Sunday, March 12, 2006

Now in preproduction: 'Kindertotenlieder'

Toward the end of this month will be the first of two planned auditions to find performers for 'Kindertotenlieder,' the third theater work in the trilogy I'm doing with director Gisele Vienne and composer Peter Rehberg/Pita. As I think you know, this time Peter will be collaborating on the music with Stephen O'Malley of the band Sunn0))). I'll be doing occasional posts to give you an idea of the work's process, development, and evolution. Today I'm posting a photo album from Gisele's and performer Jonathan Capdeville's research mission to Austria in early January. 'Kinderotenlieder's' setting is a combination black metal concert/funeral in the dead of winter in the middle of the Austrian woods. At the moment, we're planning to chill the stage to a very low temperature and have lots of fake snow both falling onto and covering it. Gisele's and Jonathan's Austrian trip was undertaken partly to research 'krampus,' an ancient annual Austrian tradition centered around Salzburg where packs of men dress in elaborate demonic costumes, get shit-faced drunk, and travel from town to town physically attacking/punishing people they decide are sinners. A 'krampus' attack occurs in one section of our piece. Another point of the Austrian trip was to find out how the dolls Gisele uses in her work would look and perform/survive in such forbidding circumstances. Here is how the photos below relate to 'Kindertotenlieder.' Words in all caps are the tentative names of characters destined to feature in the work: (1) l. to. r. SUICIDAL BOY DOLL, KILLER BOY DOLL, (2) l. to r. SBD, KBD, (3) Scenic Austrian alps shot, (4) Krampus #1, (5) Krampus #2, (6) l. to r. KILLER (Jonathan) and the drunken boy inside Krampus #2, (7) l. to r. GHOST, SBD, (8) SBD, (9) SBD, KILLER (10) SBD.


Blogger porcelain skull said...


thank you,

these photograph really deserve to be printed up, they ought to be hung in a gallery, or sell them through your website,

it would be cool if someone could do an edition of them in a book,

they'r beautifull,


11:12 AM  
Blogger Nikolas said...

I second that e-motion, the one immediately below is awesome. We've all done those poses but to see them writ in doll - and to see doll wrapped in hoodie rather than tutu/fairy appareil...all perversely disassociative... Love it. Out of interest and not necessarily because I wish to, how would one go about auditioning for a role in Songs for Dead Children? And what sort of roles for non-doll performers are there?

12:52 PM  
Blogger garrison said...


First off, just read your psychoanalysis of my test. Oh boy, I must have been in quite the tortured mood when I filled that one out! Hehe... But you're totally right! And, YES, I DO know why. Thanks for the kind words. Quite affecting.

As for the new theater piece, WOW, it sounds like a REALLY COOL idea. Wish I could audition! Hehe...

All right, I'm off to eat dinner.

Hope all is well.


6:34 PM  

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