. Despite what the concept suggests, it's relatively light on explicit sex, although not on longing. Jones is interested in film as a document of its times, both literally (showing what pre-gentrification New York and L.A. looked like - I loved the shot of a billboard advertising PERFORMANCE) and spiritually. That aspect reminded me of Thom Andersen's LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF. The soundtrack additions create an emotional modulation to the images, although some are quite politically pointed, like a 1970 Rosa von Prauheim rant that seems directed by Jones at gay marriage supporters. The highlight is a lengthy excerpt from a film depicting ritualistic subway cruising, which suggests a gay version of '70s Jacques Rivette. It's melancholy and somewhat nostalgic about pre-AIDS gay male sexuality (as well as the era when porn was made on film), but it never simply wallows in nostalgia. In a weird way, I was reminded of Jan Svankmajer's forthcoming LUNACY; although it's entirely heterosexual and set in 19th-century France, it asks similar questions about how to establish healthy sexuality without following Christian monogamy. Jones' doc about Morrissey fans recently came out on DVD.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Tosh said...

Morgan I know you are asking Dennis for this advice, but it sounds like to me that you want to make the big move. So do it!

I hear the Morrissey fan film is great. I am going to rent it as soon as I can.

I want to say I loathe Radiohead, but that is not really the truth. Maybe it is the way they sell themselves to the media - but I don't fully understand their agnst. I think Yorke has a pretty voice, but really (and I am really sorry to bring this album up again and again) but isn't it pale piss water compared to Scott Walker's 'Tilt' or 'Drift?' I mean Yorke puts out his solo album - and does he wonder if it matches with the Scott album? But then again Scott is a fan of Radiohead - so there you go.

Nevertheless what someone brought up on today's blog (with David's help) is that times now are much duller than they were before. And Radiohead, Coldplay - and a lot of the new bands to me represent the current dull aspect of pop music these days. Sort of rock lite without the threat.

Deep in their hearts I think Radiohead knows this, but really they are sort of a pawn in their own world. They want to struggle out of it, but they can't. That is why Abba will always be edge music compared to the most out there experimental Radiohead track.

And to be fair Radiohead do talk about their influences and sounds - but they're such a pale imitation of their heroes. Am I too mean!?!

9:06 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Oh I love Bill Jones. He's my primary source for the latest Moz gossip.

"V.O." consists entirely of non-sexual moments from vintage 70's era gay porn, edited in a way that indeed resembles a berserk Rivette film.

9:17 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

GUYS! i just had the most disasterous dinner with my mom! it made me just want to slit my throat in the middle of the restaurant!!
it was seriously one of those dinners that ends with people shouting at eachother stuff like I HOPE YOU GET AIDS SO I CAN WATCH YOU DIE!!!

jesus h. christ.

THAT PASTEL PAINTING OF EDIE AND ANDY IS HILARIOUS!! ohmygod.. i wonder what confused poor freshman made that!! not to mention that great Edie collage.. i really hate how scene girls into HXC music have appropriated EDIE... and how SIENNA SATAN MILLER FAGBITCH is going to ruin the EDIE movie...
i feel so bad for edie, because i think she truly represents the sixties better than ANYONE and is still poorly overlooked.. except by people like norman mailer.. who really just wants to fuck her..
that jean stein book is so my very favourite though.. i feel bad about her brother minty too..
and that VOGUE spread of EDIE in all those wonderful RUDI GIENREICH outfits!! ohmygod.. how many years did that dictate my wardrobe!?
man... CIAO MANHATTAN is so brutal.. CIAO MANHATTAN might be like the definitive movie.. the more i think about EDIE the more i feel like she's the real definition of warhol.. i mean.. hes complicated and all.. and we learn so much about him via himself.. but i think we learn just as much about him and what he represents by his works and the people he surrounded himself with and how he treated them too.. i think maybe he used edie so publically on purpose.. after her everything was really the rumor mill working.. but edie was a very public affair and END of the affair.. id like to think warhol was a little more human than that.. but sometimes i conclude that he isnt.. maybe thats his greatest mistake
AND ALSO GHOST DAY VOMITINGGHOSTS!! its so massive i think i have to save my assessment of it for tomorrow.. jesus christ! WHY IS EVERYONE SUCH A GENIUS!!?!?!


man.. radiohead.. im so bad at critiquing shit because i have so many little emotional tics.. i guess i could never review shit for magazines or anything because even if it sucked and everyone hated it, id still be like.. ohmygod... but when i was 13, this really made my soul ache!!.. how can i get rid of that? i cant.. eh.. well..
what would i say if OK Computer had came out yesterday.. probably something like alright, tell me something i didnt know.... but then.. i said i never knew!!

9:37 PM  
Blogger c said...

so weird how they how people can be so much in a room and so much to people whose world is a rom room and so little in the world that is a room so affect that they affect something that affects something and then all of that touches something else that exists with or without reminds me of what ignacio said about nature being a machine that eats kind of like art can become that machine that sleeps and eats indifferently i don't know if he said nature eats or machines eat but something like that about pluto and venus and other planets and libertines who would flick their finger against one planet making it roll its way in the universe knocking another until it was all chaos and death and then just planets out of orbit and beautiful knocking one another like dominos and crashing against the sun like people sometimes do i think when the sun is an artist and all the other people crash themselves against it or maybe the artist is good and he's watching the planets crash and burn and he draws them and then someone reads about the crashing and they feel and know that when they are gone the words that made them feel will remain i don't know ok

thank you david
and other david for comment
and Big C.


10:17 PM  
Blogger c said...

