Thursday, July 27, 2006

p.s. Hey. Today's that day in my trip that I realize it's almost over and I start running around getting things in place and trying not to feel too sad. On the visa preparation front, it's a lot of not so interesting to hear about stuff --getting a copy of my mother's medical records and a letter from her hospice care, trying to confirm that the Congresswoman will send the letter supporting the visa, seeing if there's a way to register Yury's and my relationship in Paris, as it seems proving our relationship is serious will help. Things like that. Btw, my mom is doing pretty well considering. She's been amazingly stable for months now, and has been going out to see plays and have dinners with friends and shopping for herself, so on that front we all feel very lucky even if it doesn't change the drastic nature of the future. That's basically my story so far today. ** Bernard welt, Hey, Bernard. Yeah, any tips you can pass along, mafia related or otherwise, would be great. No stone unturned, etc. Good luck finishing whatever you're finishing out there. ** Derekmcc, Thank you, pal. Hey, you may be seeing us before too long depending on how things go. You must know I thought of you in making the magic day and hoped it would tickle your fancy. ** Teenagekicks, Thanks a lot. Nice little Kafka battle you started there. ** Garrison, Are you still down in swampyville? It's sort of swampy lite here. ** Jax, Cool that magic day sparked a plot twist. Personally, I think any movie/soap opera/novel/song/whatever is automatically improved with the addition of a magic trick/shop/-ian. They should teach that in writing workshops. ** T.pkendall. So is the real thing as musty and glittery as it looks? ** Joe mills, When I was wee, I begged and begged my parents to let me join the 'magic trick of the month' club. It took a long time to convince them, I don't know why, but they finally let me join, and about two weeks after I did, it went out of business before I received a single trick in the mail. I still feel the pain. ** Callum, Barring unforeseen disaster, I'll send you a postcard before I leave LA. Cool. Nice idea, nice linkable page. ** Dynomoose, This isn't to say your mom's a crazy cat lady, because she obviously isn't, but your post reminded me that on one of the magic shop websites they sell a crazy cat lady action figure, which I longed to buy for about eight seconds before I came to my senses. ** Rigby101, Oh, that's an ugly, terrible story about your friend's stigmatization. On the other hand, your joke was good. And it cracked up my nephew, so thanks. ** Xkoesj, Hey, man. That's sweet of you. Expect an email from me pronto. Things have been a little crazed. ** Sypha_69, Well, I get the impression you're already set to publish with iUniverse, so I won't warn you off as I probably would have. The thing is, you need to do a lot of work for your book going that route. You need to get the word out. When the time is right, let me know and I'll certainly use my little blog's resources to help. Letting the world know it exists in some way is important. You just need to make sure, in the ways you can, that the book doesn't get completely lost. That's the danger. I imagine you did the same google search I did on your behalf about iUniverse and seen the possible pitfalls. But mainly, awesome you'll have a book out. Can't wait. Keep us here informed, allright? ** Vomitingghosts, You make me so tempted to do a Party Store Day on the blog, but I won't. I do love them though. Not as much as magic shops, but when Halloween rolls around, party stores can become semi-magical to those of us who aren't employees. Oh, you are hereby given my extreme permission to do a Joseph Cornell Day here the minute you're ready. What a great idea. Thanks, vg. You are generosity incarnate, sir. ** Lost child, My sweet friend, thank you. I have a feeling I'm going to get a book out of this whole visa nightmare someday with Yury and me hopefully as the romantic heroes of your thoughts. It seems pretty inveitable given that it's basically been my life for over two years now. ** Tigersare, Believe it or not, that 'Steve's Magic Shop' pic is on the site of that shop. Now, that said, I did cherry pick it from dozens of shots of smiling midleaged men in magician outfits and product walls, so I'm semi-guilty as charged, I guess you could say. ** Antonio, I am so weird, aren't I? It's difficult for me to accept, but the facts are the facts. TLAVideo! I bought a couple of porn tapes through them once and they arrived cracked, chipped, and completely fucked and unplayable, yet they refused to refund my money, and one of the tapes was a Russian thing I really wanted because the main star in it was insane looking, and TLA was the only place selling it, and now it's o.o.p., so I say fuck TLAVideo, even though they do carry my novels which I guess kind of cool even though I bet the number of people who've bought one of my books through TLAVideo is exactly zero. You know, your Cal Arts idea isn't half-bad. I mean you and killer luka and porcelain skull and the other artists out there creating his portfolio. But then he'd get in, and he'd start designing a fashion line, and they'd toss his ass. So I don't know. Also, you gave me a really good -- well, maybe a really good -- idea for an art crit blog day. I don't want to say anymore and spoil the surprise, but thanks for that, you idea exploder you. ** C, I think you're right about Hitler. No offense, but your dad sounds like he needs to be seriously straight bashed. Am I wrong? ** Michael karo, That's a good joke too. I wish my mind could retain jokes. I don't know why it can't. I should write them down. On the asylum issue, no, Russia may be a dictatorship, but since it calls itself a democracy, you can't seek asylum from it. We looked into it because if Yury had evidence of being heavily abused due to his being gay in Russia where gay bashing is like skirt chasing, that might have worked in getting him full time residency in France. But Yury's too fleet of foot, thank God, and his gay bashing has been mostly verbal, so he doesn't qualify unfortunately. ** Jose, Well, Canada may well get us, potato hands. Thanks for asking. ** Ignacio, I've never even heard of Julian McClaren-Ross. I'm a loser. Thanks for getting all juicy and nasty on the blog. That was hot. ** Tosh, I know David Copperfield is a grotesque figure and a fake and all that stuff, and he unforgiveably plays Phil Collins music during his show, but I saw him do his flying around trick in person, and I have to say, it looked like magic to me. ** Paul curran, Your description of your magic trick loving self sounds like me. I don't know about the uploading question. I'm one of those people who has to ask someone for help at every cyber-turn. If you still need to know when I get to Paris, say so, because Yury, computer wiz, surely knows how. ** David e patton, Wow. That was a really nice flashback. Thanks a whole for that. Steven Hall was a really interesting poet, and I wonder what became of him. He was also the boy toy of Rene Ricard for a long time. In fact, in Ricard's amazing first book of poems, the one with the Tiffany blue cover, there are a handful of unbelievably vicious yet great poems about Steven Hall. Anyway, I digress. Thank you again for that sweet refresher. Ah, the good old days. ** David ehrenstein, Got the stuff you sent a-okay. Tomorrow then. ** Brian curtin, It's true. Boy, you sure do have to want it a whole fucking lot though. Thanks, man. ** 5stringaphasia, That's really pretty. You've got the words thing seriously down. ** And with that, I head off into my busy day. Take care until tomorrow.


Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

I know you're busier than Betty Hutton in a hurricane, but if you got a minute, Dennis, I'm right here. Drop by if you can.

10:37 AM  
Blogger the_darwinist said...

I just wanted to wish you and Yury good luck on the visa front. Unfortunately it's exactly the same situation here in the UK (i.e. that we're anti immigration fascists. And I don't use the word 'fascist' lightly - but sadly things seem to be turning out that way over the past few years). Anyway I just wanted to wish you luck - this is a huge cliche but I really do believe that every moment of every day is exactly where we're supposed to be, and that this will all make sense eventually.

11:37 AM  
Blogger jose said...

Hey Dennis, I was thinking yesterday about your post, the way magic got to you as a kid, and it triggered this thing that happens every now and then.

I have this memory of when I was four years old, and I lived in mexico, and there was this play ground that I visited only once, and I remember there were these big animals to climb, like a turtle and a hipopotamus, and for some reason i recal this moment every now and then and when I do It's like a feeling that I cant relate to anything else. The only way I can make sense of it is that it's as If I remember encountering a unicorn or a fairy or a dancing cow, Something I now know cant exist but I remeber seeing it. And the feeling is a little bit like despair.

I guess it's obviously like a lost childhood thing, because I'll never nbe a kid or see that playground again. But Nothing else makes me feel this way.

I was wondering if you or anybody else has memories or moments in their life that give them an absolutely singualr feeling. Please share.


11:56 AM  
Blogger bett said...

I'm glad to hear your Mom is doing okay...

Hey, I was wondering if any readers here wanted to help me. I have this crazy great opportunity to interview Scarlett Johannson for a cover feature of a magazine. She's kind of stumping me, like she only likes to talk about peripheral minutae sorts of things, which I LOVE. Her sentences are so cool but I been asked to keep the interview focused on her work. Harumph. Anyway, I think Scarlett has a certain Dennis Cooper boy quality about her and was wondering if any of you out there could muster up some questions I should ask her.

12:00 PM  
Blogger David Ehrenstein said...

"Was it uncomfortable making love to Jonathan Rhys-Myers in that field in the rain?"

"What did Bill Murray whisper to you at the end of Lost in Translation?"

"Do you think that Woody sees soemthing of himself in you?"

