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Blogger danny said...

i grew up in Salem, MA...the witch city, halloween capital of the world ect ect. there are tons of 'occult' shops, but only one real magic shop. its called the magic parlor and its been there forever. they sell all your run of the mill disapearing red ball tricks to vintage handcuffs. its a really fun place and it sticks out because it doesnt play off the halloween gimmick, its just out there being what it is. a shop that could be in any city in the world. or maybe the US, but you get the idea.
it was the same place that sold us 'herbal ecstasy' when we were kids. what kind of herbal ecstasy? the kind that costs $20 a pill and most likely contained more draino than herbs. we also got 'herbal acid', which oddly enough was very much like real acid! i hope im not incriminating them by putting this in a public space, but they are one of my favorite places in the world.
where else can you find a lockbox of meth and a rubber chicken within 10 feet of each other?

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