Hi Yuri
hope you're ok


10:18 PM  
Blogger c said...

i say stupid things


10:20 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

I'm not a big music fan nowadays, but I do remember them as, and think of Radiohead as, one of the finer musical accomplishments of recent past years. I wager, given chance, they could be a hell of a trip and a whole lot of fun. I hardly listen to music anymore. Strange days. Disillusionment, aesthetics, insulation, I can't quite figure it. I listen when I drive. Pantera's "Vulgar", and the rare "Driven", the only things I listen to. I am terribly lazy. Never old and very efficient. I was lucky enough to have read Derrickmcc's "The Haunted Hillbilly", once more. For anyone who has not read him, I beg you, give yourself this chance. The book is an almost impossible literary acheivement. Currently reading Bellow and The Sluts. Makes for a happy kid, all this artistry. Straight-porn. Isn't that something like a young lawyer's suit or a cute teenage hetero-couple. Um...ok. Good-luck with that Mr. Cooper. Love to Yury there in Paris.

10:32 PM  
Blogger joe mills said...

Antoine - thanks so much for going back to see Edie Day - I can rest easy now !

"the more i think about EDIE the more i feel like she's the real definition of warhol"


I sometimes wonder if 'Andy Warhol' really existed or if he was a human 'Factory' made up of all the people he met and absorbed.

12:16 AM  
Blogger ignacio said...

david e. i was delighted to read about dorothy dean who i'd never heard of.....

and antonio you're always stimulating because you're so nuuuude.

that's the best.

and c......

i used to like radiohead, by the way, but then i guess i stopped.

12:35 AM  
Blogger antonio said...

hmm. JOE MILLS!!... did andy exist? eh?... hmmm.. DO I FEEL A CONSPIRACY THEORY COMING ON!?!!!
OHMYGOD!! and even his death was mysterions!!!

his birthdate is STILL debated.. his childhood.. VAGUE.. college was nothing but a giant depression for him.. MAYBE!!! Andy committed suicide in the early 60s!! OR MAYBE!!! ANDY ACTUALL DID DIE WHEN VALERIE SHOT HIM!!!!!! ohmygod!!! and an imposter went on living the LIE!! i MUST EXPAND upon this.. IMMEDIATELY... im off to write this shit down now! GOODniCHT!

1:27 AM  
Blogger adjoun said...

I'm going to istanbul next month

3:23 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Oh Andy existed alright. But part of him died when Valerie Solanis shot him -- that's for sure. After the shooting I never saw him again.

As for Edie, Andy didn't "ruin" her at all. In fact the years she spent at the facotry were probably the happiest of her life. She was the cneter of all eyes and had tons of stuff to do. But everybody wanted a piece of her (Chuck, Dylan, Grossman, and she was in no position to make a decision about what she wanted to eat (which of course wasn't much) much less what she wanted to do with her life. So she left the factory to deal with the untender mercies of the world.

Interestingly Robert Thurman and his gorgeous wife were players in "Ciao, Manhattan!" (the early black and white footage.) Odd that Uma never wanted to play Edie. And of all the actresses around these days I think she really could.

Sorry to hear about the contretemps with Mom, Antonio. Don't let it get you down. It's YOUR life to live -- not hers.

This too shall pass.

6:26 AM  
Blogger vomitingghosts said...

David Ehrenstein, a fabulous day! I’d never heard Dorothy Dean before but now I’m so in the know. It’s like a Dorothy Dean for Dummies but less condescending and a hundred times more fascinating if you know what I mean. Talk about juicy gossip. Probably my favorite part is the sentence, "As with most people of slight build, it didn't take much in the way of intake to get Dorothy drunk. Like my mother, one drink and Dorothy was well on her way to Blotto City." Blotto City! Where does that come from? I’m going to start saying that in my every day life. Just like I decided with a friend last that I’m going to say, when I’m on the phone with someone and then suddenly have to call them back later, I’m going to say, "I’ll call you back in ten maybe five minutes" instead of the usual, "I’ll call you back in five maybe ten minutes." I don’t know why. It’s a Filipino thing, yeah?

I’ve been kind of sad lately, which happens a lot actually, but I’ve been working on Joseph Cornell day like a good soldier and that’s definitely putting me into a strange space. Joseph Cornell is probably one of my favorite artists and is just a huge presence. But… Thanks Antonio for the nice words about ghost day. Yeah, there are so many treasures here. I totally get what you’re saying about Radiohead even though I’m not a huge admirer or anything but I was talking to a friend last night on the phone and we talked about just this: how music is so fucked up in the way it completely attaches itself to certain times of your life or whatever. It could even be the smell of chocolate chip cookies while you’re listening to a certain song and then it’s like that forever. And definitely a new boyfriend with zombies and "Suspiria" would so have a lasting impact.

And I’m also with you about Animal Collective and Xiu Xiu (I’m listening to "Ian Curtis Wishlist," which happened to just right now come up on iTunes. Weird. Maybe now if I start thinking about a billion dollars and some porn actress iTunes will give me that, too). Anyway. I bet Jamie Stewart so did have a spooky dream with a disembodied voice telling him exactly those things. I think you nailed his inspiration or whatever you want to call it. It’s completely demonic. Oh C., very beautiful shit about the planets. Yeah... Oh, the thinking about a porn star and a billion dollars thing really worked. But not the billion dollars for obvious reasons. But porn stars galore... Thank you anyway, iTunes!

8:15 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

Well please credit Bill Reed with ahving coined "Blotto City."

10:12 AM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

And if you want more, go directly to ebay and get yourself a copy of "Early Plastic."

10:16 AM  

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