12:13 PM  
Blogger robert-nyc said...

dennis, I actually bought a Crazy Cat Lady action figure for my best friend last Christmas. She has two cats that she talks about very often, as though they were her children, so I thought it would be a funny gift. She probably stored it in a closet, whereas as if I had kept if for myself, it would be displayed as part of my camp and kitsch decor. Hope the remainder of your stay in LA is festive.


1:06 PM  
Blogger james said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:54 PM  
Blogger james said...

hey...i haven't posted for a while and i thought i'd just drop in to say hi. i moved house about a month ago and we haven't got internet access yet so i haven't been reading this blog as much as i'd like to. when i do get on the internet properly i'm going to devote a whole day to doing to a mega catch up.

i graduated about three weeks ago and my life since then has all been revolving around the fact that i can't get any sort of job that i want...i've been getting a lot of rejections which is quite hard to take, but i guess i've got to get used to it and not get too depressed about these (hopefully) minor setbacks. i've hardly got any money left and i have rent to pay in a few days so i've had to accept a job in telesales which is making me feel pretty bad. i'm going to be working for "hydropure distribution" and i have to ask businesses whether they need water coolers...dear god.

i've really been in need of discovering a new writer i hadn't read before and thanks to this blog i have...i bought "edwin mullhouse" by steven millhauser a couple of weeks ago and completely devoured's easily the best thing i've read in the past few months. i've now moved on to "little kingdoms" which is turning out to be equally great and i have another 4 of his books arriving in the mail soon. i'd forgotten how incredible it is to be this excited when you discover an author..

sorry to hear about the (seemingly neverending) bad news regarding the visa're surely due some good fortune very soon. i have my fingers crossed for you. good luck over the next few weeks.


1:55 PM  
Blogger xkoesj said...

hey dennis,

dont worry about the email hehe. If you have time, you have time, if not, then it's just like that.
Good to hear your mother's been doing okay and stable.
I start working this tuesday at an all day breakfast place, how scary! I'll probably smell like eggs and bacon.
I'm up way too early, it's cause at 12 I finally get that tattoo thing over with. Glen designed part of it, he drew stars, cause I liked the idea of him drawing stars on my body. So yeah, I'll email you photos if you want to :)
I hope for you and Yury there's a way that you guys can be together without worries about visas and stuff. It's such a bitch hey. I'm already scared of the end of the year.
Anyways, take care, do well and doubt not. Talk to you soon,


2:32 PM  
Blogger Dynomoose said...

Funny you should mention the crazy cat lady action figure because I'm seriously considering both that and the life lessons figurine for dear old Mom!
Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

2:36 PM  
Blogger 5stringaphasia said...

Thanks Dennis. I greatly appreciate your kindness. I cannot praise you enough. Your work is very beautiful, exceptional, and I am certain, deadly, if to say effective. I don't mean to write poetic or however. Such is generally, how I casually think, speak, and write. I for years fought to learn to... speak, again. I sometimes fire as it comes. Joe(the Dead), would have you think all sorts of things about him and life. A rare and kind friend once told me, "Stick to your guns." Kim Carsons speaks strange but true words. Keep up the good fight. With time, you and your love will be together in L.A. Happy to hear your mother is doing well. The blog is extraordinary and inspiring. I've just finished with Brad and now this "Cry" post. #10 is just too much. I wish you all the best

4:57 PM  
Blogger vomitingghosts said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:08 PM  
Blogger c said...

i don't like one of the pictures always think when people you know in pictures that when they stand and put i don't know place their legs where i mean their toes stand with their toes looking at each other then they are liars because nobody stands that way maybe unless you know in a picture wanting to look innocent

but i liked the other ones and the ones of the boy alone profile that one i liked that one i liked it

yes i don't know dad = god and god = satan and satan = dad and dad = shit and dad = all i ever want and dad = everything in the world and dad = never

Big D. all is ending day goes by but no matter because why? because because because you know why? because YURY! i'm distracted 27 was born i was born weird

i feel weird nervous maybe die maybe vomit vomitinghost good name vomit your past yes i don't know 27 27 27 today birth is today 27? maybe i'm nervous for yesterday or nervous for tomorow ok

sorry antonio for Identity Crisis Luka not doubt you are who you are just thought identity of more just thought you might be more than one person maybe two maybe three no laura laura albert not even one person ok


7:46 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

insane! TLAvideo is alright i suppose.. although they have so much trash.. what kind of stuff did i buy from there man? i bought umm some german films by FLEISCHMART.. and some other little things.. mainly when i get hooked onto a studio i stick with it for many different weird reasons.. hmm.. but i believe what you say mainly because their supply comes mailed from the store.. and the store is a MOTHERFUCKING WARZONE.. what was the weird russian film you got? what do you mean by the guy looking weird?

ZKOESJ- my friend just got a tattoo and im so impressed by it.. he got these two giant upside down black crosses on the inside of his arms.. i really want to remain a blank canvas right now.. but if i ever get brave enough i want to just go the WHOLE way and get like an entire esoterica alchemytype weird bodysuit.. i dont think ive reached that type of craziness/bravery yet.. but yeah.. i used to have a crush on this dude in my gay history class.. he wasnt gay but he was incredibly lovely and irish and he had umm this black bar which covered his entire midneck and back and disappeared under his shirt.. many fantasies came from him and whatever his tattoo was..

its a good thing about your mom too.. hmm..


"Scarlett, have you ever noticed that if said the right way.. your name sounds like a pirate name? Scarlett Joe Hanson?"

"Scarlett, are you really a bitch? or are you just shy?"

man.. when i really think about it.. i dont have really any questions to ask Scarlett other than ones about hollywood rumors that shes a bitch and everyone hates her.. hmm..

"Scarlett, you really havent given into the MK Olsen-Nicole Ritchie-Tasti-D-Lite-diet.. Yet you remain a succulent piece of ass.. how do you feel about this?"

"Scarlett, why are you making so many bad woody allen movies now?"

"scarlett, did you really take you marilyn monroe look seriously at that last Imitation of Christ fashion show?"

"scarlett, who the fuck are you?"

all that aside, i really love scarlett.. because.. shes's sexalicious.. and umm.. ARRR MATEY!! SHE'S SSCARLETT JOE HANSON!

11:22 PM  
Blogger antonio said...

PS theyd kick yuri out for designing a fashion line!?
WHO THE FUCK are all these russian and foreign people on television shows and HOW DO THEY GET THERE!? like those two russian dudes on DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!? or that russian dude on PROJECT RUNWAY.. wow.. would Yuri/or does he LOVE project runway? i sort of never watch it.. but ive caught two or three episodes that i found amazing and made me want to be obsessed with Project Runway.. but i couldnt really because... MICHAEL KORS BORES and Vera "Sears Catalog" Wang was on it.. and umm Heidi-not-really-a-supermodel-like-Niaomi-or-Kate-Klum was the host... im a fashion snob.. really if it isnt japanese or from antwerp i dont care..
but if yuri ever does get here he should totally tryout for Project Runway and become a reality television SUPERSTAR...
i had this friend who was going to be a reality television superstar.. for that show ARTSTAR.. but umm.. i guess not.. because ARTSTAR is on some crazy hidef digital cable thats NOT clear channel.. so noone has seen it.. maybe itll get picked up by BRavo someday..

11:34 PM  
Blogger jack said...

Oops ... I'm a day off, sorry, but -- it's so BIZARRE because I've lived in SF for 10 years and just saw "Misdirections" for the first time around two weeks ago on my lunch break and wandered in.

Totally amazing going in there. Sort of like a dream at first ... the guy behind the counter was demo-ing this dissapearing coloring book, which was the very first trick I ever bought. The coloring book was exactly the same (like 20 fucking years ago? Ugh.)

I was all ready to buy it ... but I wanted to also get this one trick I never could afford as a kid: this bending quarter that my magic teacher had.

So I asked him ... and he WOULDN'T sell me the fucking magic quarter! He was like, "Sorry -- this is a professional magic shop, that's not a trick for novices".

So I didn't buy anything and left.

12:46 AM  
Blogger David C said...

Hi Dennis and Yury
You are our fleet of foot romantic heroes and shall be immortalised in literary history. Very pleased to hear your mother's doing well. I hear CA is as hot as Europe - I'm told its supposed to be cooler here from today but 8.58 and I'm already 'glowing'. Hoping that by Sunday its cooler as I'm doing a sponsored 10K walk for charity.
All the best as your LA visit winds down and for your return to Paris.

1:04 AM  
Blogger antonio said...

P.S. dennron
also! i almost forgott
i got THE ERASER yesterday.. thom yorke solo album.. longstory short.. its alright.. even more gloomy than kida.. and not nearly as progressive as i want it to be..
sometime in the album thom says something like the more you try to erase me.. the more that I appear.. which TO ME.. sounded strangely like an allusion to Alissa Benett's monologue for sue de beers DISAPPEAR HERE in which Alissa writes something like I'm gonna erase myself and you're gonna find me everywhere
I TOTALLY FOUND THIS SUSPICIOUS ON THOMS PART.. and umm.. the whole album is called THE ERASER.. i mean.. OK.. he was inspired by ONE LINE.. but i mean.. atleast he could have like.. used the line and credited Alissa.. because sshes basically like SO EXTREMELY TALENTED and STILL unpublished.. or maybe not i havent been following..
anyways.. yeah...
i mean am i mistaken here or is the relationship betwixt erasers and existence something deeply mined by poets and writers since forever??

but the album is still pretty good.. i need time to assess it.. as i HATED kida.. and now its like my if i had ONE thing on a desert island everything since 1999 has been... alright..

1:20 AM  
Blogger atheist said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:18 AM  
Blogger Paul Curran said...

Antonio that pirate comment cracked up me.

I'm not sure about Thom Yorke. Maybe he was reading The Erasers by Robbe-Grillet.

3:27 AM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

Hey Dennis,

Hope the further wrangling makes shit happen dude.

Had invigorating chance encounter last night, really pretty Austrian kid called 'Lex, ended up getting RIOTOUSLY drunk, hoho, photos on my blog soon, meeting him again at two...he told me about the Goa Psychedelic Trance movement which is hu-u-u-u-uge in Austria, where thousands of pilled-up krampus kids assemble on mountain-tops, huge frames draped with tapestries and have their heads blasted with deep, hypnotic, mesmeric I've secured my invitation anyway - have you encountered this in your KTL research? Maybe throw in a Goa Psych-Trance scene!!! It can't fail, right???

Oh, and re: my zine, it's coming together, is it cool for me to mail you some questions soon (obviously wait until you're back in Paris before you engage with them)?

Scott Treleaven's moving into the same apartment as you and Yury in October - or did you already know that? Hmmm...I'm thinking maybe I'll do the same. Actually, fuck whimsy, what ARE the criteria for securing a place in such a residence? Intrigued...

Ok, well, a big hug from me, and hope today yields positive surprises for you comrade,


3:40 AM  
Blogger joe mills said...

I’d be interested to hear what those who’ve seen Superman Returns thought. There was no way I could be objective about this film since the original was the backdrop to my first big love affair. We used to arrive back from the pub and every time – whether we were doing anything or not – we shoved on the Superman video. And every time we passed out before the film ended. The next day it would be ‘What bit did we get to last night?’ So when I come to ‘re-imagine’ this affair I will have us splitting up the day after we finally see it all the way through to the end. Not that real life was that cut and dried, God Knows.

Anyway that’s why I loved the film, which I saw yesterday. That theme music is surely just about the most exciting ever – and those wooshy titles. I’m sure most folk will say it’s a sentimental piece of claptrap, but since I’m a total romantic sentimentalist that’s one of the things I liked about it. What I would say is that if the actors or the directing had been a bit more, well, Earthy ? we would have felt more - I mean it doesn’t have the humanity of Spiderman. Brandon R is a totally awesome-looking broad-shouldered handsome Superman but he doesn’t have Tobey Maguire’s stuff – but then he’s Superman from Krypton. I don’t think you can do that stuff with him. There’s a brilliant cover of a recent Superman comic (All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely)which I've actually framed. It’s of Superman sitting on a cloud over a city, looking over his shoulder at the viewer. The expression is sad, poignant questioning, like ‘See how detached I am from all this ? I'm not like them ’ That’s what a filmmaker should get onto film.

Anyway it was just great having the theme music playing over and over at the big effects moments and of course Parker Posey was the best actor in it.

I hope the First Big Affair is looking out the picture disc of the Superman theme I bought him for Christmas 20 odd years ago. I’m sure he’s thinking ‘Ha ha – I bet Joe’s thinking of me now with this film all over the place!’ How wrong he is!

Now David E – Have you seen Superman Returns ? Tear it apart!

(Antoine - were you still reading the DC blog during your spell in the Fortress of Solitude ? I'de love to hear what you thought of my Edie Sedgwick Day - It's almost at the bottom if you scroll down - just after the 'pics of us when younger' which you also slyly managed to get out of...)

5:43 AM  
Blogger Brian Curtin said...

May I contribute to an art crit day?? I have a folder titled 'exemplary criticism' on my desktop. And none of the writers are the dyed in the wool critics.

7:30 AM  
Blogger c said...

i think maybe superman is handsexual you know i mean he doesn't touch anyone he doesn't touch anyone anyone wonder how he had child she grabs him he looks at her and flies because you can't fly and have sex and then he doesn't touch her again and then she touches him to save him so he has to leave because he's been touched but he doesn't touch anyone not even to hit them

10:32 AM  

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